WANTED: Eden’s Curse – The Second Coming (2008)



Eden’s Curse – The Second Coming (2008)

Every year I miss a ton of new releases and new bands and 2008 was no exception. I read MelodicRock.com daily and Eden’s Curse had the #2 album of 2007 with their self-titles debut, the band was a favorite of the website all that year. So I put Eden’s Curse on my list of bands to check out and left it at that. Fast forward to October 2008 and THE SECOND COMING was released and the reviews have been excellent,  I wouldn’t be surprised if this album was at the top of MelodicRock’s 2008 Albums of the Year. U.S. distribution is through Metal Mayhem Records so it’s an easy CD to find at online stores and Ebay for around $15.