WANTED: KISS Creatures era poster: The Loudest Band In The World (1982)




KISS poster from the Creatures Of The Night era: The Loudest Band In The World (1982)

I have been after this poster for 27 years! I saw it for the first time in 1982 at the Good Vibrations record store in Foxboro, MA, it was hanging in the window promoting the new album, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. I decided to spend my hard-earned allowance on it but the poster was sold out! I never saw another one at any record store through the ’80s and I looked through every poster rack in every record store I went to.

The second time I saw this poster was at a KISS convention put on by a New England KISS collector’s group in the mid-90s. There were a ton of the posters there in excellent condition but the prices were way too high, from $50 to $100! I was paying my way through college at the time so it was way out of my price range. Then I got online in late 1997/early 1998 and I found a ton on Ebay with similar prices. I’ve been half-heartedly watching for the poster over the last decade or so but I never bothered to snatch one up now that I can afford a higher price. This pops up on Ebay a lot so now that one of my side projects is collecting old posters from the ’80s, I’m in the market again.

What makes this so special to me is that this was supposed to be the original cover of the CREATURES album and it just looks really cool! CREATURES is my 2nd favorite KISS album and it’s completely underrated. The picture above I took from the last completed auction on Ebay…..the poster went for $29.51 plus $8 shipping…..not too bad for a near mint poster that’s 27 years old.