Ebay Madness – Sgt. Roxx, W.A.S.P., JC, Pretty Wicked

It’s been awhile sonce I did a proper Ebay Madness post. Since I bought the house in late October, I haven’t had much time to do any searching on Ebay. It’s not just the money, it’s the time. At my old apartment, the computer was in the family room. At the house, it’s in the master bedroom. With two kids and a dog on the first floor, it’s hard to hide away scouring Ebay for bargains and rarities.

I’ve had a few emails asking if I was still doing Ebay Madness and I noticed Metal Mark mentioned it in a comments section. So here it is…..back by popular demand…..Ebay Madness!

WASP CDs go for $480

W.A.S.P. collection (12 CDs) ends at $480.
This is just a crazy auction. There were 45 bids ! I honestly could walk into my usual store and round these up for $8-$15 each right now. The first five are the newly reissued CDs with bonus tracks, they are fairly common. The last six are newer releases and are fairly common. The hardest one to find is STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH and I can buy at least three copies in one trip out. If I knew I could make that kind of money, I would put a lot up a week for a month. Now that Ebay has anonymous bidding, I can’t see the IDs of the bidders. The suspicious thing is that Bidder 6 really up the ante and didn’t win. Something’s fishy!

JC - Desire for $455

JC – Desire (1990) ends at $455.
I know nothing about JC. From the auction description, and the information at Heavy Harmonies, this is a rare AOR album. This is another of those independent releases that gets much hype in collector’s circles. With 16 bids, obviously some people know about this guy.

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze ends at $415.01

Sgt. Roxx – Push and Squeeze (1990) ends at $415.01.
Another band I’ve heard of but never heard the music. Sgt. Roxx is another rarity that collector’s drool over but it’s only a 6 song CD. That barely gets by E.P. status! Another independent release that gets it’s hype from it’s limited production run. For over $400, I hope the music is top notch. More info on Sgt. Roxx can be found at Heavy Harmonies.

Edane - Jabrik (1994) for $402

Edane – Jabrik (1994) goes to the winner at $4o2.
If you like your Hard Rock from Indonesia, then you might want to check out Edane. the band is still together and releasing albums but JABRIK is out of print. I would rather take my chances emailing the band for a copy than paying $402 but some people have cash to burn. I did notice that the seller and winner are both top flight collectors so I know it was a legit auction. More info on Edane can be found at their official website or Heavy Harmonies.

Pretty Wicked sells for $199.99.

Pretty Wicked – s/t (1992) sells for $199.99.
Another independent rarity i know nothing about. Someone out there knows the band because this CD ended with “BUY IT NOW” for $199.99. More info at Heavy Harmonies.

Nasty Nasty - Get Some!!!

Nasty Nasty – Get Some!!! (1990) ends at $188.35.
Ever wonder where all these bands came from? Another band that didn’t make it releases a CD in the early ’90s and a seller in the new millenium makes a killing. If I saw this in a used bin, I’d grab it but I’d expect to pay less than five bucks. $188.35 is a little steep but very affordable compared to the W.A.S.P. auction! Head over to Heavy Harmonies again for more info.

Eric Carr limited edition action figure available

I believe I found out about this either from Bravewords.com or KISSFAQ.com…..either way, it’s a nice figure but a lot of money. It’s a custom job with great attention to detail but look at the price!. I’ve seen the original Mego KISS dolls go for less. I’ve also seen some very nice custom Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent dolls at KISS Konventions go for a fraction of this price. I’ll put this under Ebay Madness because the price is definitely madness!



From Limited Toy Design:

LIMITED TOYS DESIGN is proud to present his first figure based on Eric CARR, KISS’s drummer from 1980 to 1991.

We worked on the development of this prototype. Our project will consist in creating this 12” figure as an official limited edition of 150 pieces with a certificate of authenticity numbered.

It’s a 12 inch figure, fully articulated (30 points of articulation). The costume is in real fabric, some fur on the platform boots and the collar, and near 900 strass are need to respect with care the original costume of Eric CARR. The box is covered with imitation leather.

The price is 400 US Dollars (shipping included)

We don’t know if a collector like this one will seduce the fans of Eric you are. We are waiting for your feedback.

To valid this project, we need your pre-ordering. For the moment, we are just asking you to send us a mail with your complete address and e-mail and telling us you would order this collector figure to order@limitedtoysdesign.com .

If the project succeed, we’ll come back to you to ask you 150 US$ to confirm the order. And when your figure will be ready to ship, you’ll pay the rest.

Ebay Madness – Concrete Jungle, Tindrum, Motley Crue, Angel Dust

Concrete Jungle – Wear and Tear (1988) CD ends at $250.
I’ve seen this go upwards of $500 over the years so this is a “bargain”. The buyer was smart and ended the auction early with BUY IT NOW before a bidding war ensued.

Tindrum – Drums Of War (1988) original pressing CD goes for $249.95.
Well, it’s 5 cents cheaper than the Concrete Jungle CD. The seller, surrf, is a major player in the CD collector’s market so I believe it’s an original press and not one of the many bootlegs that have surfaced this year. The fact that there were two separate copies up on auction says all you need to know about surrf’s collecting abilities and how rare this CD is.

Motley Crue’s 1st five albums still sealed in longboxes reaches $204.49.
I have seen each one of these albums, still sealed in longboxes with minimal damage, on many a CD hunt. I believe the prices ranged from $8 to $15. Imagine if you bought all 5 at $15 each, your $75 investment almost triples! People will buy anything so I am going to start buying these up as I find them!

Angel Dust – Into The Dark Past (1986) original pressing CD ends at $256.51.
This is our big winner today, edging out Concrete Jungle for this installment. Angel Dust’s debut is hard to find in the original 1986 pressing, there are plenty of reissue bootlegs out there. In fact, one “reissue” is up now for $11 BUY IT NOW. The easier way would be to grab a vinyl copy that go between $25-$40. A lot for vinyl but better than pricey CD.

Ebay Madness – Bid on John Corabi’s hair!

Wow! So this is what happens when you need some money. If you are the high bidder you can own John Corabi’s (The Scream, Motley Crue, Union, Ratt) hair. There are two sets of John’s dreads on Ebay: one from his Union days and from his current gig in Ratt. The opening for both auctions is $75 for a major piece of Rock history!

Ebay Madness – Babylon A.D. commands almost $200?

Babylon A.D. self-titled debut CD completed auction.

Babylon A.D. – s/t CD sells for $192.91

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. How does a person pay almost $200 for a CD that went for $30 here for a Japanese pressing and $15 here for the regular. These two auctions were found WITHOUT the periods after A and D.

If we use the periods and search Babylon A.D., we find five more that ended within the last ten days:

For $16
For $13.50
For $20.50 (Japanese pressing)
For $16 again
And for $14.51

So what does that teach us? Do the research! Honestly, I can get 5 copies of this right now for under $5 each, I should at least try and double the money!

Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer breaks the bank again!

Laurence Archer - LA

Laurence Archer – LA (Japanese CD) sells for $1376.34!

A fool and his money are soon parted…..$1300+ for a single disc is a bit crazy. Well, if you win the lottery it doesn’t matter but if the winning bidder has that much extra jack to burn, then go for it!

The last time this CD was featured here, mid-May, it went for $777. This is the third time I’ve seen this one go for $700+ this year and I believe a vinyl copy floated around a couple hundred a month or two ago. I haven’t heard it but I’m dying to hear the hype.

For more info on this release, click here

Ebay Madness – Iron Maiden, Motorhead, AC/DC, and Target

Motorhead - Kiss Of Death promo press kit auction

Let’s start off with a promo press kit for the upcoming MotorheadKiss Of Death…..click here. It was a BUY IT NOW for 49.99 GBP or about $94 USD.

AC/DC - Money Talks CD single

Moving on to a CD single fetching $179.06. This auction is just crazy, 16 bids for a single that started at $9.99.

Target CD auction

TargetMaster Project Genesis This CD is rare but paying $180 is way too much in my opinion.

Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes CD

This is the best completed auction yet: 43 bids totalling $820 for a CD you got free by sending in proofs of purchase and the shipping charge!

Ebay Madness – Lorraine and Iron Maiden

Lorraine - Boy's Nite Out (1993)    Lorraine - Boy's Nite Out back cover

Lorraine – Boy’s Night Out (1993) sold for $641.36!

A lot of money for an indie CD that could be hit or miss. The buyer is a major collector and posts at the Heavy Harmonies Forums. He had some money to burn so the trigger was pulled, that’s almost what I pay for rent each month.

Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes (reissue CD)  Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes back cover

Iron Maiden – The Soundhouse Tapes (2002 reissue) sold for $660!

Not to be outdone by the Lorraine CD, this 2002 special CD reissue of Maiden’s highly sought after vinyl E.P. fetched 33 bids. This CD was available via mailorder when you collected 6 special Eddie stickers from the 2002 reissue campaign for all the Maiden albums. Add postage to the stickers and you got this limited edition for probably under $10 postage. Problem was this “reissue” campaign was Maiden’s 4th pressing of their albums on CD in the U.S. (original EMI, Castle 2 CD sets from 1995, Raw Power multimedia editions from 1998, and this set) and it was an exact duplicate of the Raw Power issues from 1998, except for the slipcase.

I realize it was a limited edition but I’ve seen the vinyl, in NM/VG+ condition, go for less.

Ebay Madness – Angel Witch, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Taylor Hicks (American Idol)

Just some notable crazy auctions that I came across this week…..

I bought this for the Nice Price of $15 way back when at an old CD store. Over $189 is just a bit much. Would have liked some details on this release if I’m dropping $189 on a single disc. No notes of bonus tracks or extras. Check it out here.

Another completed auction by the same seller. Tygers Of Pan Tang seem to be a real favorite lately, I’ve seen their first four albums all over Ebay…..cheaper! I have this one too, bought it for $15 just like Crazy Nights up above. If you’re interested in checking the Tygers out, look for the Neat Metal/Edgy reissues with bonus tracks.

This auction is our 3rd in a row for this same seller, he had a good week! Released in 1990 in Japan only, I don’t remember Shabby Trick from any mags or print zines. The only info I’ve seen is at Heavy Harmonies, and those are mixed reviews. That rugged looking heart sells me right away, LOL!

I just like the name and the album cover. $99 is just too much for
this. A little research at The BNR Metal Pages finds Uncle Slam releasing 2 other albums but they have disbanded. I like the cover so much, I gotta hear it!

This is the only Angel Witch that has eluded me. I saw one once at the local shop but it was in the hand of a guy in line at the register. This is the original KillerWatt pressing. Too much for my blood, I’ve seen it before so I believe I’ll see it again.

Same Taylor Hicks as on American Idol. Does it really matter? Is he that good to command $610 on Ebay? Is the demand that high? Where can I get some? LOL! You could get almost all the discs above with the money this one got. Unreal!

I like the disclaimer put in for the

On Jun-02-06 at 17:50:24 PDT, seller added the following information:
I have received several emails from buyers of other Taylor Hicks In Your Time Cds with concerns over the authenticity of their CD. It sounds as if there may be bootlegs out there. So, I wanted to add that the CD I am selling comes from a relative of Taylor Hicks ( I am selling it for her). This is a legit CD and NOT a copy. This is the only one I have for sale. As you can see from my address I live in the same city as Taylor. Be assured you are not buying a copy.

Well I feel better reading that. Please, take my money! Makes you wonder…..

Ebay Madness: Laurence Archer and Hurricane

Lawrence Archer – LA (1986) CD goes for $777.77

This is a rare CD, no question. Very big in collector’s circles. The last time this Laurence Archer disc was offered on Ebay was about a year ago. At that time, it fetched $1000 USD with a BUY IT NOW. Seems the market is down right now!

Hurricane – Take What You Want (1985) CD tops at $154!

I’m going to gloat…..I just acquired this CD for $1 thru a trade on LaLa. There are 2 versions of this disc: the U.S. version pictured here and the Japanese with 3 bonus tracks. Usually the Japanese release goes higher.

Maybe this winner should have waited?

Same CD 2 days later
Japanese version at a bargain 6 days later