Ebay Madness – Galaxy Group, Mata Hari, Airbourne

Galaxy Group – s/t (1991) sells for $113.60

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 14

I have this CD! Picked it up years ago from a top collector for about half the price. This Russian AOR disc gets bootlegged often, copies flood Ebay and eveyone gets to hear it. To find an original is hard to do, only 300 copies were made. I did my research years ago and did in fact get an original. Speculation is that either the label keeps pressing the discs or one of the band members is doing it.

Mata Hari – Feel the Fire (1992) sells for $190.50

Seller – eagleeyeiii
Starting Price = $8.99
Bids = 20

This CD sold for $270 back on March 1st and now here’s another one. I know nothing about the band except that they are from Minnesota and play Hard Rock. I’ll bet that there is someone on the Net with a few copies and they are getting sold to collectors. The first auction in March was sold by a respected collector, this auction was done by an up and comer that I have bought from in the past. Kudos to eagleyeiii for getting two big auctions in the same column!

Airbourne – Ready To Rock (2004) sells for $410!

Seller – doctor_fish
Starting price = $9.99
Bids = 13

Everyone should have picked this CD up when Airbourne was still a bar band and copies could be had for $10-$15 plus postage. This is the second one I’ve seen in the last couple of months go for big money, both signed by the band. These discs were only sold at local shows in Australia.

Press Release: Night Ranger – Hole In The Sun to be released July 1, 2008 on VH1 Classic Records









April 21, 2008 — There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the July 1 release of Night Ranger’s HOLE IN THE SUN, notably that it marks the band’s first studio album in a decade and commemorates the pioneering hard rock outfit’s 25th anniversary as a band.  The best reason, as has been the case throughout Night Ranger’s heralded career, is to celebrate the music itself.


“People will hear this record and recognize our dual blazing guitars and vocals, and big choruses and melodic verses, because that’s definitely how you can describe this album,” explains singer/bassist Jack Blades of the self-produced new release, the band’s eighth studio album, and first for VH1 Classic Records.  “It’s new Night Ranger, but in a lot of ways it’s classic Night Ranger.”


Guitars grind and swirl through the unrelenting opener “Tell Your Vision,” delivering a progressively-fueled crush that sets the tone for the eleven new tracks that follow, from Keagy’s Jim Morrison-like soft parade of vocals atop the blinding guitars of “Drama Queen” and the blitzing melodic charge of “You’re Gonna Hear From Me,” through the enduring depths of the piano-driven power ballad “There is Life,” and back again.  HOLE IN THE SUN rings with the vibrancy of vintage Night Ranger, yet echoes with a modern relevance that endures throughout the album.


“We wanted to sound new, but still keep our roots,” says Keagy of the new release.  “We grew up in the ‘70s, when pop music was really starting to thrive. Sometimes it drove you crazy because the songs were so poppy that you couldn’t get them out of your head, but they were still amazing songs.  We wanted to portray some of that on this album.”


While there is definitely a pop glisten to HOLE IN THE SUN, there’s also a heavy dynamic that plants the band firmly in the millennium.  “Brad brought in a lot of great ideas, some more modern-sounding things, but we were still able to keep that melodic sense in the songs.  We wanted a lot of songs like ‘Drama Queen,’ great, gritty songs that reestablish our roots in hard rock,” continues Keagy.


Night Ranger—original members bassist/vocalist Jack Blades, drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy and guitarist Brad Gillis along with guitarist Joel Hoekstra and keyboardist Christian Cullen—will be on the road throughout 2008, including a stop in Pryor, OK on Friday, July 11 to perform as part of Rocklahoma.  They’ll also be doing various shows with Styx & Boston, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner and Cinderella & Warrant. 


The band has been touring all over the world the past few months, including a stop at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to perform for the men and women stationed there.  For Night Ranger, it was a life changing experience. 


As Keagy described, “There could not have been a more proud moment in my career then when we stepped foot on Guantanamo Bay to play for the troops there.  We all had mixed emotions about going and we didn’t really know what they do there.  Well we certainly found out, but the world should know that the people that are being held should be there because they are (I believe) the most dangerous people on this Earth.  We heard the facts in a briefing given by one of the highest ranking officers on the base.  It was amazing!  To the men and women that work so very hard to keep us safe from the kinds of things that happened on 911, I salute you.”


Going to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to play for the troops is right up there as one of the wildest things Night Ranger has ever done,” Blades continues. “We’ve been all over the world, but never have we sung “You Can Still Rock In America” in a Communist country with armed Cubans watching us in guard towers just a few clicks away. Everyone was so appreciative of us being there, and seeing them rock out was the greatest. We were given a tour of the detention facilities, got the REAL story first-hand and went face-to-face with the detainees (nice stare-down moment that I shall not soon forget). Saw it all and it made us even more appreciative for what our soldiers, sailors, marines and airman are doing to keep us safe. They’re doing their part, so we’ll keep doing our part.  Rock in America baby!”


Says Gillis of the band’s current tour plans:  “We started with our classic backline with the American flag and the Night Ranger logo, and then we built it all up from there – bigger lights, bigger sound, bigger everything!  We’ve got the ramps, the vintage t-shirts, the old-school Night Ranger antics, and it’s going to be nothing but fun.”


Night Ranger has left an indelible mark on the music world thanks to a number of best-selling albums—starting with their 1982 DAWN PATROL debut–that sold more than 16 million copies worldwide.  The band’s popularity has been fueled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks, including Sister Christian,” (You Can Still) Rock In America,” When You Close Your Eyes,” “Sentimental Street,” “Goodbye” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.”  Harnessing the frenetic drive of heavy metal to hook-laden rock songs, throwing in a stunning twin lead guitar team, and melodious, radio-friendly power ballads, Night Ranger inspired new descriptive phrases such as “melodic metal” and “metal power pop.”


“Music is constantly evolving and changing, and people need to keep evolving in life, spirit, soul and everything, or you might as well pack it in,” notes Blades. “That’s why I’m so proud of Night Ranger, and that’s why we will continue to evolve. With this new album, we’re just going to roll with it, have a blast doing it, and keep playing as long as it’s fun, and as long as people want to come out and hear us play. There are still a lot of people out there that want to get up and sing, ‘motorin’…’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,’ ‘You Can Still Rock in America,’ the list goes on and on…”


Check out Night Ranger at any of the following stops.  More dates will be announced in the coming weeks.


DATE                CITY                                         VENUE


Sat 4/19            Tokyo, Japan                             Akasaka Blitz

Sun 4/20           Tokyo, Japan                             Akasaka Blitz

Tue 4/22            Shibuya, Japan                          Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall

Wed 4/23          Nagoya, Japan                           Nagoya Aichi Kinro Kaikan

Thu 4/24            Osaka, Japan                            IMP Hall

Sun 5/11           Oklahoma City, OK                    Zoo Amphitheatre (REO Speedwagon)

Thu 5/22            Trinidad, CA                              Cher-Ae Heights Casino

Sun 5/25           St. Louis, MO                            Soldiers Memorial Park

Sat 6/7              West Wendover, NV                   Montego Bay Casino & Resort

Sat 6/14            San Juan, PR                            Anfiteatro Tito Puente

Thu 6/19            Oshkosh, WI                             Waterfest Concert Series

Fri 6/20             Brookville, IN                             Bicentennial Celebration

Sat 6/21            Sioux City, IA                            The Awesome Biker Rally

Sun 6/22           The Woodlands, TX                    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Styx/Boston)

Sat 6/28            Cheyenne, WY                          William H. Brimmer Amphitheatre

Wed 7/2            Arlington Heights, IL                   Frontier Days Festival

Thu 7/3             Hays, KS                                  Frontier Park

Fri 7/4               Glenview, IL                               Great Lakes Naval Base

Sat 7/5              Kettering, OH                            Fraze Pavilion at Lincoln Park

Sun 7/6             San Jose, CA                            Discovery Meadow Park

Fri 7/11             Pryor, OK                                  Rocklahoma

Sat 7/12            Grapevine, TX                            Glass Cactus at Gaylord Texan

Sat 7/19            Fort Smith, AR                          Harry E. Kelly Park

Fri 7/25             St. Clair, MI                               Palmer Park

Sat 7/26            Maquoketa, IA                           Jackson County Fair Iowa

Sun 7/27           Lake Ozark, MO                        Horny Toad Entertainment Complex

Sat 8/2              Rifle, CO                                   Garfield County Fair

Sat 8/9              Windsor, ONT.                           Lakeshore Soccer Park

Sun 8/10           Des Moines, IA                          Iowa State Fair/Grandstand (Cinderella/Warrant)

Sun 8/17           St. Joseph, MO                         Trails West Festival

Sat 8/23            Tower, MN                                 Fortune Bay Casino

Sat 8/30            Pittsburgh, PA                           Heinz Field

Sun 8/31           Sparks, NV                               John Ascuaga’s Nugget – Parkin

Sun 9/28           Jackpot, NV                              Cactus Petes Casino/Ameristar Amp (Foreigner)

Wed 10/1          Tulsa, OK                                  Tulsa State Fair






Supergroup Metal Mixtape – 4/23/08

Saints Of The Underground (featuring Jani Lane, Bobby Blotzer, Keri Kelli, & Robbie Crane) released their debut album, LOVE THE SIN, HATE THE SINNER, this week and they are being hailed as a “supergroup”.

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer was involved in a similar “supergroup” back in 1991 when he teamed with Michael Schenker, Share Pedersen (Vixen), Richard Black (Shark Island), and Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns) for the Contraband project. This installment of Metal Mixtape will celebrate these two projects and all their members by playing one song involving each member…..Bobby Blotzer gets two because he was involved in both! Saints members 1st, Contraband members 2nd…..and, yes, I own all of these albums!

Warrant – ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ (1988): Probably the best Warrant song I’ve ever heard. I hate the band now but back in the mid-’80s they were everywhere and I liked the tunes. ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ is a great tune, better than ‘Cherry Pie’.

Ratt – ‘Slip Of The Lip’ (1986): I liked DANCING UNDERCOVER but it gets a bad rep for the first single ‘Dance’. This song has a sleazy groove to it and it should have been the first single.

Big Bang Babies – ‘Everybody Needs A Hero’ (1992): Glam, glam, glam! Keri Kelli played guitar in the Big Bang Babies way back when and this is the opening song of their self-titled album. I don’t think I’ve played this whole record in a long time…..maybe it will make the weekend’s playlist.

Vince Neil – ‘Sister Of Pain’ (1993): Robbie Crane played bass on Vince’s two solo albums when he left/was fired from Motley Crue. I liked this single better than ‘You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come)’ and the album was the Motley Crue record we all missed out on.

Ratt – ‘Wanted Man’ (1984): Like I said, Blotzer gets two songs and this is the best song from OUT OF THE CELLAR.

MSG – ‘Samurai’ (1982): Michael Schenker is a guitar god despite his demons. His career has been noted more for his odd behaviors and addictions rather then his music. ‘Samurai’ is one smoking track off of ASSAULT ATTACK with Graham Bonnet on vocals.

Vixen – ‘Cryin’ (1988): Single #2 for Vixen off their first album, I like this one better than ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’.

Shark Island – ‘Paris Calling’ (1989): I thought Shark Island was going to be huge back in the day and LAW OF THE ORDER has been one of those forgotten gems that I pull out once in awhile. ‘Paris Calling’ was the first single off this record.

L.A. Guns – ‘Sex Action’ (1988): Back in the day we used to play the first L.A. Guns album to death! ‘Sex Action’ was a favorite at the parking lot parties we used to have.

Current Playlist

Most of the CDs I’ve been listening to are up for review but I also decided to give a few oldies a spin…..

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard (2007): I am kicking myself for not buying this when it came out in late 2007. If I did, this album would have easily made my Top 15 Albums of 2007. I think I have spun this CD more in the last two weeks than any album I’ve bought since the beginning of the year. It is going to be a staple on my playlist for more than a few weeks.

Testament – The Formation Of Damnation (2008): The label was nice enough to send me a copy to review but I would have been more than happy to buy my own copy. I’ve only had a few spins but I like what I hear so far.

Pharaoh – Be Gone (2008): I’ve been enjoying the latest Pharaoh album for a couple of weeks now and I should have a review soon. BE GONE is released in Europe later this week.

Asia – Phoenix (2008): Bought this today but I only had a quick listen in the car on the way home from the record store. Every year there are controversial albums, this year one of them is Asia’s PHOENIX. I have read a lot of reviews and it’s considered either a return to form or very boring and bland, there has been no middle ground.

Saints Of The Underground – Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner (2008): I heard about this “supergroup” toward the end of 2006 but I really didn’t think it would see the light of day. I picked this up with the Asia album and I gave it a spin while I walked the dog today. I’ll review this soon.

W.A.S.P. – The Last Command (1985): My favorite W.A.S.P. album. I never get tired of it except for maybe ‘Blind In Texas’ because it’s always on VH-1 Classic. ‘Fistful Of Diamonds’ is a great song, so is ‘Widowmaker’…..classic W.A.S.P.!

KISS – Animalize (1984): KISS is my favorite band but I know the songs so well that I don’t bother to listen to them that often. For some reason, I had to hear ‘Get All You Can Take’ so I listened to the whole album rather than skip to the song. ANIMALIZE is a solid KISS record, probably their best until 1992’s REVENGE…..there’s more to the album than ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ but that is still a great tune.

Saxon – Denim And Leather (1981): “Denim and leather, brought us all together”…..no truer words are spoken! Pure NWOBHM and classic Saxon with tracks like ‘Play It Loud’, ‘Princess Of The Night’, the title cut and ‘Never Surrender’. The band still revolves five of the songs here in and out of their current setlist.