Current playlist

I took most the last two weeks off because my laptop finally died and I have been completely bored with the whole blogging thing. When it stops being fun for me, I need a break. So I listened to a lot of music and didn’t really care too much for writing.

Grave Digger – Ballads Of A Hangman (2009): I bought this the day it came out and it hasn’t left the rotation, I’m giving it heavy airtime and i should have a review soon.

Saxon – Into the Labyrinth (2009): Hasn’t left the regular rotation yet and it’s still my favorite album of 2009 so far!

Buckcherry – Black Butterfly (2008): I bought this when it came out back in 2008 but I never really got around to giving it a lot of spins. I’ve been a Buckcherry fan BEFORE they released their first album so I hate it when they get stuck in that overly sexed up first single. I like ‘Too Drunk’ but the rest of the album is good too.

Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (2008): This is another disc I got back in 2008 that I didn’t give much time to. This is a great record that has stayed with Saxon in my 2009 rotation and I will go as far as saying that this album is better than AC/DC’s BLACK ICE.

Ozzy Osbourne – (all albums): I decided to have a listen to Ozzy’s OZZMOSIS (1995) and I ended up pulling all the albums out and gave them all a spin. I was having a good time until I came to DOWN TO EARTH (2001) and I heard how mediocre it is (I liked it at the time). When I spun BLACK RAIN (2007), I realized that DOWN TO EARTH was better than I thought!

Twisted Sister – (all albums): My 10 yr old daughter is on a Twisted Sister binge and she has me listening to all the old records with her. Aside from skipping a few overplayed tracks, the first 3 albums are solid, COME OUT AND PLAY (1985) sucks, and LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS (1987) is better than I remembered.

Motley Crue – (all albums): I scored tickets to the upcoming show in Connecticut in March so I got all the Crue albums out and had a party!

Metal Mixtape – 10/12/08

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st Gen)
4555 songs (385 albums)

One of the problems with taking a weekend off is that you need to take care of all the little things around the house that you let slip when you are working and doing all the things you need to do to keep life going. I had some chores around the house to do, bills to pay, a dog to walk and a house that needs it’s Halloween transformation. The only way to get through it is to put the headphones on, press SHUFFLE, and go about your business! Here’s the first 20 songs that played…..

  1. Tygers Of Pan Tang – ‘Badger Badger’ (1980)
  2. Axel Rudi Pell – ‘Angel Eyes’ (2008)
  3. Uriah Heep – ‘Tears Of The World’ (2008)
  4. Icarus Witch – ‘Queen Of Lies’ (2007)
  5. Alcatrazz – ‘God Blessed Video’ (1985)
  6. UFO – ‘Hunger In The Night’ (1988)
  7. Alice Cooper – ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ (1971)
  8. Extreme – ‘Slide’ (2008)
  9. Iron Maiden – ‘2 Minutes To Midnight’ (1984)
  10. Mogg-Way – ‘Totaled’ (1997)
  11. Motley Crue – ‘Down At The Whiskey’ (2008)
  12. Judas Priest – ‘Wheels Of Fire’ (2005)
  13. U.D.O. – ‘ The Devil Walks Alone’ (2007)
  14. Mogg-Way – ‘Death In The Family’ (1999)
  15. Krokus – ‘Shotgun Boogie’ (1990)
  16. Scorpions – ‘Mind Like A Tree’ (1999)
  17. Saxon – ‘Empty Promises’ (1986)
  18. Krokus – ‘Backstabber’ (1999)
  19. Balance Of Power – ‘No Place Like Home’ (2003)
  20. Black Sabbath – ‘Zero The Hero’ (1983)

Bonus Track: KISS – ‘Charisma’ (1979)

Vacation is over! Back to work…..

Well, vacation is over and I’m heading back to work this afternoon. How depressing!

It was a nice quiet 7 days off from work with the family. We went to the shore a couple of times and did a few other things but the main thing was that I got to relax. I did some things around the house and spent time with the kids without being exhausted but the thing I did for myself was catch up on some music.

Here’s a few albums I listened to on vacation, I didn’t keep a list but I pulled out a ton from my collection:

The Who – Tommy (1969): A legendary band, a legendary album. I happened to hear a block of three TOMMY songs on one of the classic rock radio stations so I pulled this out for a few spins.

Billy Joel – The Stranger (1977/2008 deluxe reissue): More Classic Rock! I picked this up last Tuesday when it came out (more on that when I post a Hunt!) and I have been listening ever since. My wife and I went to the Billy Joel concert on July 3rd so I’m still on a bit of a Billy Joel kick.

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2008): The album that will not go away! I keep listening and finding something new but it’s still a long listen at close to 2 hours over two CDs. I’m trying to get ready for a review but there is so much music, and Priest is my second favorite band, that I want to give the album a lot of time.

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008): One of the biggest releases of the year and I’m definitely still listening. There’s plenty of good songs here but I’ve had to hit the “skip” button on a few songs.

Avantasia – The Scarecrow (2008): So far, my album of the year. Tobias Sammet has really created a masterpiece project with Avantasia, something that was supposed to be a side project that’s now as big as his main band, Edguy. Best song is the Alice Cooper sung ‘The Toy Master’.

Rogue Male – First Visit (1985) and Animal Man (1986): Both of these are reissues from Metal Mind Productions and I have been giving both CDs some serious time. I haven’t heard FIRST VISIT in about 20 years! Reviews coming…..

TKO – Let It Roll (1979) and In Your Face (1984): These two albums are officially reissued CDs from Tribunal Records with tons of bonus tracks. Another time travel back to my early days because I haven’t heard IN YOUR FACE in over 20 years too! I always meant to pick up the vinyl on Ebay but Tribunal has done a solid job with the reissues. Look for reviews soon…..

Temujin – 1000 Tears (2008): The band was nice enough to pass a copy along for review and I have to admit, I was surprised by the excellent music. I had never heard of Temujin but I know them now! The music is like MANDYLION-era and NIGHTTIME BIRDS-era The Gathering with a little Lacuna Coil in there.

Infernophonic – Spark It Up (2007): Another solid Hard Rock band i missed out on in 2007. Solid album, review soon.

Benedictum – Seasons Of Tragedy (2008): It’s a really good album but I think their frist record, UNCREATION (2006), is better. I’m still enjoying it though.

Gene Simmons – Asshole (2004): I was picking through my KISS related albums and I decided that this deserved it’s annual spin to see if it’s as bad as I remembered. Unfortunately, this is just a bad album with maybe one or two songs I like. This ties with Peter Criss – One For All (2007) as the worst KISS related album ever.

Paul Stanley – Live To Win (2006): I had to pull this out to compare it to Gene’s album…..light years better! I haven’t given this a spin in a while but it’s obvious who the true creative force is behind KISS.

Griffen – Linked In Eternity (2008): Just reviewed this one and I thought it was great. Only a 5 song demo but professionally done and very cool to listen to.

There were so many more albums that I pulled from my collection that I hadn’t heard fro a long time. I started to pull out different albums from Ratt, Dokken, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, UFO, ZZ Top, and Bruce Dickinson solo. I listened to a few live albums as well from KISS, Maiden, Priest, UFO, Sabbath, Royal Hunt, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Triumph because I want to do a “live album week” in the next couple of months.

It was a great week of music!

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008)

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008, Motley Records/Eleven Seven Music)

  1. L.A.M.F.
  2. Face Down In The Dirt
  3. What’s It Gonna Take
  4. Down At The Whiskey
  5. Saints Of Los Angeles
  6. Muther Fucker Of The Year
  7. The Animal In Me
  8. Welcome To The Machine
  9. Just Another Psycho
  10. Chicks = Trouble
  11. This Ain’t A Love Song
  12. White Trash Circus
  13. Goin’ Out Swingin’

Band Lineup:
Vince Neil – Lead Vocals
Nikki Sixx – Bass
Mick Mars – Guitars
Tommy Lee – Drums

Produced by: James Michael, Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba

Total Time = 44:10

Motley Crue official website
Motley Crue MySpace page

It’s been just over 10 years since the original lineup of Motley Crue released a new album of original material.  Has it really been that long since GENERATION SWINE (1997) and the reunion? It seems like the Crue has been very busy in the last decade or so: tours, live CDs & DVDs, a tell-all book (The Dirt) by the band themselves, box sets, greatest hits albums, solo careers and the band even managed to release an album of new material, NEW TATTOO (2000) with the late Randy Castillo on drums instead of Tommy Lee. Get all that? It’s hard to believe that SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES didn’t come sooner, the question is…..was it worth the wait?

I’ve been a Motley Crue fan since around ’82 when I discovered TOO FAST FOR LOVE at a local record store. I have been excited for every new record, every tour, and every move the band has made for the last 26 years. Hell, I even hated the Crue back in ’83 & ’84 when everyone was jumping on the bandwagon because they were the hot new thing…..secretly, and unknown to my friends, I was listening to TOO FAST FOR LOVE and SHOUT AT THE DEVIL at high volume in my bedroom, LOL! These guys were the baddest band in the land when I was growing up and every Hard Rock band was chasing them in terms of success and excess. So I was definitely psyched to hear new music coming from the Motley camp but I wasn’t sure about the concept: an album loosely based on their collective autobiography The Dirt. The book came out in 2001 and that seems like a long time to release an album based on it. Granted there were personal issues between the original band members but these guys have been back together since the Fall of 2004.

Like most Motley Crue albums after SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (1983), SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES has some really good songs and some filler but the good definitely outweighs the bad. ‘L.A.M.F.’ starts the album off and it’s a spoken word intro by Vince Neil akin to ‘In The Beginning’ from SHOUT. I’m not sure if this intro is really needed and I find it rather annoying so I hit the skip button. ‘Face Down In The Dirt’ is pretty cool and has that trashy vibe to start things off on a high note while ‘What’s It Gonna Take’ slows down slightly and hits a nice groove. My favorite song is ‘Down At The Whiskey’, it has that sound that screams vintage melodic Motley and it has an infectious chorus. What I hear most in this song is Tommy Lee’s inspired drumming (listen to those cymbals crash!) and Mick Mars’ guitar playing, I think that Mick turns in the best performance of all the members on the whole album. More inspired playing from Mr. Mars on the lead single ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’…..sounds a little like ‘Wild Side’ & ‘Dr. Feelgood’ doesn’t it? Comparisons aside, this is probably the best track on the album despite my favorite being ‘Down At The Whiskey’. Motley Crue has always put their best songs forward as singles and videos and ‘Saints’ is no exception… has that big sounding chorus thanks to the guest singers (and labelmates/touring partners) and Mick turns in one hell of a performance. I watched the press conference live on TV and when they played ‘Saints’ live, Mick went from basically a cripple to fluid motion almost instantly. Great song, I bet it comes off well in concert.

‘Muther Fucker Of The Year’ starts off the filler. It’s an annoying song with juvenile lyrics, it just seems so unnecessary to have the profanity but this is the Crue so they do it. The first ballad is ‘The Animal In Me’ and is has that whiney Vince vocal that just sounds depressed. It kind of reminds me of ‘If I Die Tomorrow’ from the hits package RED, WHITE, & CRUE (2005), it has that sad vibe but it’s good. One glance at the tracklisting and I was afraid that the band added a Pink Floyd cover to the record with ‘Welcome To The Machine’ but it’s thankfully a gritty, punky original that rocks up like some of the songs did on TOO FAST FOR LOVE. The guitar solo on this song is particularly good and it just makes me respect Mick Mars that much more. Another cool tune is ‘Just Another Psycho’ that has the catchy hook to get me singing along with Vince and there’s a cool bass line from Nikki Sixx that just follows along with the drums to provide the groove. I could do without ‘Chicks = Trouble’, another filler tune for me. Think they’re talking from Tommy Lee’s perspective on this one? Or Vince’s? Or Nikki’s?

A little drum intro starts ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ and it sounds similar to ‘Primal Scream’ (from DECADE OF DECADENCE) at times, it’s an OK song. ‘White Trash Circus’ has some decent drum beats but the song bores me with it’s chanty singing and dumb lyrics, just awful! ‘Goin’ Out Swingin’ was added to the album late in the game, I think right after the press conference, to add a little punch (forgive the pun) to end the album. The song is uptempo and has some decent guitar lines but it’s repetitve with the title in the lyrics…..I have to give it a “thumbs up” though after the last three duds.

Just a few words here about the package, concept, production and performance….. I like the black and white concept the band is using, it’s basic and gives the band that street look. I’m not cracking on the guy’s medical condition but Mick Mars just looks like one scary bastard! All the promo shots I’ve seen depict Mick as this mysterious, leather-clad, grim reaper type…..very cool. The songwriting tells the sleazy story of the sex, the drugs, the triumph and tragedy of being in one of the most notorious bands in Rock. I can remember different chapters of Motley history on each song…..Nikki is normally the main songwriter and he had a long history to draw inspiration from, I’ll bet everyone contributed much like they did on the book. Production is 2008 modern but you can hear some old school Crue in some of the songs but also some Sixx AM in there too. Obviously, the production assistance Nikki and the band had from James Michael & DJ Ashba (Nikki’s Sixx AM bandmates) had some influence on the sound, it’s sounds great though and is crystal clear. Performance of the album goes to Mick Mars for his inspired guitar playing despite the Ankylosing spondylitis that is ravaging his body. Second place goes to Vince Neil who sounds pretty good on the mic.

Bottom Line:
I’ve been playing this non-stop since I bought the album and I think it’s a pretty solid record. Like I said before, all Crue albums after the first two have filler but the good songs outweigh the bad. It may not be the next SHOUT AT THE DEVIL or DR. FEELGOOD but I would say that the band has come back with a good album with some great songs and a lot of attitude. Let’s just hope that the Crue won’t wait another 10 years to release a follow-up!

Favorite Songs: ‘Down At The Whiskey’, ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’, ‘The Animal In Me’, ‘Welcome To The Machine’

Current playlist – 6/30/08

It’s nice having my wife home on vacation from work… she decided to take the kids to the lake for the day to give me a break. I’m the stay-at-home Dad during the day and then I work at night, my quiet time is in the dark hours of the late night/early morning when everyone is sleeping.

So what do you do when the wife and kids leave for the day and all you have is the dog? You listen to as much music as possible!

Judas Priest – Nostradamus (2008): There is so much debate on this album but I can’t stop listening to it, there is just so much to take in at once. Overall, I like it.

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008): Playing this non-stop since Tuesday and I like it but there are a few songs that are filler…..then again, every Motley Crue album has some filler!

Night Ranger – Hole In The Sun (2008): Finally getting a release Tuesday (July 1) but it’s been out for about a year in Europe and Japan. It’s a more modern flavored AOR affair but there are still a lot of the trademark Night Ranger sound.

Infernophonic – Spark It Up (2007): Solid female fronted Hard Rock with a lot of guitars. I’ve been enjoying this all week so thanks to the band for sending it in, a review to come soon.

The Doors – Morrison Hotel (1970): I like me some Classic Rock and I have been a big Doors guy since I was a kid. How could you not turn on the local Rock station and not hear The Doors back in the early ’80s? This is my favorite Doors record, favorites here are ‘Blue Sunday’, ‘Ship Of Fools’, ‘Land Ho!’, ‘The Spy, ‘Indian Summer’. I used to sing ‘Indian Summer’ to my oldest daughter when she was a newborn.

The Doors – Waiting For The Sun (1968): Keeping with the Doors kick, I pulled this album out just to hear ‘Spanish Caravan’, ‘Yes, The River Knows’ and ‘Five To One’ but I listened to the whole thing. I love the riff in ‘Five To One’, you know the one Ace Frehley borrowed for ‘She’?

Krokus – Metal Rendezvous (1980): I have been on a huge Krokus kick the last couple of weeks. Many people think this is the debut but it’s actually the band’s 4th record, it is the debut of Marc Storace on lead vocals though. ‘Bedside Radio’, ‘Tokyo Nights’, & ‘Heatstrokes’ were big time players on the old boombox back in the day!

Armed Forces – Let There Be Metal (1984): I was looking through some old Metal Forces magazines from back in the day (I collect those too!) and the ad for this Brooklyn, New York Metal band stared me right in the face! I remembered this from my record store experiences as a kid but I have never heard it. Thanks to the good people at Vibrations Of Doom who were kind enough to post the E.P. up for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Armed Force – Heavy Artillery (1986): Well…..after a demo, Armed Forces split and became Armed Force. Original band name, huh? Lineup change at singer and drummer from the Armed Forces days and the sound is more Hard Rock than the E.P. Thanks again to Vibrations Of Doom who have this album up also for everyone’s listening pleasure.

CD Scavenger Hunt – 6/24/08

Yes! It’s time for another Hunt!

The main reason I went out on the hunt was the new Motley Crue album, SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES, but I also wanted to cross off a few albums on the list of 2008 releases I’ve missed. Of course, I took my two daughters with me and, in the chaos of getting them out the door, I left my list on the kitchen table! Here’s what I grabbed…..

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008) – $9.99: The new Crue was the main reason I left the house at 9:45am Tuesday to wait outside my local Newbury Comics. I had a coupon in had to get the album for $9.99 and I was more than happy to get the album on sale. Looking online today, I noticed that Best Buy had a limited exclusive with a bonus DVD for the same price! Ugh! Well, I’m not going out and buying the Best Buy version too because I don’t need the ‘Saints Of L.A.’ video, the press conference, and the two live tunes they did. I guarantee the band releases a new live DVD after this tour and this will be included.

Týr – Land (2008) limited edition – $12.88: I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of LAND from Napalm Records (thanks Napalm!) to review. I listened to LAND for weeks and posted a review but I wasn’t satisfied with owning the promo. The promo came in a cardboard slipcase (no booklet, etc.) and the music is watermarked with a few voiceovers on some of the songs saying, “You are listening to the new Týr album…Land.” Now I can’t have that! The limited edition is a double CD digipak with a bonus DVD of Týr’s performance at Wacken 2007 and a full color booklet of course.

Annihilator – Metal (2007) – $11.88: I have been waiting almost two years to pick this album up! METAL was available thru the official Annihilator website in late 2006 as a web-only purchase and then it got a proper worldwide release (except North America) on SPV in early 2007. Of course, the album finally got a U.S. release earlier this year but it was still around $18! There has been one copy floating around the local record store since last year and they just put a sale tag on it now…..bought! Saved myself $6 by waiting, I hope it was worth it because Annihilator is one of those bands I always look forward to hearing new material from.

Brimstone – Carving A Crimson Career (1999) – $10: This was actually a recent Ebay purchase. I recently got a press release from Metal Mind about their reissue of this album in the upcoming months, they have a licence to a lot of the Nuclear Blast back catalogue from the ’90s. Anyway, the cover art struck me as goofy so I wanted to hear the album. Picked this up for $6 plus $4 shipping… I don’t need the reissue…..I still haven’t given this a spin.

Heavy Metal In Baghdad DVD (2008) – $14.99: This was on my list for last week’s Judas Priest hunt but the local shop only stocked two and they were sold out when I got there. I always like hearing Metal from different parts of the world so this documentary on Iraq’s Acrassicauda was a must have. I bought the limited edition with 90 mins of bonus material.

Motley Crue Metal Mixtape – 4/15/08

Motley Crue had a big press conference and performance today announcing this summer’s U.S. tour…..Cruefest. I decided to make a mixtape of Crue tunes but picking only one from each studio record. Here’s what I came up with…..

‘Public Enemy #1′ (1982) – Always been my one of my favorite Crue songs.

‘Red Hot’ (1983) – Love this song live, a forgotten song on an awesome record.

‘City Boy Blues’ (1985) – There was no way in hell I was picking either hit single because they are so overplayed. I always liked this tune because it opened the album.

‘Wild Side’ (1987) – If I had to choose between this song and the album’s title track, I have to pick this one. ‘Wild Side’ reminds me of the tour stop I saw in Providence with Whitesnake opening.

‘Without You’ (1989) – Probably one of the most underrated ballads of the ’80s. Every mixtape needs a ballad and this is an exceptional one. The wife didn’t mind me playing it a couple times either!

‘Primal Scream’ (1991) – Ok, this song isn’t on a proper studio album but it’s a great song. It needs inclusion to mark the end of an era.

‘Hooligan’s Holiday’ (1994) – An obvious choice from the self-titled album with John Corabi at the mic. This was the first single and I haven’t listened to the album in s long time. I think I’ll pull it out for the next listening pile.

‘Confessions’ (1997) – One of my favorites off of GENERATION SWINE, reminds me of some good times I had a long time ago. It also reminds me of the concert in Worcester, MA with Cheap Trick I saw on this tour.

‘New Tattoo’ (2000) – Why not have a second ballad on the tape? Everyone forgets this album, made with Randy Castillo (R.I.P.) on drums…..I think it’s solid.

‘If I Die Tomorrow’ (2005) – Again, not from a proper studio album but an excellent track.

‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ (2008) – I don’t actually own this, I refuse to download it from iTunes but it’s streaming all over the Net. I really like this new track and I have high hopes for the new record.

Current Playlist

I’ve been concentrating on a few albums I’d like to do reviews on soon but I had to put on some Motley Crue to get in the mood for the press conference.

Motley Crue – Too Fast For Love (1982): Had to gear up for the big Motley Crue press conference with my favorite Crue record.

Wicked Stick – Ill Inspired (2007): Getting this ready for review.

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard (2007): I never get sick of Lana Lane albums and this one is excellent so far. Another up for review this week.

Don Dokken – Solitary (2008): I’m trying to get through this one but it’s hard to take in. It needs many focused listens because it’s a departure from the typical Dokken sound. Review up this week.

Dokken – Shadowlife (1997): This album and SOLITARY, Don’s new solo disc, are very similar. I’m trying to compare both because I liked parts of SHADOWLIFE.

StarofAsh – The Thread (2008): Heidi Solberg Tveitanm, aka Ihriel from Peccatum, has released another ambient Metal solo record full of orchestration and experimentation. Reminds me of The Gathering – Nighttime Birds (1999) with no vocals.

Pharoah – Be Gone (2008): I’m enjoying this one a lot and I should have this review up end of next week in time for the U.S. release.

Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver (2008): Gave this one a quick spin this morning so it’s too early to comment. Album release date is 4/29/08.


Motley Crue (Crue Fest) U.S. summer tour dates announced

Here are the Motley Crue U.S. summer tour dates straight from Pollstar. Bands include Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Sixx AM, Trapt, & Papa Roach:

(dates in BOLD are the shows I will be attending)

Jul 01, 2008 West Palm Beach FL US Cruzan Amphitheatre
Jul 03, 2008 Tampa FL US Ford Center
Jul 05, 2008 Charlotte NC US Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Jul 06, 2008 Virginia Beach VA US Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater
Jul 08, 2008 Wantagh NY US Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Jul 09, 2008 Buffalo NY US Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul 12, 2008 Philadelphia PA US Susquehanna Bank Center
Jul 13, 2008 Washington DC US Nissan Pavilion Coming Soon
Jul 15, 2008 Detroit MI US DTE Energy Music Theater
Jul 16, 2008 Chicago IL US First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
Jul 18, 2008 Indianapolis IN US Verizon Wireless Music Center
Jul 19, 2008 Milwaukee WI US Marcus Amphitheater
Jul 20, 2008 St. Louis MO US Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul 22, 2008 Houston TX US Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Jul 23, 2008 San Antonio TX US Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul 24, 2008 Dallas TX US center
Jul 26, 2008 Albuquerque NM US Journal Pavilion
Jul 27, 2008 Denver CO US Coors Amphitheater at Fiddler’s Green
Jul 29, 2008 Salt Lake City UT US USANA Amphitheater
Aug 01, 2008 Phoenix AZ US Cricket Wireless Pavilion
Aug 02, 2008 Los Angeles CA US Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Haven
Aug 05, 2008 Sacramento CA US Sleep Train Amphitheater
Aug 06, 2008 San Francisco CA US Shoreline Amphitheater at Mountain View
Aug 08, 2008 Seattle WA US White River Amphitheater
Aug 09, 2008 Portland OR US Rose Garden Arena
Aug 11, 2008 Vancouver BC CA GM Place
Aug 13, 2008 Edmonton AB CA Rexall Place
Aug 14, 2008 Calgary AB CA Pengrowth Saddledome
Aug 15, 2008 Saskatoon SK CA Credit Union Centre
Aug 17, 2008 Winnipeg MB CA MTS Centre
Aug 19, 2008 Cincinnati OH US Riverbend Music Center
Aug 20, 2008 Cleveland OH US Blossom Music Center
Aug 22, 2008 Boston MA US Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Aug 23, 2008 Holmdel NJ US PNC Bank Arts Center
Aug 24, 2008 Uncasville CT US Mohegan Sun Arena
Aug 28, 2008 Toronto ON CA Molson Amphitheatre
Aug 29, 2008 Albany NY US Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Aug 30, 2008 Scranton PA US Toyota Pavilion
Aug 31, 2008 Pittsburgh PA US Post-Gazette Pavilion

Metal Mixtape – 4/6/08

Another Sunday is in the books and the work week has started off with a bang! Sunday overtime is good for the wallet but bad for the soul, the nice thing is that I get off work early and I can go home to listen to music. Everyone’s asleep, the headphones are on and I’m sitting in front of the stereo and CDs…..

Riot – ‘Outlaw’ (1981): What a great song from FIRE DOWN UNDER! Massive hook in the chorus and solid guitar. Mark Reale is just a great guitarist. Guy Speranza was a solid vocalist…..(Guy Speranza R.I.P. – pancreatic cancer – 2003)

Riot – ‘Hard Lovin’ Man’ (1982): Guy Speranza leaves, Rhett Forrester takes over. Solid opening track, real gritty. Guitar is top notch and Forrester erases any doubts at the mic. (Rhett Forrester R.I.P. – murdered – 1994)

Rainbow – ‘Stone Cold’ (1982): I can never get enough Joe Lynn Turner and he was at his best when teamed with Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow. Such a cool effortless vocal by the king of smooth…..JLT. Does this guy ever sound bad?

Helix – ‘Rock You’ (1984): “Gimme an R….!” A great anthem for rock! I never get bored listening to Helix and this was a great song during my early teenage years. I remember this song being played between Ted Nugent and Aerosmith at my first concert in Providence. Everyone was chanting R-O-C-K… was awesome!

Twisted Sister – ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n Roll’ (1983): While we’re on the subject of Rock anthems, this is one of the most underrated of the early ’80s. TS before they got big, I always thought they looked better in denim & leather in the video than they did in the costumes & makeup live.

ZZ Top – ‘T.V. Dinners’ (1983): Saw the video earlier in the day and I had to hear the song again. This was the first ZZ Top video I ever saw. Not sure how I missed the other videos, I had MTV when it came out in ’81 and I was hooked. “I even like the chicken if the sauce is not too blue….” Classic!

Dangerous Toys – ‘Scared’ (1989): Huge hit here in Rhode Island! Basically a GnR clone but they were loved in my Metal circle back in the day. Great album too.

KISS – ‘Sure Know Something’ (1979): Probably my favorite KISS song and it comes off a very underrated album, DYNASTY. If you fatten the sound on most songs and take the disco out, the album would Rock. ‘Sure Know Something’ was the second single and it flopped. I like it because it’s more of a ballad type song and Paul Stanley sings great. Always liked this tune.

KISS – ‘Mr. Speed’ (1976): OK, this ties ‘Sure Know Something’ for favorite KISS song. ROCK AND ROLL OVER is my favorite KISS album and I always loved this song. Every tour, I wish that they would go deep and pull this song out.

Motley Crue – ‘Helter Skelter’ (1983): I heard the original by The Beatles on the classic rock station when I was driving home. I really only listened to the Crue version but I did notice that The Beatles rocked that song hard. I still like the Crue version better.

Motley Crue – ‘Afraid’ (1997): Yes, I’m one of those guys that actually likes GENERATION SWINE. I thought ‘Afraid’ was a good single and it came out great live when I saw Crue and Cheap Trick in Worcester, MA on the tour. What I remember most about this tune is the girl I was dating when this came out, the song described her perfectly.