Journey – ‘Never Walk Away’ (2008, new song) on YouTube

‘Never Walk Away’ is the new Journey single, from the forthcoming new album REVELATION, featuring new vocalist Arnel Pineda. This song is taken from a radio broadcast so the sound quality isn’t what it should be but I’m glad to hear a preview.

Always great guitar work from Neal Schon but listen to Pineda… we know why he was picked for the job, he sounds almost exact to Steve Perry!

Teach’em All – A High School Tribute To Metallica now available for purchase

I’ve been a big fan of the High School Tributes series and my friends in Canada have created another cool album. If you thought the last two Christine Sixteen KISS tributes were good (and they were!), then this Metallica tribute will be awesome!

High School Tributes has pressed only 600 copies of the new CD so I would get it quick before it sells out. Trust me, it will sell fast! Click here for the order page.

WANTED: Lita Ford – Dancin’ On The Edge (1984)


Lita Ford – Dancin’ On The Edge (1984)

One of my side projects involving my music collection is creating a database of what I own and what I don’t. I’m not on letter “F” yet but I was filing CDs away when I noticed that some of my CDs were not in alphabetical order. I pulled out most of the “F’s” and started re-filing them properly. (Yes, I really do this!) As I’m re-filing, I notice that my Lita Ford collection starts with OUT FOR BLOOD (1983) but skips to LITA (1988)…..where is DANCIN’ ON THE EDGE? I was sure I bought this a long time ago.

This time I didn’t go crazy like I have done previously with other missing discs but I did take the time to look at everything to make sure it wasn’t misplaced. Nothing. So now I need this album. Why? Because I thought I had it. Not only that but ‘Gotta Let Go’ is a really good song that was probably my first exposure to Lita Ford.

I took a look around Ebay and copies of this album go for around $15 to $30 dependig on supply and demand. There is a 2007 reissue of this record with OUT FOR BLOOD as a remastered “2 on 1″ package from the BGO label. It’s a legit reissue and priced decently but I already own OUT FOR BLOOD so I prefer getting the original CD.