What I just got in the mail – Tank box set!

Posted: February 21, 2008 in My CD & DVD Collection, Now Playing, Reissue Report
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Just when I thought I was finally back on track with listening to music and writing reviews, something always happens. This time it’s what I just received in today’s mail:

Tank box set (2007)

Tank – The Filth Hounds Of Hades: Dogs Of War (1981-2002) box set – (2007)

This is one big box set: all Tank’s albums (8) remastered in digipaks with bonus tracks, Live Bootleg DVD, 60 page booklet and limited edition to 1000 copies.

A big thanks to Clint over at MVD Audio/Visual for getting me on the list to review this massive set from Metal Mind Productions.

Now I have to set some time aside to get through this and I still haven’t listened to the new CDs I’ve bought lately! Look for a review…..well, eventually!

For more info: Tank & Metal Mind

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  1. bob_vinyl says:

    That sounds like a nice box. Tank was an underrated band and they clearly have a lot more material than I ever heard.

  2. Metal Mark says:

    I liked a bit as well. I have a few on vinyl I bought back in the 80′s. They had that kind of raw sound like Motorhead and the Rods.

  3. Rene says:

    I have them on vinyls and always love this band. Dont think i will buy this box but i would love to see that dvd. Great you got the box to review STeve.

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