The 2007 Awards now online

Since I went online in the Fall of 1998, has been my first stop everyday for updates and news on many of the bands I grew up with. Melodicrock covers it all: AOR, Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic Rock, and Modern Rock…..anything and everything I need to know is usually there.

The best part of the year is when Andrew posts his end of the year awards. Unfortunately, this year’s awards were delayed but not forgotten, they were posted online yesterday (Wed. 4/9). Andrew always has great diversity in his picks and there are always some surprises. Read The 2007 Awards now.


WANTED: Iron Maiden – Eddie’s Archive box set (2002)


Iron Maiden – Eddie’s Archive box set (2002)

Back in 2002, I was very poor. I was working but my wife was pregnant with our second daughter and she had to stop working for her health and the baby’s. Living on one income was extremely rough and cuts had to be made! I had a $75 a week CD habit but I had to cut that down to maybe one CD a week…..if at all. Collecting ground to a serious halt for more serious life issues: like survival, like another child. I set priorities and kept a WANT list for when things got better.

Of course I’m poor and Iron Maiden decides to release Eddie’s Archive: six CDs, a shot glass, and a numbered family tree in a nice embossed metal casket box with Eddie’s head and band logo. The 6 discs are coupled into 2 CD sets and are: The BBC Archives, Beast Over Hammersmith, Best Of The B Sides.

I wanted it badly but I passed. Fast forward to a couple years later and I find an Eddie’s Archive at a record store 30 minutes from my house. It’s still sealed, priced at $100, and collecting dust on a shelf! I didn’t buy it but promised myself I would with my next paycheck. Go back a week later…..gone! I haven’t found one since…..

…..but they are all over Ebay! This set was re-released after the initial limited numbered edition ran out and demand by fans skyrocketed. I don’t care if I get a numbered set, I just want the music. I’ve had opportunity to buy this for $150 – $200 but I pass everytime…..I think of all the other albums on my list and how far I could stretch that kind of money. I’ve been watching this set on Ebay for 3 years now and the prices soar over $200 at times! I’m going to get it but hopefully at a decent price.