Addicted to Guitar Hero 3!

Posted: February 20, 2008 in CD Scavenger Hunt, Now Playing, Uncategorized, Video
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Guitar Hero IIII’m still alive and kicking but I’ve discovered the most addicting video game on the planet: Guitar Hero III – Legends Of Rock. I have a Playstation 2, it’s the original one that I bought in 2000, and I haven’t upgraded to the new generation of Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. I play only a few games now: Madden Football (I have every year stored away), Medal Of Honor, and SpongeBob games. Laugh if you must but I like Spongebob!

So I promised myself a present when my income tax return came in the mail. I wanted something different from the usual CD/DVD shopping spree I usually give myself but I didn’t want it to be overly expensive. I have been looking at the Guitar Hero Series for a while now but I always used the price tag and the time needed to play as reasons NOT to buy it. With the announcement of the Aerosmith version last week, I decided to finally buy into the hype and buy Guitar Hero III.

Bought it at 6 o’clock last night, plugged it in at 7, and played it until somewhere just before 10pm. Watched a little TV with my wife, she fell asleep on the couch, so I plugged back in around 11:30pm and played two more hours. Obviously, I’m still a rookie to the whole thing…..I’m not hitting every note on  Dragonforce – ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ on Expert level…..

…..but I did manage to unlock almost all of the songs on the Easy level and I had enough gig money to buy a Flying V!

So the posts will resume soon. I have some shopping trips to tell everyone about, some reviews to post, and a few playlists but they will all have to wait…..I’m trying to get my chops up on this game!

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  1. DPTH says:

    I bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii, The wireless is nice. I just finished the easy level myself, but I wanna practise some more and refresh with the tutorials before I move on to medium. I’ve created my own Ice Viking character with back up Barbarian outfits if the “gig” calls for it. The game is a blast and the metal version of Devil Went Down To Georgia kicks ass!

    By the way Sponge Bob for PS2 is a fun game!

  2. My PS2 guitar is wireless and that helps a lot. Once I get going and get the fingers loose, I do well. I’ll admit that some of the songs on Easy gave me some trouble, ‘Devil Went Down To Georgia’ being one of them. Once I get thru the Easy level, I am going to practice because Medium starts using 4 and 5 colors on the fret.

  3. a1gaius says:

    I started playing GH3 2 months ago and had never played any previous GH games. Thanks to my addictive nature, I’ve managed to beat the game on expert!!! It’s a great game.

  4. [...] game industry adopted the band as their Heavy Metal ambassador. Everyone was talking DragonForce, people were posting YouTube videos of 10 year olds playing Guitar Hero III on the expert level, and the Metal media was giving the band tons of praise. I forgot about them [...]

  5. jacob says:

    this kid is so sick i think he should be the king of gutair hero

  6. Franco says:

    Zarpadaso el pendejo, yo todavía hago 83% en nivel fácil… :(

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