WANTED: Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)


Danger Danger – Revolve (2009)

This is another top priority for early 2010! I don’t know how I missed that Danger Danger were releasing a new album but I only found out about it in November. I’ve been following Danger Danger since their debut in 1989 and I’m psyched that this is the first Danger Danger album in years with original lead singer Ted Poley. I have read a lot of great reviews on various websites and I noticed more than a few of those sites’ year end lists had REVOLVE on it. If the new Winger and Helix are awesome I have no doubt the new Danger Danger is as well. I tried ordering this from a couple of different online stores in the last couple months of 2009 and they were sold out everytime! Like I said, a top priority, so I will either be ordering online or burning gift cards at the local record store for this CD in the next week.