Looking back & coming this week…..

I had fun doing Whitesnake Week last week. I thought I put up some decent reviews, and I’ve gotten more than a few emails regarding some of my choices, so at least I generated some discussion. I’m hoping to do another Band Week soon, not sure when, but it won’t take a year like this last time.

Taking a look back at April…..it was my best month for posting in the history of my site. I published 58 posts in April and I actually kept a consistent schedule! My previous high was 43 back in August ’06 and I have averaged anywhere from 15 to 25 posts a month since. One of the reasons I started posting more was no more sportstalk radio. The local station changed formats a couple of months ago and I have been playing more CDs than being glued to sports call-in shows. Another helpful reason is that my work schedule changed slightly and I have an extra day off every week. A little more free time to listen to albums and write!

So what’s coming up?

I have a pile of CDs that is growing faster everyday. Some are new releases I bought recently, some are promos from bands & labels, and some are albums I picked up months ago that I haven’t given a proper listen. I need to catch up on the promos at least so the next two weeks are going to be very focused on album reviews. This week I am planning on posting reviews of the following:

  • Pharoah – Be Gone (2008)
  • Testament – The Formation Of Damnation (2008)
  • Teach’em All: A High School Tribute To Metallica (2008)
  • Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver (2008)
  • Asia – Phoenix (2008)
  • DC4 – Explode (2007)
  • Def Leppard – Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (2008)

I’m looking to post a review every day this week but I don’t know which one on which day. I also have a couple of quick posts ready to go:

  • another “catching up” edition of CD Scavenger Hunt
  • a quick Ebay Madness

I’m also trying to catch up on responding to everyone’s comments and I am in the middle of answering questions sent to me for an interview. This will be the first time anyone has interviewed me so I think it’s pretty cool and I’ll post the link when it’s online.

That’s all for now…..cheers!