New Release Friday: I’m a sheep…..I waited in line for Metallica – Death Magnetic!

Today was the big day! Metallica released their new album, DEATH MAGNETIC, today and I was in line outside the record store to buy the CD. When I say “line”, there were 5 people there! This wasn’t like one of those midnight releases that we used to have back in the old days, this was just a typical Friday. Usually I’m waiting outside the local store on Tuesdays for new releases because there are only a couple of copies of some of the more obscure new albums but I am happy to report that the new Metallica record was well-stocked.

I’ve been a Metallica fan since the release of KILL’EM ALL back in ’83 and I have been a disappointed fan since the LOAD and RELOAD albums. I just couldn’t get into those albums. ST. ANGER was just a horrible album! With over a decade of disappointment I was still out there waiting for the new Metallica album like a sheep! I could have easily waited, maybe even downloaded the leaked album earlier in the week, but I was out there at 9:45am waiting for the doors to the store to open.


Hope. Maybe this would be the album that brings the band back as close as they can get to their pre-BLACK album days. Or this could be the second biggest train wreck of their career! Either way, I had to hear it all for myself. Aside from a couple of full songs, I decided to ignore all the samples and album previews online.

So what did my trouble get me? The album for $12.88 and a free DEATH MAGNETIC pint glass. You can get the pint glass online from Newbury Comics while supplies last.

A review will be very soon…..