WANTED: Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)



Raven – Walk Through Fire (2009)

Long time NWOBHM lunatics, Raven, released their latest album WALK THROUGH FIRE on March 25 in Japan on King Records and there is no U.S. or European release date on the horizon. Nothing bothers me more than not being able to find an album I want at a decent price. I’ve checked Ebay and the CD is going for around $38 plus shipping. I’ve checked various online stores and the prices range from $30-$35 plus shipping (the lower the price the higher the shipping and vice versa!). Prices like this make me want to pull my hair out!

I got into Raven around the time they released ALL FOR ONE (1983) and LIVE AT THE INFERNO (1984), I remember seeing ads for both albums in Hit Parader and Circus and I thought the albums looked cool. Back then I really didn’t know much about the different scenes, it was all Heavy Metal to me. As I’ve gotten older, and become a big fan of the NWOBHM, Raven has been one of those bands that I still enjoy listening to…..even through the mid-80s Atlantic Records years where the band tamed their style. WALK THROUGH FIRE is Raven’s first album since ALL FOR ONE (2000) and 9 years is way too long so I’m dying to hear what the music sounds like. I’ve read some reviews online and they are split down the middle: half good/half bad. I want to hear the album for myself…..the search continues!