WANTED: Metal Forces (Issue #2)



Metal Forces (Issue #2) – (1984)

When I’m not collecting CDs and vinyl, my other past time is collecting old Metal magazines. When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of my hard-earned allowance on Metal magazines: Circus, Hit Parader, Rock Faces, Metal Edge, Creem…..these were my bibles growing up. One magazine I always tried to get was Metal Forces from England. It was hard to track down a copy of Metal Forces but the mom & pop record store I used to go to after school carried a few copies. They sold out quick and I only bought a few but I always managed to read every issue in the store. When you’re 12 years old and you don’t have a job, you have to spend your money wisely. Circus & Hit Parader were must haves and the rest of my windfall went to tapes, Metal Forces became a luxury.

When I got online in late ’97, I went back and rediscovered Metal Forces. There used to be a couple of websites that listed all the issues with the covers but they have since disappeared. Thanks to Ebay, I’ve been able to pick up a few mint copies of different early issues, including the elusive inaugural debut…..one of the hardest ones to find. Issue #2 (with Ronnie James Dio on the cover) is usually pretty easy to find in mint condition for around $10 and I have decided to pick up each issue in order.