WANTED: Talon – Fallen Angels (2008)



 Talon – Fallen Angels (2008)

MelodicRock.com had the news that Talon was releasing a new album early in 2008 and I wrote it down but I never bothered going after it. I have the self-titled debut from 2002 and I thought that was a solid record but the band has a new singer (Chandler Mogel), a new label (Kivel Records) and it’s been 6 years since the first album so I left it on the Want List. Then all the year end lists came out and Talon was on a few of them so I checked out a few samples…..sounds like really good Melodic Arena Rock! This album is very easy to find and MerlodicRock.com has a special going that you can get the CD with shipping for $15 if you follow their link…..I just might this coming week!