This week’s schedule…..

I’m still going strong with posts on a daily basis. For me, that’s pretty good! As of this post, I’ll be up to #33 for April ’08. The last time I had over 33 posts in a month was August 2006 when I topped out at 43. Either I have way too much time on my hands or I have a lot to say right now. Not sure how this will go but right now it’s going…..

So here’s what’s planned for this week…..I hope!

  • the Lana Lane review WILL happen.
  • Current playlist
  • another band specific Metal Mixtape
  • a CD Scavenger Hunt that catches up with all the delayed online & Ebay purchases (toward the end of the week)
  • Ebay Madness
  • StarofAsh review
  • the Tank box set review (most likely Saturday)
  • Testament review
  • any news that catches my eye

I just got the new Testament in the mail so I’d like to really listen to it and review. I’ve been purposefully avoiding any reviews because I want to enjoy this album. I’d like to get up to a review a day but it’s hard to give each album a proper listen. I might also do some site maintenance this week, the ABOUT page needs serious updating and I have tons of comments to respond to.



Coming this week…..

Well, I’m still posting more than I usually do but I got a little too ambitious with my schedule last week. I’m pushing the Lana Lane and Wicked Stick album reviews to this coming week because I didn’t give them enough time, I was too busy listening to The Sword’s new record and some CDs I picked up on the Hunt. That’s another post I pushed to this week, the Scavenger Hunt, because not everything came in. So here’s what’s on tap this week…..

  • Current Playlist
  • Metal Mixtape
  • CD Scavenger Hunt
  • Ebay Madness
  • Rotting Corpse – Circus Of Fools DVD review 
  • Lana Lane review
  • Wicked Stick review
  • Don Dokken – Solitary (2008) review
  • any news that catches my eye


What’s coming this week…..

Holy smoke! Did anyone notice that I kept an actual schedule and wrote 13 posts? If I keep this up then more content gets added, readership goes up, more promos get sent in, I fall behind…’s a vicious circle but it’s fun as hell!

I’m going to try and keep up my momentum so here’s what happening this week:

  • Current playlist
  • Metal Mixtape
  • another album that’s WANTED, maybe two
  • Wicked Stick album review
  • American Speedway album review
  • Lana Lane album review
  • The Sword album review
  • Ebay Madness
  • CD Scavenger Hunt

I was going to post a Hunt this past week but I wanted to wait until my Ebay and Online purchases came through. They should all be here this week plus there are some new releases coming Tuesday. I would also like to get the new Anvil and the Tank box set reviewed but time has to be on my side.

Just a heads up…..the Whitesnake banner in the upper right corner is a link to the Amazon pre-order for GOOD TO BE BAD. This is the limited edition 2 CD version coming 4/22 and it’s only $9.99 in the U.S.! I figured it would be a cool thing for many of you to check out.


— Steve

What’s coming up?

I have a schedule for the upcoming week, I just hope I can keep to it. Work has been a bitch lately and things at home have been hectic with the flu making the rounds from my kids, to my wife, to me finally. Allergy season has started early for me, probably due to all the dust I shook up looking for the Night Sun CD. When I get my allergies, my head hurts and my sinuses get stuffed and it becomes exhausting to even breathe. I take prescription medication, and it helps, but the side effect is drowsiness. Between my Rx and NyQuil, I have been in a state of sleep for close to two weeks! Not much has gotten done music wise…..

I have piles of albums to listen to: new purchases and band submissions. It’s getting hard to find the time to go through them all and give proper listens but I have benn able to listen to some of them. Here’s what I have planned for the week (in no particular order)…..

  • Current Playlist & Shuffle (which will now be called the Metal Mixtape)
  • a new WANTED
  • Bangkok Five album review
  • Black Tide album review
  • Helix album review
  • a new CD Scavenger Hunt

I might throw something else in if I can find some energy.

— Steve

Missing Night Sun CD – Day 3

The search continues into Day 3.

While I was at work last night, my wife went through the garbage again to see if it was thrown away. She didn’t find it but she went back out this morning and checked again. Now that’s a woman! Even she is stumped.

I have looked everywhere and I can’t find it. My thinking is that it was put in something that was put away. If it’s not in the trash, it has to be in the house because my CDs do not leave home. I have no one to lend them to, and I wouldn’t anyway, that’s what a burner is for. I have no CD player in the car and I have only been to work and home.

It’s somewhere. Somewhere taunting me because it’s probably in plain sight. The search continues!

Update on the missing CD

I haven’t found it.

I cleaned every room in the house, top to bottom, in the last 24 hrs. I checked every crack, crevice, and crease of the furniture. I looked in every drawer, looked in every bag. I went to the basement and checked all the laundry. I looked in both cars, the garage, and the fireplace.

Its not in the house.

I missed the trash pickup Monday AM so my crowning moment was sifting thru four bags of trash on the kitchen floor yesterday evening and I couldn’t find it. Then again, I was in a form of hysteria/haze.

There are many things in this world that are way more important than this Night Sun disc. The odds are that I will find another one and I will buy it. It’s just the point – I had it and now its gone.

The last place I looked at it was at my desk in the master bedroom. The last place my wife saw it was on our kitchen table over the weekend. The thought is that it went out into the trash with the Sunday newspaper. It’s the logical choice.

My wife just emailed me from work and she is going to go thru all the trash again after the kids go to bed. My oldest daughter told her the story of how “daddy was on his hands and knees looking thru the trash for his new CD and it was gross”. My wife has taken pity on me and will join the search.

This happens all the time: I put my wallet down somewhere and I panic. My car keys, cell phone, the checkbook…..even the remote! That is why I put things in the same spot and get upset when they are moved.

I have never lost a CD, they are like my private treasures that I don’t let anyone touch. I have an obsessive compulsion about my music collection, can any of you tell?

So has this ever happened to any of you?

I just lost a brand new CD!

Seriously! I know it seems a little odd to post something like this but I had a CD come in the mail over the weekend that I won from Ebay and now its gone!

Night Sun – Mournin’ (1972)

It’s a rare album, especially on CD, and I paid a couple extra bucks for it. I just went to grab it to pop it in and its not with the other new CDs. I went through all the trash with plastic gloves, checked the laundry and I’ve gone thru the cars. I’m starting room by room and looking systematically.

I’ve never lost a CD……until now! If you see it, let me know!


Addicted to Guitar Hero 3!

Guitar Hero IIII’m still alive and kicking but I’ve discovered the most addicting video game on the planet: Guitar Hero III – Legends Of Rock. I have a Playstation 2, it’s the original one that I bought in 2000, and I haven’t upgraded to the new generation of Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. I play only a few games now: Madden Football (I have every year stored away), Medal Of Honor, and SpongeBob games. Laugh if you must but I like Spongebob!

So I promised myself a present when my income tax return came in the mail. I wanted something different from the usual CD/DVD shopping spree I usually give myself but I didn’t want it to be overly expensive. I have been looking at the Guitar Hero Series for a while now but I always used the price tag and the time needed to play as reasons NOT to buy it. With the announcement of the Aerosmith version last week, I decided to finally buy into the hype and buy Guitar Hero III.

Bought it at 6 o’clock last night, plugged it in at 7, and played it until somewhere just before 10pm. Watched a little TV with my wife, she fell asleep on the couch, so I plugged back in around 11:30pm and played two more hours. Obviously, I’m still a rookie to the whole thing…..I’m not hitting every note on  Dragonforce – ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ on Expert level…..

…..but I did manage to unlock almost all of the songs on the Easy level and I had enough gig money to buy a Flying V!

So the posts will resume soon. I have some shopping trips to tell everyone about, some reviews to post, and a few playlists but they will all have to wait…..I’m trying to get my chops up on this game!

Two Year Blog-versary: Still Addicted!

Today marks my second full year of blogging and I’m going strong! I thought that the first year was a good one but I never imagined that the second year would grow the way it did. It’s been a fun way to talk about heavy music online with like-minded people, I don’t have that outlet offline. I’ve made a few friends around the U.S., and around the world, and I’m glad to hear from everyone. So let me give you all an idea of what has improved with Heavy Metal Addiction and how the site has changed/grown…..

The first thing that happened in 2007 that made me take notice that people were reading was hitting 100,000 readers on July 6th. That was a cool milestone to hit but it was even cooler to hit 200,000 just before Christmas! Readership doubled in five and a half months and I’m not sure how it’s happened but I’m glad it did. There are people coming in from all over the world but it is still my core readers that are doing all the commenting. I hoping for more interaction and comments this year and I’m dying to see when I hit 300,000!

Taking a look at the blog stats, it looks like the Addiction has grown every month. In 2006, I averaged 2000-3000 readers a month with the exception of August 2006 when I posted the video of Poison fighting onstage. That post alone boosted the number of readers (almost 24,000 hits!) that year but major news stories in 2007 like Gene Simmons’ facelift, the Van Halen reunion, and Arnel Pineda taking the Journey singer slot really made the readership rise. Reviews are bringing in the masses as well. Many people are still coming for my reviews on Iron Maiden’s A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH (2006), Ozzy’s BLACK RAIN (2007), and Quiet Riot’s METAL HEALTH (1983)…..while taking in some of the more recent ones as well.

So what does 2008 bring?

Well, I must be doing something right because I am getting noticed by labels, distributors, and bands and they are sending me CDs and DVDs to review. I have a ton of promos sitting on my desk now and many more are coming so there will be an abundance of fresh, diversified music coming. Add that to all the CDs & DVDs I buy in a year and I’m hoping to have a lot of reviews coming. Problem is I have to find time to listen to it all!

I’m going to revive a couple of features that seem to be very popular: Ebay Madness and Band Week. Ebay Madness gets a ton of hits and comments when I post a new entry and I started to get a little more active on Ebay towards the end of the year so that fire is back. My intention was to have a Band Week every couple of months or so but that stopped after some of the weeks became multiple weeks! I think my features on Quiet Riot and Black Sabbath lasted 2 weeks each. I’m looking into a streamlined version of this with for 2008. Another idea I have is to bring back the Metal Trivia but I’m not sure and the WANTED! column is definitely going to get more attention. One thing I am finally going to do soon is fix the About Page because it’s a jumbled mess!

So now it’s back to business, listening to all types of AOR, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal. Hopefully everyone will enjoy what’s in store as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. A happy, healthy, and safe 2008 to everyone!

—– Steve


I hope everyone in the U.S. had a good Thanksgiving holiday and hopefully all of my international visitors have had a good week as well.

After a monstrous work week, I was able to enjoy the holiday with my family but I’ve been unable to really sit down to write. I’ve had to try and cram everything into a small amount of free time and I’ve had to push the website aside for about a week.

There is good news! I have the weekend off and I am planning on enjoying some of the new CDs I’ve acquired out on the last Hunt. Not only that but I am lucky enough to be on some labels’ lists for promotions so I am receiving fresh, and diverse, material more than ever. I plan on posting a lot of CD and DVD reviews in the coming week so stay tuned!