WANTED: Boss – Step On It (1984)



Boss - Step On It (1984)

Boss – Step On It (1984)

I remember opening up either a Circus Magazine or Hit Parader back in grade school and seeing a full-page ad for this album. Not long after, I found a copy of STEP ON IT on vinyl at Good Vibrations…..but never a cassette copy. Back in ’84, I had a turntable but I never picked this record up because there was always something else to buy. I am still fascinated by this album to this day even though I don’t really know much about the band. Boss were from Australia, released the one album on RCA Records, and then some members continued on to record as BB Steal.

This album has never been officially released on CD. There was a CD release on Retrospect Records sometime in 2006 but there was some controversy whether or not it was a legit release with rights obtained from RCA or a bootleg. (NOTE: Retrospect Records is actually a legit reissue label that I have bought from in the past and will continue to in the future.) The vinyl sells on Ebay for around $10 so it’s easy to obtain…..I just need a turntable!


Update – 1/25/08

Metal Mark over at the Heavy Metal Time Machine was nice enough to send me his copy of the Retrospect Records issue. Thanks to Mark for helping me acquire this CD.