The Bangkok Five – We Love What Kills Us (2008)

Bangkok Five - We Love What Kills Us (2008)

The Bangkok Five – We Love What Kills Us (2008)

  1. We Love What Kills Us
  2. This One’s For The Haters
  3. Straight Fell Off
  4. Party Machine
  5. Outlines Of Us

Bangkok Five

(photo by Robin Perin)

Band Lineup:
Frost – Vocals
Sweeney – Lead Guitar
Coatez – Bass
Blanco – Drums
Bobby S. – Guitars

Total Time = 20:41

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The Bangkok Five MySpace page
Long Live Crime Records

When the sophomore effort, WE LOVE WHAT KILLS US, by L.A. quintet The Bangkok Five crossed my desk, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ve never heard of the band and all the press releases online use quotes from print magazines like Revolver, Hit Parader, and Blender…..magazines that are usually behind the times when it comes to Hard Rock.

So I pop this CD in and I’m greeted with the title track and the first thing I notice is lead singer Frost’s voice, very unique especially when using a deeper tone. Usually you can tell what an album is going to be like by the first song and ‘We Love What Kills Us’ is a good Modern Hard Rock/Alternative/Punk hybrid that reminds of Buckcherry meets Urge Overkill. Same with ‘This One’s For The Haters’, there is a lot of guitars and energetic vocals that I draw comparisons to Buckcherry yet not as polished, more raw.

‘Straight Fell Off’ is a little slower tempo, mid-paced, and reminds me of early ’80s Punk/New Wave with slightly distorted vocals. I like this song the best of the five and I’ve played this over and over, I think it would make a good follow-up single to the title track. Things pick up with ‘Party Machine’ and the vocals are a little more controlled. I like the subdued nature of the track even though it’s a Modern Rock song. The band slows things down with ‘Outlines Of Us’ and it’s the one track I’m not feeling. It sounds like one of those Alternative songs that the guy working the stereo in the record store plays to show how “hip” he is. Sounds like a song college radio or modern rock stations like Rhode Island’s 95.5 WBRU would play. Not my type of music…..

Bottom Line:
Not my usual listening choice but I was pleasantly surprised, enough to check out the band’s debut, WHO’S GONNA TAKE US ALIVE? (2006), and see what’s there. I like the music when it steers more towards the Hard Rock style but I get a little lost when the Punk/Alternative side shows…..chalk that up to personal tastes. I could see The Bangkok Five getting airplay of Rock radio with ‘We Love What Kills Us’ and ‘Straight Fell Off’, the two tracks I felt really stood out. Definitely a band to watch when the album is officially released on May 13th. It’s also going to be released in Spanish to honor the band’s Spanish influenced environment in Los Angeles, I’ll bet that will sound cool.