WANTED: Tygers Of Pan Tang – Animal Instinct (2008)



Tygers Of Pan Tang – Animal Instinct (2008)

I’m not really sure why I never picked this album up, especially because I am a huge the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and the Tygers Of Pan Tang. The album came out in May 2008 in Europe and Japan but there was no U.S. distribution and import prices were very high. I put this on my Want List but I never really followed up and eventually forgot about it. I happened to see the album make a year end list on some Metal website and I decided to finally follow through. I checked some online stores and Ebay and the European version costs $20 total with shipping, the Japanese costs around $25-$30 with shipping and includes three bonus tracks that come from the band’s 2007  BACK & BEYOND E.P.