WANTED: Dio – Intermission (1986)



Dio - Intermission (1986)

Dio – Intermission (1986)

I took a look at my Dio collection late last night and I noticed that Intermission is missing in action. I have no idea why I never picked this up back in the day because Dio was, and still is, one of my top bands. I think I probably bought a studio album by another band instead of this live album back in the day.

In my travels to record stores, there used to be tons of copies of Intermission on CD. Now I barely ever see it! I could easily get this on Ebay on vinyl, there are lots of good vinyl copies ranging from $4.99 to $14.99 but I want this on CD. There is one seller that has 2 copies available but the price is too high: $16.50 BUY IT NOW with $3.75 shipping. That’s just over $20 for a disc by a very popular band, I’d rather pay at least half.


Update – 2/10/08

Just picked this up off Ebay, read about the purchase here. Take another one off the list.