Judas Priest announce release date for new album – Nostradamus

From Bravewords.com:

Judas Priest’s long-awaited concept album, Nostradamus, will be released in Europe on June 13th as a regular CD and Deluxe Edition CD via Sony/BMG. Guitarist K.K. Downing told BW&BK recently that the album – based on the life and predictions of 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus – will contain “18 songs clocking in at over an hour and a half.”

In a separate interview with BW&BK, frontman Rob Halford added: “We’re treating this like it’s the holy grail of heavy metal. We’re so protective about it – which you have to be – because I think that one of the intriguing things about creating anything – whether it be writing a book or making a move – the less you say about something, the more people want to know about it. And we don’t need to hype it up, it’s internal. The metal fans around the world have great expectations for this record. They know we’re not going to drop the ball. They know we’re going to give everybody something that’s fantastic and top quality. And that’s what it should be after 35 years.”

More details will be revealed in a press release soon.