Press Release: Royal Hunt – X (2010) artwork & tracklisting announced


ROYAL HUNT have revealed the artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming new album, entitled X, which is due out this year.

The album will include the following songs:

‘Episode X (Arrival)’
‘End Of The Line’
‘King For A Day’
‘The Well’
‘Army Of Slaves’
‘Back To Square One’
‘Blood Red Stars’
‘The Last Leaf’
‘Falling Down’
‘Episode X (Departure)’

More information at

Press Release: Jon Oliva’s Pain – Festival (2010) artwork, tracklisting, release dates announced


BW&BK can confirm the tracklist for the forthcoming JON OLIVA’S PAIN album, Festival. It is as follows, more details will be revealed soon:

‘Death Rides A Black Horse’
Living On The Edge’
‘Looking For Nothing’
‘The Evil Within’
‘Winter Haven’
‘I Fear You’

Festival will be released worldwide on February 19th via AFM Records. For more information please visit and AFM Records.

Press Release: Raven sign with Metal Blade Records, Walk Through Fire artwork, tracklisting, release date announced for North America

From Metal Blade Records:

Metal Blade Records signs RAVEN, prepare to release first album in 10 years!

Walk Through Fire set for release on March 30th in North America.

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of legendary metal band RAVEN and is gearing up to release Walk Through Fire, RAVEN’s first album since 2000’s One for All. Walk Through Fire contains 14 new tracks and two live bonus tracks. Track listing for Walk Through Fire is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Against the Grain
3. Breaking You Down
4. Under Your Radar
5. Walk Through Fire
6. Bulldozer
7. Long Day’s Journey
8. Trainwreck
9. Grip
10. Running Around In Circles
11. Hard Road
12. Armageddon (the Beginning)
13. Attitude
14. Space Station #5
15. Live at The Inferno**
16. Rock Until You Drop**

**Bonus Live Tracks

Vocalist, bassist, and founding member John Gallagher comments; “We are ecstatic – we go way back with Metal Blade (we’ve known Brian since meeting him backstage at one of our shows in the UK in 1982!!!) so there’s mutual respect. We feel that having this killer new album Walk Through Fire and a relationship with Metal Blade, an outfit that lives and breathes this music – that UNDERSTANDS where we have been and what we’ve been through, will show that we are not trading on past glories but that we are a band that continues to be relevant…and kicks ass more than ever before! We’ve set the bar high here with this album and are happy to have a partner willing to get it out there to the metal fans and spread the word. This is the RAVEN album the diehards have been beating us up for…and then some!”

Metal Blade Record’s Michael Faley comments; “We are excited and proud to be releasing the new album by RAVEN entitled Walk Through Fire! This record has garnered tremendous reviews worldwide and combines all the strength and power that only the Gallagher brothers can deliver, Rock Solid METAL! With a career that has spanned over 25 years, RAVEN is back with a CLASSIC album.”

According to the pages of the various metal media, the labels “LEGENDARY,” “INNOVATIVE,” “TRUE ORIGINALS,” as well as “F**K!ING CRAZY!!” have been rightfully pinned upon RAVEN over the years. In a music scene filled by clones nurtured with a cookie-cutter mentality, the unique personality, power and humor of the three band members has always shone through. The crazed vocals & bass playing of John Gallagher, the full frontal guitar assault of brother Mark Gallagher, and the punishing polyrhythmic pounding of drummer Joe Hasselvander all combine to form a sonic battering ram unique in rock!

From the well documented early days as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) frontrunners, RAVEN’s albums ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP, WIPED OUT and ALL FOR ONE virtually invented both the speed metal and power metal genres – during the trailblazing USA tours of the 80’s introducing the States to “Athletic rock” as well as giving opening acts like Metallica and Anthrax their first tours, through the doldrums of the late 80’s/early 90’s when a grunge obsessed media wrote off so many acts — RAVEN has consistently proved to be both survivors par excellence and in a genre of grim imitation – shown that they are “the real thing”. Where so many of their contemporaries have either faded creatively or become parodies of themselves, RAVEN have consistently pushed the envelope while retaining their unique sound and attack – both in the studio & in their true element, onstage!

Following a forced layoff through half of the last decade due to Mark Gallagher’s long recuperation from a serious accident where Mark’s legs were crushed after a wall collapsed on the musician, the band have fought back with a number of European festival appearances, a UK tour in 2008 and a triumphant jaunt to Japan in 2009.

And now, the band unleashes the best album they’ve done in many years, Walk Through Fire – this, quite simply, is the real deal – the right songs, the right sound and the right feel – guaranteed to rip yer head off! – Raven are finally set to reclaim the title that is rightfully theirs – “the wildest band in the f**kin’ world!!”

John Gallagher – vocals & bass
Mark Gallagher – guitars
Joe Hasselvander – drums

WANTED: Manowar – Hell On Earth V DVD (2009)


Manowar – Hell On Earth V DVD (2009)

I may have been very critical with Manowar’s last studio album, GODS OF WAR (2007), but I can honestly say that they make some of the best DVDs your hard-earned money can buy. Say what you want about the band’s image and “Death to False Metal!” battle cry, Manowar has always been about giving their fans a quality product whether it’s a CD with special packaging, a mulit-disc DVD or their Metal filled live show. The band is for the fans 100%. I’m not afraid to say I’m a Manowar fan since the early years and I have picked up the first four HELL ON EARTH DVDs and they are excellent. The 2 DVD set was officially release on November 29, 2009 but I had no clue it was coming out, I must have missed a press release somewhere. None of my usual online retailers have it in stock, it hasn’t been on Ebay and my local record store never received copies. The set can be ordered through Manowar’s official website but the price is $40 plus shipping. This is on my want list but it has to be a reasonable price.