State of the Blog update

A happy 4th of July to everyone here in the U.S. and hello to everyone else! I just wanted to take up a little time here and tell everyone what is going on here behind the scenes and why there has been very sporadic posts.

I like these little updates from time to time, it gives me a sense of renewal and a fresh start. I’ve been in a funk since September when the kids went back to school and I started a brand new daily schedule. My life is VERY structured and scheduled in order to do all the things my family needs to do, work, and even sleep. The extra time to listen to music started to dwindle as everything got busier…..that made the number of posts go down as well. The new schedule I had to adhere to with the kids’ schools meant less sleep at night after work (4 hours) and small naps during the day…..a contributing factor to the less time spent with the music. I’ve been in this weird funk for 9 months and I’m not really sure where it’s all leading.

The purpose of this blog was to talk about my collection and give my thoughts, I didn’t really think there was anyone out there reading. It’s been 3 1/2 years now and close to 1 million visitors since I started out and this little project has grown. I’ve flirted with the idea that after a million hits I’d call it quits but then I read back over previous posts, and I visit other blogs, and I realize that I still emjoy posting…..I just have no time!

So here’s where it all stands now…..I’m continuing with the site and I’m hoping the scheduling will work itself out but the posts might be a little sporadic again while I try and figure stuff out. I prefer to post daily but I’m not sure that’s in the cards right now. I’ve got piles of albums that I haven’t listened to and I have a ton of reviews that I want to write so I’m going to start and get busy this week because I’m on vacation from work! Hopefully, I’ll get some rest, listen to some new music, and get a renewed passion for writing.

Thanks to everyone out there who has visited…’s hoping for the good things to come in the second half of 2009!

— Steve