Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos (2009)


Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos (2009, SPV)

  1. Hordes Of Chaos
  2. Warcurse
  3. Escalation
  4. Amok Run
  5. Destroy What Destroys You
  6. Radical Resistance
  7. Absolute Misanthropy
  8. To The Afterborn
  9. Corpses Of Liberty
  10. Demon Prince

Band Lineup:
Mille Petrozza – Vocals & Guitars
Jürgen Reil – Drums
Christian Giesler – Bass
Sami Yli-Sirniö – Guitars

Producer: Moses Schneider

Total Time = 38:32

Country: Germany

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It’s been four long years since Kreator’s last record, ENEMY OF GOD, and now the German Thrash legends have given birth to a new album titled HORDES OF CHAOS. I used to be a big fan of Kreator back in the ’80s but somewhere along the line I just stopped following the band. ENEMY OF GOD brought me back onto the path with it’s speed and brutality so I kind of knew what to expect from the band four years later. The speed is there, the power is there, so is the intensity. There is plenty of drilling riffs and searing guitar solos to satisfy the fastest of tastes but there are also some different styles that creep in that separates 2009 Kreator from the pack. What sets HORDES OF CHAOS apart from all the Thrash that seems to be coming out of the woodwork lately is that the band puts in some melodic touches to the overall package. The album is full on Thrash but, if you take a listen to the opening title track, ‘Amok Run’ and ‘To The Afterborn’, you will definitely notice the melodies the band adds in to enhance the overall sound. There are also some Maiden-ish duelling guitar (parts of ‘Hordes Of Chaos’, ‘Amok Run’, ‘Radical Misanthropy’, ‘To The Afterborn’, ‘Demon Prince’) surrounded by some hellacious double bass pounding that make things more interesting. Mille Petrozza’s vocals are still as aggressive as ever but there is more of a higher register this time around. Maybe it’s that extra touch of melody creeping in? Either way, I like the enhancements to the overall sound but it’s still Kreator.

Bottom Line:
I have been giving HORDES OF CHAOS a lot of airplay since it graced my desk late in December and I haven’t tired of it yet. I kind of feel the same way I did about last year’s Testament album THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION, it sets the standard for Thrash in 2009. It’s the album Kreator needed to make to stay ahead of the retro-Thrash movement that has taken center stage from the Power Metal resurgence earlier this decade. I know it’s early in the year but I have to say that this record will probably be in my year end best of list easily, I’ve enjoyed it that much. Now I have to go back and check out all the Kreator I missed in the ’90s!

Favorite Songs:
Let me go on record saying that I really liked every song but, if I had to pick a few…..’Hordes Of Chaos’, ‘Warcurse’, ‘Amok Run’, ‘Absolute Misnathropy’.

Press Release: New album from Nashville Pussy, From Hell To Texas, artwork, release dates and tracklisting

From Earsplit:

They’re back to kick your ass!  
For over a decade, Nashville Pussy has been bringing the fire and spirit of REAL rock n’ roll to stages all across the planet. With four acclaimed full-lengths and a Grammy nomination in tow, the band has honed their most impressive recording to date in the form of From Hell To Texas.  
Indeed, From Hell To Texas stacks up perfectly against other masterful ‘Pussy classics such as Let Them Eat Pussy and High As Hell  As always, Ruyter Suys’ spectacular axe-work is front and center, breathing even more whiskey-fueled passion into husband Blaine Cartwright’s creations, with burners such as “I’m So High,” “Drunk Driving Man,” and “Pray for the Devil” leading the charge. The album was recorded at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Texas on the same two-inch tape machine which Willie himself has used to cut all of his legendary albums.    
In the past year, they’ve continued to cement their reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the world, with tours of Australia, Brazil, Japan, Europe and most recently almost a year straight with the Reverend Horton Heat all over North America. All the while, band mastermind Cartwright (vocals, guitar), Ruyter Suys (guitar), Karen Cuda (bass) and Jeremy Thompson (drums) spent three years working on the release. “We allowed ourselves this time to give the songs the chance to turn out as perfect as possible,” Cartwright explains.
2009 will be another ambitious year for Nashville Pussy. Along with the March 3rd release of the new album, the band’s roadmap is already set:  an exhaustive trek across Europe, followed by summer festivals and full-scale North American tour.  The rock never stops. Bottom line…..Nashville Pussy is the genuine article.  Accept no substitute!
From Hell To Texas tracklisting:
‘Speed Machine’, ‘From Hell To Texas’, ‘Drunk Driving Man’, ‘Lazy Jesus’, ‘I’m So High’, ‘Ain`t Your Business’, ‘Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk’, ‘Late Great USA’, ‘Pray For The Devil’, ‘Why Why Why’, ‘Stone Cold Down’, ‘Give Me A Hit Before I Go’.
The album will be released via SPV/Steamhammer Records on the following dates:

Germany / Austria / Switzerland: February 13th
UK / Rest of Europe: February 16th
USA / Canada: March 3rd


Press Release: New album by Cage, Science Of Annihilation, due May 22 and European tour dates

From ArtistWorXX:

CAGE coming to Europe with a new album in May 2009.

Two-times HEAVY Magazine soundcheck winner – US Power Metal spearheads Cage will be on tour in 7 European countries during May 2009 in order to promote their forthcoming metal epic “Science Of Annihilation”, to be released May 22nd through Music Buy Mail.

Of coures frontmann Sean Peck and his bunch are able to deliver another milestone regarding power, heavyness and uniqueness. Thus already the cover artwork “Science Of Annihilation” is once again sepctacular art and suggests a true metal masterpiece.


CAGE on tour in Europe.

Lugga Music Productions in cooperation with SwordBrothers Productions are proud to present one of nowadays best power metal bands live at 15 locations around Europe.

Those who are familiar with CAGE´s live shows know that this is an event no true metal fan should miss. CAGE´s live shows are an energetic and powerful trip through their recording history, covering 4 full-length albums by now. With their fifth album “Science Of Annihilation” in their bags they will once again conquer Europe and present what many critics call “pure millennium metal” , “classic metal for the new age” or “modern day power metal”.

CAGE & guests
“Science Of Annihilation Tour 2009“

–    May 7th: (D)     Hamburg – Ballroom
–    May 8th: (D)     Uelsen – UJT
–    May 9th. (D)     Datteln – Metal Mercenaries Fest
–    May 10th: (D)     Frankfurt  – Die Halle
–    May 12th: (D)     Crailsheim – Die Eiche
–    May 13th: (D)     Regensburg – Gloria
–    May 14th: (CZ)   Prague – Exit Chmelnice.
–    May 15th: (SLO) Bratislava – Randal
–    May 16th: (CZ)    Ostrava – Tancirna
–    May 17th: (PL)    Torun – Trabant
–    May 19th: (B)      Gent – The Frontline
–    May 20th: (NL)   Antwerpen – De Roots
–    May 21st: (D)      Oberhausen – Helvete
–    May 22nd: (NL)   Kerkrade – Rocktempel
–    May 23rd: (CH)   Uster – Elements Of Rock