Ebay Madness: The Psorce – Across The Sea (1994)

The Psorce - Across The Sea (1994)

The Psorce – Across The Sea (1994) sells for $189.38!

Auction description:
Sometimes a CD is so hard to find that it doesn’t even register on the trusted barometers of rarity (i.e. an appearance in the Metal Mayhem collection, a ranking on Heavy Harmonies’ top rarities etc.) Across The Sea by The Psorce can’t be found on either website, and is not among the 45 million listings featured on Musicstack and GEMM either. So this isn’t just a one-in-a-million CD… it’s a zero-in-45-million rarity! You have better chances of winning the lottery than finding this one. But the melodic perfection here will DEFINITELY make you feel like you’re holding a golden ticket… a golden ticket to AOR paradise! Listen to “Reach Out” (click title) for example. Have you ever heard a more perfect example of AOR from an indie/unknown band? I know I haven’t! This mid-tempo track is pure bliss for fans of Diving for Pearls and The Cauze (the U.S. band from 1987). Chris Machart’s voice reminds me of a more AOR James Labrie (maybe from his Winter Rose period) with a healthy dose of Danny Malone (Diving for Pearls) and even Hugo (Valentine, Open Skyz). The track is mid-tempo in that to-die-for “Waiting for Love” (Alias), “New Moon” (Diving for Pearls) and “Every Time You Cry” (Strangeways) style. But this track is merely foreplay for what’s to come. “Coming Down” is a commercial, high-energy rocker similar to Gary Hughes at the top of his game, while “Run” is a pure 80s Night Ranger/Loverboy adrenalin rush! Find me three songs on your favorite U.S. AOR indie and they will pale in comparison. Then comes “When She Cries”, a return to the mid-tempo AOR they do so well. If they say “fortune favors the bold”, then it will take nothing less than your boldest bid to secure this veritable fortune of breath-taking, melt-in-your-mouth AOR. Near MINT throughout… don’t miss one of the best and rarest AOR CDs you will see on eBay in 2008!

I have never seen this CD or heard of this band. A Google of “Psorce Across the Sea” brought nothing except this auction and a college radio station playlist. I wouldn’t pay that much for an indie release I have no information on but I would grab it if I saw it out in the wild!

If anyone knows about this band and/or album, please post the information in the comments section.