Press Release: Loudness – Metal Mad album artwork and tracklisting

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Metal News & Commentary
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The cover art for Loudness’ forthcoming album, METAL MAD.

Loudness - Metal Mad (2008)

It is due for a February 20th release in Japan through Tokuma Communications and is now available for pre-order at this location (top of page, currently listed as “untitled”).

Metal Mad features the following tracklist: ‘Fire Of Spirit’ (instrumental), ‘Metal Mad’, ‘High Flyer’, ‘Spellbound #9′, ‘Crimson Paradox’, ‘Black And White’, ‘Whatsoever’, ‘Call Of The Reaper’, ‘Can’t Find My Way’, ‘Gravity’, ‘Transformation’.

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  1. Rene says:

    I am a big LOUDNESS fan but till ON THE PROWL. I hope that this new album is good again because many of the ones before were shit. To modern and without the old tipical LOUDNESS spirit and attitude.

  2. I never really got into the whole Japanese metal scene. However this looks pretty interesting. I will have to check it out

  3. [...] forward to February of this year and the announcement of Loudness’ new album, METAL MAD. The album was released in Japan on February 20 and it’s a relatively easy album [...]

  4. Mr. Ost says:

    Loudness where are you ? i cant find your album in Indonesia.

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