WANTED: Savannah – s/t (1998)

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Wanted
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Savannah – s/t (1998)

I discovered Savannah back in 1998 when I was reading issue 3 of the Metal Dreams fanzine and I realized that the band was from Massachusetts. Savannah was a combination of members from two other bands: SlyBoyz and Lord Grey. I always make it a point to check out local bands and I remember putting Savannah at the top of my want list. The problem was I forgot to write down the name of the album, so when I finally got around to finding Savannah in my favorite local record store, I picked up the wrong one!

My first Savannah album was the live SALEM’S LOT (1999), recorded on 2/5/99 in Salem, Massachusetts. At the time I had no idea I just picked up a live album, it was the only one in stock so I figured that was the one I read about in Metal Dreams. The good thing was that 8 out of the 10 songs were from the self-titled debut with the other 2 coming from the soon to be released FOREVER’S COME AND GONE (2000). At least I got a preview of what I wanted! My second Savannah album was FOREVER’S COME AND GONE, I received a CDR promo to review for a Rock website I used to write for, I’ve never replaced the CDR but the album is readily available.

The first Savannah album is hard to find, Z Records released it back in 1998 but it’s out of print and the band has disbanded. There is a Japanese version with a bonus track (an alternate version of ‘Two Young Hearts’) and that can be found on Amazon.com for about $75.

For more info on Savannah, check out the band’s page at Heavy Harmonies.

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  1. Had I only known before … you could have had it for free!

    I sold mine for around $50 about a year ago together with a sh*tload of other CDs that weren’t getting more than one spin per decade around here. I never checked any prices for any of the stuff (mostly a diverse selection of metal and … argh, … fusion) prior to offering it for sale, but I’m quite sure some other like-minded freaks made a killing.

    I do remember picking it up at a second hand store I used to frequent for next to nothing … the profit I made from this sale I added to the expenses for one hell of a fine dinner at a three-star restaurant … a way of getting back a slice of life I probably wasted away at some point on collecting stuff . :)

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