WANTED: Armed Forces – Let There Be Metal (1984)



Armed Forces – Let There Be Metal (1984)

I’m not sure which magazine it was, maybe it was Circus or Hit Parader, but I saw a small ad for Armed Forces – Let There Be Metal. I knew nothing about the band, never heard of them, never saw them on MTV, but I was drawn by the artwork. One of the things that could make or break a purchase at the record store was an album’s artwork and I thought the corpses in the army uniforms were cool. What else do you think at age 12? There was an element of danger from the soldier with the flamethrower like something from a bad horror movie or straight out of all the nuclear war fears I had as a kid (something I had nightmares about!). I could have cared less about what he music sounded like, I just knew I had to have the record. Shortly after seeing the ad, I made my weekly pilgrimage to my favorite record store Good Vibrations. I found the LP in the racks and stared at the cover but I didn’t buy it. I looked for the cassette but there wasn’t one and I probably bought a Scorpions or KISS tape! I never got around to buying the album and, 25 years later, I still have it on my Want List.