CD Scavenger Hunt – Metal Mental Meltdown (Heavy Metal trivia board game)

Metal Mental Meltdown trivia board game promo pic (2001)

It has taken a few years but I have finally acquired a mint copy of Metal Mental Meltdown (The World’s First Heavy Metal  Trivia Board Game).

I have been after this game since it was made available online in 1999. I always wanted to order it but I never did. Unfortunately, the company who made it (JPW Metal Enterprises, Inc.) closed it’s website years ago and the game became hard to find. Only 2500 copies were manufactured (mine is #1857) and the price was somewhere around $50 I think. Don’t hold me to that price, it’s been 9 years since I could find the retail price online!

Thankfully, we have Ebay! In the last year, I’ve found 4 copies of the game at auction but either the price was too high or there was a defect to the game itself (missing pieces, broken box, etc.). If I’m going to spend my hard-earned money then I want a quality product. I can deal with minor imperfections but missing pieces is out of the question. Also, there were more than a few bidders so demand was high.

I found this game just before Xmas and the auction ended 12/26. I decided that my Xmas present to me was this game. Opening bid was $19.97, shipping $8.95, and the game was in mint condition with all the pieces intact. I was the only bidder.


Total (w/shipping) = $28.92

Now I just need to find someone to play with…..

(For more info on Metal Mental Meltdown, conducted an interview with the creator back in 2001. You can read it here.)