Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas (2009)


Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas (2009, SPV)

  1. Speed Machine
  2. From Hell To Texas
  3. Drunk Driving Man
  4. Lazy Jesus
  5. I’m So High
  6. Ain’t Your Business
  7. Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk
  8. Late Great USA
  9. Pray For The Devil
  10. Why Why Why
  11. Stone Cold Down
  12. Give Me A Hit Before I Go


Band Lineup:
Blaine Cartwright – Vocals & Guitars
Ruyter Suys – Guitars
Karen Cuda – Bass
Jeremy Thompson – Drums

Producer: Daniel Rey

Total Time = 38:56

Nashville Pussy
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Add Motorhead, AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd together and you get the Southern-fried Hard Rock frenzy of Atlanta, Georgia’s own Nashville Pussy. I got into the band back in 1998 when they released their debut LET THEM EAT PUSSY and I continued on by buying the follow-up HIGH AS HELL (2000). Once you’ve heard Nashville Pussy’s guitar heavy, alcohol fueled, sex crazed sound then you get the picture so I kind of pushed the band aside and missed the last two studio albums. Once FROM HELL TO TEXAS came in the mail, I went back and gave the first to albums a fresh listen…..what the hell was I thinking? The band smokes and that Southern inspired Metal sound works really well.

Opening song ‘Speed Machine’ is a muscle car style track that careens down the Metal highway with speed and fury but the buzzing guitars sound like they came right out of the mid-’70s arena rock days. No let up with the title track, it’s another fast buzzsaw that cuts right through the speakers with blazing guitars. A lot of Nashville Pussy’s music has to do with drinking and cars so put the two together and you get the Alice Cooper meets KISS ‘Drunk Driving Man’. It’s a catchy tune that had me singing along right away, it has a great groove and the retro soundsounds like mid-years Alice, especially on the vocals. Blaine Cartwright has got that nasally Alice wail down pat and he teams up with his wife/bandmate Ruyter Suys to add a dual guitar attack that sounds like Stanley/Frehley circa ’74-’77. ‘Lazy Jesus’ is pure redneck fun complete with twangy guitars and harmonica that sounds more like a backyard BBQ sing-a-long than a Rock tune but the band returns to the Rock with the faster ‘I’m So High’ and ‘Ain’t Your Business’. I like the speedier riffs on ‘Ain’t Your Business’ and it’s in the same style as the first two cuts with that fuzzy ’70s guitar.

Another fast riff rocker about drinking, ‘Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk’, has some interesting guitar but you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before. That’s the thing…..most of the songs are under 4 minutes long and the delivery is so straightforward that it all sounds the same sometimes. Homage to the band’s hometown of Atlanta with the speedy ‘Late Great USA’ and the Blues grooved ‘Pray For The Devil’ is more dirt and debauchery with a touch of Motorhead styled Punk. ‘Pray For The Devil’ starts out fast but it slows down mid-song into a blues base with guitars soloing all around the main riff. One of my favorite songs on the album is the sex-crazed redneck party fun of ‘Why Why Why’. Definitely sounds like something Alice would put out but with sexually explicit, but juvenile, lyrics that would make KISS and the Nuge cry with envy. More AC/DC meets Southern blues shines with the mid level groove of ‘Stone Cold Down’ and the sleazy ‘Give Me A Hit Before I Go’.

Bottom Line:
Like I said before: cross AC/DC, Motorhead, Ted Nugent with the Southern hospitality of Lynyrd Skynyrd and you get the overall Nashville Pussy sound. The music sounds ’70s retro with the fuzzy buzzing guitars, the Alice Cooper/Nugent style vocals, and that redneck country twang like Skynyrd and Black Oak Arkansas. Damn, I forgot about Black Oak Arkansas because you can hear a lot of Jim “Dandy” Mangrum is Cartwright’s vocals! The music is good but they stay true to the formula so it all sounds too much like the same thing after a while. The lyrics are what you expect from Pussy with songs about drinking, drugs, fast cars and loose sex…..basically everything that Hard Rock stands for! There’s something about this record that keeps me coming back for more, FROM HELL TO TEXAS has gotten more spins on the stereo and on the MP3 player than any other 2009 album except for the new Saxon. Maybe it’s the blend of styles or maybe it’s because I haven’t checked the band out in a few years? Either way, this new album is pretty damn good and makes me want to pick up the two missing studio records SAY SOMETHING NASTY (2002) and GET SOME (2005).

Favorite Songs:
‘Drunk Driving Man’, ‘Why Why Why’, ‘Lazy Jesus’, ‘Speed Machine’, ‘Pray For The Devil’