Press Release: Turbo – Anthology (1980-2008) box set to be released by Metal Mind on September 8

Metal Mind Productions presents the complete discography of the legend of Polish hard & heavy scene – Turbo. The deluxe box entitled “Anthology 1980 – 2008” summarize the twenty five years of Turbo with Grzegorz Kupczyk as the vocalist. To make the band’s image as clear as possible, some of the albums in this box have been enriched with additional recordings, and for those seeking out rarities, we prepared two CDs filled with previously unreleased, unknown and forgotten tracks recorded by Turbo in their time of “mistakes and travesties” – some of them a bit weird, some of them a bit funny. On “Dorosłe Dzieci” you can hear the live version of “Fabryka Kleksów” and see the video clip for “Szalony Ikar”. “Smak Ciszy” includes radio versions of some of the songs, while “Tożsamość” features two tracks in their English versions. The two “additional” CDs in the set are a real sensation – mostly because of the fact that for the first time ever many fans will have a chance to hear Turbo from the period between “Dorosłe Dzieci” and “Smak Ciszy”. You’ll find out that these tracks are not really that bad as the musicians used to talk about them in past interviews…

“Anthology 1980 – 2008” box contains 13 albums: “taka właśnie jest muzyka”, „Kręci się nasz film”, „Dorosłe dzieci”, „Smak ciszy”, „Kawaleria szatana”, „Last warrior”, „Alive”, „Epidemie”, „Dead end”, „One way”, „Awatar, “Turbo akustycznie”, “Tożsamość” plus DVD “The History 1980-2005”. The main feature of the DVD (performance filmed at Metalmania Festival 2005) is accompanied by loads of sensational bonus video material: including rare, archival, previously unreleased live footage, as well as 9 videoclips! The box also includes bonus tracks, 96 page booklet with biography, discography, lyrics to all songs and a selection of amazing archive photos! Special collector’s edition is limited edition of 1000 copies!!! Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process.

“Anthology 1980 – 2008” BOX will be released on 8th September 2008

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