Picture Perfect: Warrant reunion with Jani Lane

Warrant 2008 with Jani LaneWe all knew it was going to happen again sometime! Warrant has reunited with original vocalist Jani Lane. Now all the original members are back together and Lane is back on the mic replacing Jaime St. James (Black ‘N Blue). I’m not really sure what is going on hear but it’s obvious that the newly reunited original Warrant will be touring because this photo comes courtesy of their booking agent, The William Morris Agency.

I guess this a good thing for Warrant fans, I could care less. I saw the band in the ’80s, I saw the band with Jani Lane on the Poison tour back in ’01 and I wasn’t impressed, especially with Jani. The guy left out in the cold is Jaime St. James. Jaime put in a great performance on Warrant last record, BORN AGAIN (2006), and I was digging the new sound. Now I get to hear ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘I Saw Red’ and how Jani hates singing the “hits”. 

Look out Rocklahoma! Here comes Warrant! And I thought the Pretty Boy Floyd reunion was news, wow! (sarcasm on heavy)


UPDATE – 8/12/2011:

R.I.P. – Jani Lane (1964-2011)

Jani Lane, former lead singer of Warrant, found dead at age 47.