Yes! It’s time for another Hunt!

The main reason I went out on the hunt was the new Motley Crue album, SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES, but I also wanted to cross off a few albums on the list of 2008 releases I’ve missed. Of course, I took my two daughters with me and, in the chaos of getting them out the door, I left my list on the kitchen table! Here’s what I grabbed…..

Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles (2008) – $9.99: The new Crue was the main reason I left the house at 9:45am Tuesday to wait outside my local Newbury Comics. I had a coupon in had to get the album for $9.99 and I was more than happy to get the album on sale. Looking online today, I noticed that Best Buy had a limited exclusive with a bonus DVD for the same price! Ugh! Well, I’m not going out and buying the Best Buy version too because I don’t need the ‘Saints Of L.A.’ video, the press conference, and the two live tunes they did. I guarantee the band releases a new live DVD after this tour and this will be included.

Týr – Land (2008) limited edition – $12.88: I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of LAND from Napalm Records (thanks Napalm!) to review. I listened to LAND for weeks and posted a review but I wasn’t satisfied with owning the promo. The promo came in a cardboard slipcase (no booklet, etc.) and the music is watermarked with a few voiceovers on some of the songs saying, “You are listening to the new Týr album…Land.” Now I can’t have that! The limited edition is a double CD digipak with a bonus DVD of Týr’s performance at Wacken 2007 and a full color booklet of course.

Annihilator – Metal (2007) – $11.88: I have been waiting almost two years to pick this album up! METAL was available thru the official Annihilator website in late 2006 as a web-only purchase and then it got a proper worldwide release (except North America) on SPV in early 2007. Of course, the album finally got a U.S. release earlier this year but it was still around $18! There has been one copy floating around the local record store since last year and they just put a sale tag on it now…..bought! Saved myself $6 by waiting, I hope it was worth it because Annihilator is one of those bands I always look forward to hearing new material from.

Brimstone – Carving A Crimson Career (1999) – $10: This was actually a recent Ebay purchase. I recently got a press release from Metal Mind about their reissue of this album in the upcoming months, they have a licence to a lot of the Nuclear Blast back catalogue from the ’90s. Anyway, the cover art struck me as goofy so I wanted to hear the album. Picked this up for $6 plus $4 shipping… I don’t need the reissue…..I still haven’t given this a spin.

Heavy Metal In Baghdad DVD (2008) – $14.99: This was on my list for last week’s Judas Priest hunt but the local shop only stocked two and they were sold out when I got there. I always like hearing Metal from different parts of the world so this documentary on Iraq’s Acrassicauda was a must have. I bought the limited edition with 90 mins of bonus material.

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  1. Rene says:

    Nice metal hunt Steve. I always like it when you go to NEWBURY COMICS and buy cds their. It a shop i never been to of course because i am living in Spain but after you talking so much about that place i can imagen and sometimes even feel that i have been their many times and thats great. My fave record shop i have never been to lol.
    Anyway, i am happy you bought the new MOTLEY CRUE album. I will buy it soon too. I have that BRIMSTONE cd too, i bought it when it came out and like it. Didnt play it since a long time but i will try to play it soon again.
    The last cds i bought are:
    EVER DARK:ARMAGEDDON´BIRTH MCD (black/death from the usa)
    ACHERON:COMPENDIUM DIABLERIE, THE DEMO DAYS(old demos by this legendary band from the USA, love them).
    PROTECTOR:WELCOME TO FIRE(old demos and live by this legendary band from germany that mixed thrash with early death metal)
    BRAINDEADZ:HANG´EM HIGHSCHOOL(new thrash metal band)
    STRORBRINGER:DON´T THINK….OBEY (italian heavy metal)
    ENTOMBED:CLANDESTINE (a classic of course).
    Hail to you Steve and to everybody else:BUY OR DIE.

  2. Metal Mark says:

    I was at Wal-mart the other day and considered getting the new Crue, but just decided to wait and see if the library has it instead and just save my money.

  3. rayvanhornjr says:

    dug the new Crue, I have that Baghdad DVD for review and also the Tyr album…your little Scavenger Hunt feature is pretty cool, man

  4. Rene – You are a master! I write down most of you new additions and I check them out to see if I like it. You’re helping me broaden my tastes.

    Mark – Saving $$ Is the name of the game!

    Ray – I have been hunting for years and I used to get some great deals. Now I have an outlet for telling people about it. Back in the day, I never talked about WHERE I went for fear friends would catch on and beat me to the good hunting grounds! LOL!

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