This week’s schedule…..

I’m still going strong with posts on a daily basis. For me, that’s pretty good! As of this post, I’ll be up to #33 for April ’08. The last time I had over 33 posts in a month was August 2006 when I topped out at 43. Either I have way too much time on my hands or I have a lot to say right now. Not sure how this will go but right now it’s going…..

So here’s what’s planned for this week…..I hope!

  • the Lana Lane review WILL happen.
  • Current playlist
  • another band specific Metal Mixtape
  • a CD Scavenger Hunt that catches up with all the delayed online & Ebay purchases (toward the end of the week)
  • Ebay Madness
  • StarofAsh review
  • the Tank box set review (most likely Saturday)
  • Testament review
  • any news that catches my eye

I just got the new Testament in the mail so I’d like to really listen to it and review. I’ve been purposefully avoiding any reviews because I want to enjoy this album. I’d like to get up to a review a day but it’s hard to give each album a proper listen. I might also do some site maintenance this week, the ABOUT page needs serious updating and I have tons of comments to respond to.