WANTED: Savage Grace – Master Of Disguise (1985)



Savage Grace – Master Of Disguise (1985)

Remember the Metal Massacre series that Metal Blade used to put out? I was one of those dedicated fans that used to go out and by the cassette when it came out to get a sample of some of the newer signings to the label. I was going through a box of CDs that aren’t on display (mostly soundtracks, compilations, tributes, etc.) and I pulled out all the Metal Massacre CDs to listen in order. When I got to Metal Massacre II, I saw a familiar name…..Savage Grace.

I didn’t remember much about the band except that they had a cool album cover for one of their albums with a cop and a chick handcuffed to a motorcycle. I got online and searched the band and came up with MASTER OF DISGUISE (1985)…..I immeadiately remembered the album cover! I remember being at my favorite record store with my father back when I was a kid and checking out this album. I was going to buy the cassette but my father, who was a very moral kind of guy, thought that the cover was obscene and gave the clerk working the store a piece of his mind. Then he took me home (I didn’t get the cassette!) and he went through my tapes to see if I had any lewd albums. I’ll never forget that!

Back to Savage Grace….. Except for the one song on MM II (‘Sceptre Of Deceit’), I never heard anything else. I checked my favorite site for obscure albums, Vibrations Of Doom, and they have soundfiles for MASTER OF DISGUISE (1985) and the band’s first E.P., THE DOMINATRESS (1983). I took a look on Ebay and there seems to be a couple of bootleg CDs that include both albums. There are two versions of the bootleg: one with THE DOMINATRESS cover and one with an alternate cover for MASTER OF DISGUISE…..I’m going to wait for a vinyl to pop up.