Ebay Madness: Sgt. Roxx – Push And Squeeze (1990) sells for $610.10!

Sgt. Roxx released one album, PUSH AND SQUEEZE, independently back in 1990 and it is always one of the most sought after Hard Rock indie rarities among collectors. This release is widely bootlegged, there is currently a bootleg out of Italy from 2006 circulating, but if you want an original presing then you better be willing to pay the big bucks!

sgt roxx - push and squeese auction

Sgt. Roxx – Push And Squeeze (1990) sells for $610.10 on Ebay

Seller: silver*wings
Country: Washington (USA)
Starting Price = 99 cents
Bids = 37

The seller is from the U.S. with 100% feedback and low shipping ($3). The auction is extremely detailed with close-up pictures of the CD and the front and back covers…..the all important catalog numbers and label name are very clear. Of all the copies I’ve seen over the years on Ebay, this one looks to be the original pressing and not the Italian bootleg. The auction started on August 8th at 99 cents and it went well over $100 by the end of August 9th. It cleared $200 on 8/11, $250 by 8/14 and then the bidding went wild on the last day to end at $610.10!