R.I.P. – Eric Carr (17th Anniversary)

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Metal News & Commentary, R.I.P.
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R.I.P. – Eric Carr (1950-1991)

November 24, 1991 was the day that my world came crashing to a halt when the sad news of KISS drummer Eric Carr’s unexpected death flashed across MTV News. There was already sad news with Queen’s Freddie Mercury passing away the same day but this was a member of KISS…..my favorite band. I figured the band was over, how could they continue without Eric?

I always say that KISS regained some of their success because of Eric’s dedication, skill, and overall positive attitude and I always wanted to meet him. Ask any fan that met him and they will tell you that Eric Carr was one of the classiest musicians there ever was. He is still one of my favorite members of KISS and one of my favorite drummers. Rest in peace Eric, you are still missed very much…..

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  1. [...] one of my favorite KISS records because this was the tour that I saw KISS for the first time. With the 17th anniversary of Eric Carr’s death this past Monday, I decided to remember him and the non-makeup lineup of KISS by giving this album a couple of [...]

  2. tokyo5 says:

    As I mentioned in my comment a few months back on your “About” page…I’m a big KISS fan, too.
    And I agree…Eric Carr was a class act! RIP.

    BTW, I recently wrote a post about Japan-inspired albums…including, of course, KISS.
    It’s here:

  3. Randy says:

    People still listen to Kiss ?!

  4. Loco Murdock says:

    bueno… en unos dias mas tendre el privilegio de ver a este mosntruo del rock llamado kiss, y bueno siempre me gusta saber de nuestros idolos del rock, y quisiera darle las grax a ustedes por esta publicacion y mandarle un saludo a Carr donde quiera que este; aunque no existia en los inicios de kiss tengo en mi retina y mente sus canciones de cuando era chiko ( tengo 25).. bueno muchachos gracias and keep rockin ………… Santiago, Chile

  5. Nina says:

    Hell yeah they still listen to Kiss Kiss rocks and to me better music when i was growing up with then todays mess.

  6. carol says:

    ERIC CARR ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! a lot better than i thought than peter chris.. RIP my friend. KISS kicks ass……

  7. Stella says:

    I miss Eric so much he was just so amazing to everyone and to me.
    His eyes were so amazing his actions 2 his fans was more amazing and he
    loves us now and 4eva as long as we belive it.

  8. Fernando says:

    Incredibilmente Vero, Capace e Insuperabile……..Eric. Persona splendida e amabile. Personaggio qualificato e ricco di educazione, gentile e onesto, allegro e generoso. Resterai per sempre vivo nei nostri ricordi. Ciao Eric Carr…….Paul Charles Caravello……

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