First official band picture of the new Journey with Arnel Pineda

Posted: January 8, 2008 in Metal News & Commentary
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Here it is, the first official photo of the new Journey lineup featuring new singer Arnel Pineda!

Journey band lineup 2008

L-R: Arnel Pineda, Deen Castronovo, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, & Ross Valory (taken from the official Journey Myspace page)

Journey official website
Journey MySpace page

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  1. Gil says:

    I’m proud of you man! Show the world that the Filipino can sing.

  2. Ruby says:

    These guys look lean, mean and ready to take on the world!! Both Arnel and Journey deserve each other! I can’t wait to hear some new material!! Best of luck!!
    From Boston MA

  3. Henry says:

    Both Steve and Arnel have great talents! And Journey got the best talents ever. We want to go to Las Vegas and watch your show on March 6. Is it a private affair or the public can buy tickets and watch? Am dying to watch you live.

    • Browner says:

      No Steve Perry no Journey, he cannot be replaced

      • Terri says:

        AMEN I will not listen to the new guy, no way he can sound like Steve…Why would they want someone that sounds like the Great Steve Perry. He should try on his own style.

      • Lori says:

        totally agree… why would I pay $200 to go see a cover band singer? I can spend $20 a get that here! No Steve Perry… no Journey… PERIOD. it might as well be a cover band.

        I do hope one days these boys can work it out and get the BEST back together! it will be worth the wait!

        c’mon guys… work it out! We want JOURNEY not a sound-a-like!

  4. jerome says:

    i’m proud to be a FILIPINO!!!Mabuhay ka ARNEL!!!

  5. judefrancis says:

    So what are the ages? Niel schon 54, Dean Castronovo 56, Jonathan Cain 55
    Ross Valory 56, Arnel Pineda 41, it’s like Roling Stones. he, he…
    you guy’s are old but still rockin! Arnel would deff’nitly sign so many girls asses you won’t evn know..

  6. leonard dan says:

    arnel can really sing. just work with a vocal coach for your breathing and enunciation on journeys fast songs but on the ballads, your great. convince journey to “journey-ize” “the search is over” by survivor which should convince doubters about your abilities then top it off with journeys own “when you love a woman.” it will blow their socks and heads off!

  7. alingsofing says:

    what a journey…good luck guys…

  8. raul says:

    I’m an avid fan of the JOURNEY since i was in high school.
    In fact i’ve brought with me my collections of their songs
    here in my work (Europe) and i always listening to their songs.
    I was amazed that their new lead vocalist is a Filipino name
    Arnel Pineda, the former lead singer of The Zoo. I tell you,
    he’s great, he sings well, i’ve already watched him, they per-
    formed in hard rock cafe in Makati city when i took a short
    vacation in the philppines. Good luck JOURNEY!!!. Hope you’re
    going to do a concert here in europe someday…

  9. NotSoMuzikIgnorant says:

    Wow! First time I see the pix above. They sure look ready to take the house down! I hope you guys will have shows sometime THIS YEAR in MEMPHIS… please!

  10. rltiryad says:

    Arnel! Arnel! Arnel! We are addicted to you..can’t wait to see you in husband & I would like to see you in Vegas in March.. We would also like to invite you here in Southern Cal..anytime we will give you the well known Filipino hospitality. Mabuhay Arnel! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

  11. steve sumiyama says:

    mabuhay ang mga pinoy another pride of the philippines

  12. Leo says:

    Do you have plan in performing here to Toronto? Pleasssse let us know.

  13. RANDOLF B. "aka" SONNY B. says:

    JOURNEY looks AWESOME! can’t wait to see ‘ya perform live in concert. Santa Rosa, CA fans wish you all a great endeavour.

  14. mikee says:

    A new fan of Journey. Whew can’t wait for you guys to perform here in Bay Area. Lets rock and roll.

  15. joel says:

    hey guys can we possibly know when are you goin to have a concert here in LA?I know a lot of fans are waiting for that to come.We got great venues like staples,kodak theater and the new Nokia.give us updates please on your schedules here in southern california

  16. etoy says:

    mabuhay arnel!,… make the most of it, you know the trade, get the best abogado, bro,.. you got the god-given talent, aba eh, bayad sila, pare,.. hahaha, .. bayad sila malaki, murami sabe intsik,. hehehe.. same shoutout to another pinoy talent “charice pempengco”,… i wonder what had happened to “banig”, remember her? =)

  17. eruption band in korea says:

    weve been watching you almost everyday in youtube arnel!and were very proud of you to know that you are now the front man of our most influenced band the JOURNEY.good luck and more success,we hope to see you live with the journey in our home land.


  18. Bb. Catbalogan City says:

    JOURNEY, you’re awesome! Arnel Pineda is a gem – he surely can sing with his beautiful soaring tenor. I’d love to see you guys in concert. Please include New Jersey and New York in your itinerary. The brand-new Prudential Center (The Rock) in downtown Newark, NJ would be a perfect venue for your concert. Mabuhay and more success to JOURNEY!

  19. New Journey Fan in U.K. says:

    Great Choice! Arnel Pineda could definitely add success for the return of the JOURNEY! Hope to see you here in the New Wembley Stadium. Any concert schedule here in Europe. I can’t wait for the JOURNEY here in the U.K. aLSO, When will be your new album be released?
    Good luck…

  20. Primo Staana says:

    I cant wait to see you here in Las Vegas!!!
    Arnel show the world you are the man and prove it to JOURNEY and their millions of fans.Good Luck and be proud to be a PINOY!!!!!
    JPrime Entertainment

  21. Tromboista says:

    This is what Journey needs, a new voice to go on with new music.

  22. Myles of Journey says:

    Arnel has superb voice and talent !!! Journey is REJUVENATED! BEST OF LUCK GUYS. When will you perform in New York City?

  23. ador says:

    first time i’ve heard him sing, awesome! we are so proud of you! the best of luck! may god be always with you! don’t forget the others who have helped you and your ‘real’ friends. listening to your song, faithfully, is addictive. ang gleng mo! for those who’ve ‘insulted’ arnel, ingit lang kayo!



  25. mhir says:

    you are so so great arnel, you really sing well. you will definitely make all Filipinos proud. dont mind what other people are saying just stay focused they are just jealous of what you have achieved.

  26. Anthony says:

    Way to go Arnel. Shout to the whole world that You are FILIPINO. I am proud to be pinoy. I hope you won’t change, stay low all the time (u know what I mean). This is just the start of your JOURNEY. Good Luck

  27. cassandra says:

    Awesome Arnel! Can’t wait to see JOURNEY perform at Madison Square Garden here in New York. LOTS OF LUCK KABAYAN!

  28. viva-pataca says:

    Hi, Arnel..! I am very happy for you, remember our Grammy’s day wayback ’92 the first time we met. More Power & Good Luck..! Getting excited to see you again the real concert with Journey one of my favorite band. Please sing When You Love a Woman..!

  29. BiM ng Montreal says:

    When I heard Arnel Pineda on YouTube Dec 7 ’07, I was so amazed and shocked how good he sings. Since then i never had a day without watching him sings (Faithfully and Ever since the world began) on youtube And I’am proud to say that you are my #1 Idol and inspiration not only on SINGING but also to have CONFIDENCE in your self to achieve our GOALS and DREAMS in life. Hope to see the New Journey here in Montreal soon.

    Mabuhay ka Arnel Pineda, Taas po ang mga kamay ko sa inyo! =)

  30. blackhole_guitar says:

    we’re all proud of you arnel.. hope that you would perform with journey in your own land..

    i was just wondering that both journey and blackeyed peas had a vocalist named pineda.. and they’re both filipino. hehehehe.. hope next filipino to be discovered wouldn’t be named “bong” pineda.. hahahaha.. just kidding..

  31. smartradio-usa says:

    The first time I heard Arnel Pineda over YouTube, man, I can’t believe that’s really him. I thought it was just a big joke.

    I was really surprised by the way this guy sings Journey songs. It’s like Steve Perry reborn in somebody else’s body!

    Being the first asian lead vocalist for a famous band is a great achievement for AP. Way to go man!

  32. nepz says:

    Feels good to be a pinoy with Arnel Pineda in the front.

    I love Steve but I’m sure Arnel can made a difference. He got his own ammos.

  33. bam bam says:

    I’m so proud of you………Arnel pineda
    Go for it……..Mabuhay ka Arnel……..
    I’m proud to be a FILIPINO!!!

  34. nel,taga cagayan de oro ako im crazy about journey when steave augere gone a kala ko wla nang papalit sa tinig ni steve p at steve augeri nandito lang pala sa pilipinas makikita ang kapariho nang voice nila nel dont stop believing hold on to your filling street light people remember thers a lights.dox from cagayann your friend

  35. daved deutz says:

    It’s a dream come true for you Arnel. I sing in a Judas Priest tribute band and would love to get a chance like that. kick ass like you know you can and make Journey your own. I never got the chance to see Journey with Steve and didn’t want to see them with anyone else but I’m going to Las Vegas to see you. You have that something special and fit perfectly. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    • jop says:

      you made a great point dave – arnel has a chance to make Journey his own! journey will evolve over the next few years, and we will see arnel’s influence in its final form.

  36. jojo vlsqz says:

    I’m not worried about those peeps w/negative vibes they will see your concert and you’ll win them over and then some…can’t wait..more power to all of you: neal,deen,ross,jonathan and arnel.

  37. recdp (Dallas) says:

    Hope you have a long way Journey to this awesome 80′s band, can’t wait to see again with a new vocalist. since then, til’ now I’m 110% Journey fan no doubt about it. when is gonna be your 1st album release? Guy’s pretty sure lots of folks out there are dying to watch your show/concert. hopefully ya’ll stop by any city in Texas, we’ll be there! people are just crazy watching this new dude on, his amazing! … well… brilliant choice – for sure Journey will top the charts once again.

  38. PinayTunay says:

    whoa! im convinced that AP’s JOURNEY is indeed PROVIDENTIAL…have you heard how he got his US visa to audition for Journey? it’s simply amazing! i cant believe that a simple but talented man like Arnel will be the lead vocalist of Journey someday…dati ko lang syang pinapanuod noon sa CalJam dito sa Gapo! May you never forget your humble beginnings, Arnel. Huag ka sanang “malasing” sa iyong tagumpay! Mabuhay ka!

  39. jun dangzalan says:

    Yeahhh babyyy, you make all filipino musicians here in Vegas very proud on what you achieved. Ang hindi nila alam eh, adobo lang at pansit ang sekreto, di ‘ba?…he he he. Pare, we’ll see you here on your Vegas gig……jundanz

  40. EddieA says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!!! Kudos Arnel!

  41. Exactly says:


    BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “JOURNEY”

  42. imee says:

    I’m a big fan of Journey….now that Arnel is the new vocalist…i’m now more than happy….PINOY ROCKS!!!

  43. Joecan says:

    God bless you, Arnel on this new Journey of your life, coming from a fellow Filipino. Go show them bro. Make us proud. But do remain with your feet planted on the ground, looking from where you once was before and acknowledging that only the good Lord can give you this chance of a lifetime playing with veterans in the game like Neal Schon. Be thankful and prayerful bro. Hope you remember to treat us your kababayans to a concert right here in Araneta Coliseum or at The Fort. Here’s to the next dozen albums or so. God bless!!

  44. oscar says:

    come to texas.

  45. Amelita Green says:

    WOW!!!! that’s all i can say for now..i love journey’s faithfully and i sing that to my hubby who is a rocker….I was rubbing elbows with Arnel way back in Caljam as i was one of the lady DJs in the sister club Johnny O, a new wave club. Lito the Amo drummer was my friend way back then.

    CONGRATS ARNEL…..THE LORD LOVES THOSE WHO HAVE A HUMBLE HEART..remain grounded and grateful to the giver of blessings….God bless you.. Arnel..all the best!

  46. Raymond Osoteo says:

    When I first heard you in Youtube. I was blown away… No disrespect to “Steve Perry, The Voice.” I could not believe what I’m hearing. I played your video for several times. and still could not believe it. Listen dude good luck with “Journey” We are very proud of you….. Could you post your concert schedule on your website. See you sooooon.

  47. judefrancis says:

    Arnel revived Steve Perry’s legacy of singing, Even though he’s not the original; he’s voice will explaine why he’s the perfect man for the line..
    The Voice of long lasting music is alway’s the voice of long lasting legacy..

  48. judefrancis says:

    Of course you won’t understand!

  49. Roseanne Silva says:

    Wow Arnel I have been watching you on You Tube and saying he is so good, better than the original in my opinion. I was saying wow if he could come to Chicago which is where I live then he could make it big time but i just saw today that he was signed with Journey, my favorite all time band in the 80′s when i was a teenager. I am so very proud of you not just because I married a filipino and are very proud of anything filipino but because you can sing and are so talented. I know that you will go very far , you are blessed and will continue to be. Good for you.

  50. JOJO T. says:

    Wish you all the best Arnel! The first time I saw you way back in 1989-early 1990′s in Shakey’s Espana with Hijos band, Man! You were already a powerhouse singer! That was an unforgettable experience (you were sporting a golden crew cut hair!), not only with my dorm-mates from DosCastillas with the pizza and draft beer, but you were really awesome! Here you are, it’s about time Man! Goodluck on your journey….I’l be waiting here in Nashville, Tennessee, the music city, for your US tour!

  51. Archie Abad says:

    Arnel Pineda you rooockkkkkk men… Show this world what journey is all about… Journey will continue to rock everyone in your neighborhood. Can’t wait to see you guys in concert..

  52. Rene Olbes says:

    I noticed almost 600,000 hits on “faithfully” by zoo, but less than 30,000 on zoo’s cover on “oh darling” by the beatles. Check this one out because this is one arnel pineda performance that you don’t wanna miss.

  53. Beng Serias says:

    hi friend. congratulations!!!. wish ko lang i can congratulate u in person…up close and personal like nung hard rocks days pa. u think we can still hang out sa starbucks?…we can only wish…keep it up friend (beng-globe telecom)

  54. zebred says:

    arnel…its your turn to rock the world…show ‘em what you got dude…Cheers!

  55. Girlie Grimaldi says:

    I’ve always wondered what the fuss was all about at work regarding Journey’s new lead singer. I’ve never been a big Journey fan before but after hearing Arnel Pineda sing, I am now. This guy surely can sing and is blessed with amazing vocal pipes and range. To Journey and Mr. Neal Schon, kudos to you for making the right decision. With our world getting smaller everyday and music transcending all creeds and nationalities, Journey’s having Arnel Pineda is indeed a very welcome gesture. Please come to New York City for a concert. I’ll be there!

  56. AL says:

    great talent Arnel..I’ll see you sometime here in San Francisco or Marin County…

  57. We are very proud of you Arnel. My husband and kids love the music of Journey.We will definitely watch your concert and buy your CD’s. Please come to San Francisco,CA for a concert….Can’t wait for your CD,and see you in your concert.

  58. Gina says:


  59. abel says:

    ei arnel! i’m from gapo, i must have watched you sing with your former band AMO a hundred times. (and played billard with you in CALJAM too ) you really rock! we’re so proud and happy for you all the more that you’re now with JOURNEY!

  60. Milpitas Pinoy says:

    Mabuhay ka Arnel Pineda… I’m very proud of you. My daughter is so impressed with your golden voice. Proud to be Pinoy.

    Long Live Journey!!!!!

  61. Vivian Zook says:

    I’m a BIG Journey fan for years!!! I love you guys. Neal Schon…YOU are phenomenal…!!! I love you your album “Voice”… Arnel …you’re the REAL DEAL indeed!!! I can’t wait to see you guys here in CHICAGO. Pleeeeeaaase….pleeeaaase….COME TO CHICAGO…!

    The CHICAGOANS are all waiting for you with “Open Arms”

    More power to you!!!

  62. Vivian Zook says:

    I’m a BIG Journey fan for years!!! I love you guys. Neal Schon…YOU are phenomenal…!!! I love your album “Voice”… Arnel …you’re the REAL DEAL indeed!!! I can’t wait to see you guys here in CHICAGO. Pleeeeeaaase….pleeeaaase….COME TO CHICAGO…!

    The CHICAGOANS are all waiting for you with “Open Arms”

    More power to you!!!

  63. Rom Caballero of London says:

    Arnel Bro, last time I went to see you at the Hard Rock Cafe (Makati) August 2007, If you can remember I have told you bro outside after your gig – “Keep the faith pare (mate) coz I strongly believe in your raw talent and You will succeed one day. So enjoy the Journey, have a heavy-rocking time but keep your feet on the ground bro. And prove to them, Arnel is the real deal……… respect.

  64. Tish says:

    Congratulations Arnel!

    More power to you and the whole JOURNEY band.

    Please include Houston,Texas on your concert schedule.

    Take care.

  65. noyiP fr adanaC says:

    Naunahan mo lang ako Arnel! Journey songs din ang binabanatan ko sa videoke eh. . .heheh. Much has been said. . .you’re simply awesome dude. Proud to be Pinoy.

    There is no indication the band will be hitting Vancouver-BC though, just in case count me in. I won’t miss your CDs with you in, and looks like a good gift with pinoy label hahaha.

  66. ExcitedMenchie says:

    Arnel, I am so excited on what’s going on in your life it’s truelly a blessing what GOD have done for you. I love the songs of the Journey but now that you’re with them Journey is my favorite. I will go to Vegas to see your concert and lots of my fellowship here in Fairfield, CA are very excited to see you in concert. I am always watching you in U tube everyday and telling people about you, I am very proud of you…and very excited and I know you’re a good person. I am praying for your success. See you at the TOP.

  67. So lucky of you arnel! and I am very proud of you… and you are a successful as a band singer… the number one in the Philippines. imagine, you are a new lead singer a popular band in the whole world *THE JOURNEY*. you know, that is my favorite band in the whole world. Do you remember me? its me, in hardrock cafe before, the costumer *Lenlen* together with my sister from australia, you remember? I’m requesting that if i can sing on the stage *separate ways* but i asked you first the copy of that song. *if you have a copy of that lyrics?* you said to me nothing, because i forgot the lyrics and i told you its a long years to stop singing in my band. *watak na* its a long story ganyan ang banda.alam mo yan. remember? you sing a song *sweet child o mine* and then i go to stage to sing that song. I sing also *Luha*. and then after closing time i talked to you outside in hardrock cafe in makati about a band member. and you asked me… *I think you are a band member before?* and i said yes, i am a female band member before in Shakeys Mabini. I am a rocker singer and bass guitar before, for local booking only. I am very proud of you because you are a filipino rocker singer of a new member *THE JOURNEY* Mabuhay! and God Bless You! and see you on next chapter at the TOP.

  68. you remember me? i was sing a song ALONE (by Heart] in HardRock Makati City? Dont forget. at ikaw ay tumatawa sa akin dahil sa lyrics ko, nalimutan ko. tinulungan mo ako.

    • I’ts great! Excellent ur voice Arnel. I was there in Asia Mall a big concert. I think all Filipino’s Fan was watching you especially for me, yes of course! i was there at present that was no absent If Arnel have a concert. I brought to you a DVD passed through the guardia but i don’t know if you received it. That was our souvenir when we are singing duet in Hardrock cafe. Did u received my DVD copy? If not I will send u personally because it’s hard to meet u just because there is a limited time or strictly prohibited. Just call me up na lang my cel. no. 09295349326 and my residence is Blk. 16 lot 4 Phase 3 Bethel St., Victoria Ville Homes, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City. Na grupo mo ba si Kieth Lacsamana? Euphoria Band dati sa Shakey’s Mabini. Brother in law ko yan.
      Ako taga Ormoc City, Leyte. Rom’s Family Band ang Mga kapatid ko mga Lalake noong Bata pa ako. Sa music ang lahi namin. Miusic ka yumaman Arnel. Hindi nadating Arnel na natulog lang sa Luneta noong bata pa. Lord will give u a gift talent music. A Golden Voice!. May God Bless U.

      Jocelyn P. Rom

  69. Brohm Savoy says:

    Yo Neal, can ya please just call Stev Perry and be done with it already? Geez Louise!

  70. Edward Campaner says:

    Yooooooo….. Neal….
    Iba na level mo… di kana ma reach?


    Good luck….

  71. Ralph G.C. says:

    I can’t wait to hear your new album!!! way to go man…

  72. Remembering says:


    I am in love with you!!! Your voice is incredible and you are incredibly sexy! I love Fillipinos!!!!!!

    I am your same age and have many fond memories of hearing journey when I was in high school. I came across your clips on the internet. Journey has hit the jack pot!!! I heard them in Denver, Co a couple of years ago. The band was awesome!!!!! But the lead vocals were just not the same. Steve will forever be missed. But finally some one to fill his shoes.

    You make a girl swoon……Remembering

  73. P. REY SAPNU says:

    Sus Ginoo….!!! I am having goose bumps watching and reading comments about Arnel. When I watched Charrice Pempengco at the show of Degenerese…tears of joy. When I watched you sang Faithfully, holy smoke….I was stunned. Naging emotional lang pare ko…kasi ako ay Filipino…!!! Lumaki na lahat pare…huwag lang ang ulo ha..!

  74. Arnel! Arnel! you have amazing voice.. napa luha ako noong narinig ko ang boses mo.. I love you Arnel…

  75. tjbarbz says:

    we’re proud of you ARNEL!!! godspeed!!! regards to your brother (Rasmon)

  76. Paul B says:

    Everybody talks about Steve P and now, Arnel, but people seems to forget that Deen Castronovo has the pipes too, soaring and soothing just like Steve and Arnel. Can’t wait to see you guys in Frisco and this time, I will BUY your album, he, he, he……

  77. edgel07 says:

    arnel you’re the man everybody’s been talkin about. you are the talk of the town for everywhere you turn your eyes on internet. neal schon thanks
    for bringing our brother arnel to your group and we will remain as number
    1 amid fan of your group joirney. i grew up with it. when i have free time
    i play my piano and hit the key as i sang open arms, faithfully, who’s crying now, separate ways and all that. man i tell you i never tire myself
    either listening or i play my own rendition of famous group journey. kudos
    to all journey band member. journey were meant to be an international group band worldwide. would your group come to the bay area to do live concert? dying to see you guys…..

  78. edgel07 says:

    journey will stay on top of the chart again for a very long long time. gosh can’t wait for that album to be played on air so guys be ready to tuned in your radio coz journey will blown everyones heart again………simply jouney…..

  79. LeoTorri says:

    Arnel congratulation for being a new member of a Journey band,you made all of us filipino’s worldwide really proud.My wife and I can’t wait
    to see you all here in Houston Texas,enjoy your journey worldwide and
    let the world community know that Philippine Island son can sing with his
    heart and soul.Good luck and God blessed to ya’ll.

  80. rana says:

    arnel, your voice is so amazing… i ca’t wait to see journey in calgary, canada…. pls.. have a concert here…….goodluck to all of you,, and god bless you.. be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  81. rana says:

    neal schon,
    thank you that you gave one of the filipinos a chance to shine, you made a good choice coz arnel is a real talent. can’t wait to see you in calgary. thanks again neal schon.

  82. arnie says:

    Congrats Arnel, you deserved it. I remember the Hijos/Amo days, I also had a band at that time and we were a guest at your Valentines Day persentation at Shakey’s Espana. We also went for a band practice at your place (or was it Ulysses) in Cubao – hope you remember. I knew back then that you got the voice and talent make it bit time. Regards and goodluck, make us Filipino proud!!!

  83. David Liu says:

    I love the Journey. Having a vocalist who can really sing is a plus.I cannot wait for their CD to come out this early summer. I will be the first one in the store to buy it. I love their song “Don’t stop believing”. I hope that is included in the CD coming out or I will really be disappointed

  84. DannyO says:

    Hi Arnel,
    It’s me Danny O. Good luck to you on your JOURNEY…If Steve Perry was the ‘Voice’ you are the ‘New voice’ and Neal kept on saying that you are the Real Deal… Hats off to Neal for beleiving that AP has the extra ordinary talent. Hope you remember us (the 4 of us) went to your house last January. It was already 11pm but still you welcome us in your house. Thanks Arnel. Pinoy Power!!

  85. aussie girl says:

    you’re simply AWESOME! can’t wait for your CDs. I know Filipinos here in Australia and all over the world are waiting to see you in concert. Just keep your feet on the ground and blessings will keep pouring into your life. God bless.

  86. christina says:

    I am so excited for the summer tour. Please come to NJ. I can’t wait to hear Journey live, with a new frontman who has an awesome voice!

  87. Ryan Bok says:

    For all those fans of journey that doesnt like the new frontman or the new vocalist to bad for you guy’s the band like’s him and you cant do anything whatever you wanted to say. Please dont descriminate anyone! I believe in saying “Dont judge the Book by it’s Cover “and by the way he is a really good singer. Go arnel show the world that u can really really sing ang I’m so proud of you. Go Filipino’s

  88. Ryan Bok says:

    I’m so proud of you.

  89. Metalloid says:

    Godspeed to You Arnel!! Coming from a fellow rocker and musician and Journey fan!

  90. lifesjourney says:

    Be ready guys ‘coz Journey will have a concert here in California and in Taguig City in the Philippines as well…just watch out for the dates soon. But for now, I’ll be in their Las Vegas concert on March 8 in Planet Hollywood. Glad that all the band members are gelling pretty good.

  91. paula says:

    I just want to thanks JOURNEY for this amazing comeback, and more important for going to my home country CHILE. There is lots of fans that never had the chance to see JOURNEY in concert, and I was watching the show last night, and Arnel is amazing, I couldn’t belive his voice! is incredible! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. [...] Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Viña del Mar, Chile on 2/21/08. s you may have heard, Arnel Pineda is the new Journey [...]

  93. Alwayz says:

    Journey was awarded the “highest award” in the competition of the festival – the group received the LA GAVIOTA DE PLATA (The Gull of Silver) maximum award. Journey beat out the competition by a popular order of the public (in attendance and tv viewership); Earth, Wind & Fire was one of the opponents in the group category. Arnel Pineda, himself, won two awards, the prestigious Gold and a silver during the competition amongst vocalists on the second day of the Festival of the Vine of the Sea.

  94. LeTorri says:

    Congratulation Journey band!! I was so happy to watched ya’ll guys at you
    Tube.I would like to thanks the whole Journey band for being an opened
    minded people,I’m big fan of ya’ll guys since early 80′s.Journey band
    is now a complete packaged that ROCK CHILE.I read a lots of negative
    towards Arnel well USA has freedom of speech and I respect that,but
    now Arnel the whole planet watched and listened to your performance
    those negative feedbacks will change into positive because action speak
    much louder than words,and you prove it the Arnel Pineda way,so enjoy
    your worldtour,your doing absolutely great !! God blessed ya’ll.

  95. virg918 says:

    That’s has been here on earth from the very beginning, you can not please everybody. Who cares. Let’s rock and roll in Las Vegas March 8, 2008.

  96. mark says:

    gleng nmnnnn heyyy lets see u in pinas im proud of u a pineda

  97. Roseanne Silva says:

    i just wanted to tell Arnel , that he has a beautiful voice and can hold the notes longer than Steve Perry could but I am not comparing anyone since they both have their own style of singing. But i want to congratulate Arnel on a wonderful performance in chile. It was awesome and he had the audience in the palm of his had which is excellent. Anyway we are looking forward to seeing him here in the US when he tours.

    Good Luck Arnel and God bless

  98. Hafa Adai, Aloha, Kumosta, Ogenki Desu Ka? to you Arnel & the rest of the Journey Cats! I met you at Cal Jam back in 1989 with The AMO band! My wife Jackie Brill was singing with Cycle Experinece band at Hard Rock Cafe’ in Olongapo too. I knew that someday you will mount to somebody real BIG in the music world. I grew up listening and playing Santana music all of my life too! I remember when Neal & Greg left Carlos to form Journey. I bought their first lp called Looked Into The Future. I also saw Steve Perry in Sausalito back in 1975? I also wanted to meet all the band members of Santana & Journey, but never did! I spent three years in Tokyo and hanged out at a club called Lexington Queen. I met alot of celebrities, but not Journey nor Santana. I & My wife Jackie have a 7 piece cover band ihere in Virginia Beach! My lead guitarist, Nilo Deguiera used to gigged with Brown Sugar band at the Heavy Metal Club in Olongapo too! My & my wife are flying to Vegas next week to see your show ath Planet Hollywood . I’m looking forward to meeting you and the band. Be humble and enjoy your life now co’s you earned it the hard way. I grew up very poor too! I am originally from the island of Saipan! I’m part Filipino, Chinese, Chamorro and Spanish. My real name is JOse’ Pinaula Castro, but i was adopted by a caucasian man from Maine. Good Luck and keep on doing what you love best, SING for the best band in the world, JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace, Light & Love,

    Jose’ P.C. Blunt

  99. Hope to hook up with you & the band someday!! Call me when you get to play in Virginia Beach at 757-581-4384.


    Jose’ P.C. Blunt

  100. MANNY BIASON says:


  101. SHAANTONU says:



  102. Edward says:

    It’s understandable that old-time fans of Journey would make a comparison between Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry. But there are also people (like me) who don’t really care about Journey’s past. We are talking here about NOW.

    I’ve gone to some videos of Arnel with The Zoo on youtube and I must say that the guy has his own style of singing. There’s no doubt about it. Have you heard him sing “Oh Darling”? Yes, that song by The Beatles.

    Here’s the link:

  103. SHAANTONU says:


  104. Mario says:

    Rock on Arnel.. When I first heard your voice in You Tube, I am very, very impressed. Sikat ka man!! Hope to see your concert in CAlif

  105. James Galindo says:

    congratulations mate…youve shocked the world with your stunning voice…you’re talk of the town amongst great Journey lovers…you are really great assets for journey…just keep believing….hope you will include England among your concert list….definitely you will be praise….napanood na kita dati sa shakeys espana…galing mo talaga pre…goodluck…….journey

  106. Terry Monzon says:

    Hi Arnel,

    I am your kababayan, Terry Monzon, residing in Long Beach, CA. I never heard of you until YESTERDAY when my friend sent me the YOU TUBE news about a nice Pinoy selected as the lead singer for Journey. Wasn’t even familiar with the band but because of your talent I immediately got into the music. In fact, I started searching the web for your concert and just found out that you have one in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood) this weekend!

    I’m sure you and your band will be flattered to know that I immediately secured the best ticket I could find (but alas the Golden seats were sold out) and got a flight out to Vegas over the weekend to see you perform! I like the comments you made about promoting filipino talents as well…you make me proud to be Pinoy! Hope you get this comment and maybe I can start an “official Arnel Pineda fan club here in California” with your blessing.

    More power to you and looking forward to your jamming performance this weekend!

  107. ROMEO FLORES says:

    Exceedingly awesome remarkable talent! Best wishes to you and the rest of JOURNEY! We are behind you.

  108. Johnmar says:

    Just a small note to our ‘kababayans’ around the world. As a Filipino, let us also show our respect and admiration to other members of Journey – new and old members, specifically Mr. Steve Perry, the original lead vocalist whom I admired most and was loved by millions of people around the world because of their songs Open Arms, Faithfully, etc. Least to say, Journey is already a legend. We should not only be proud of Arnel but be thankful for being the new lead singer of Journey. In one of Arnel’s interviews, he said, “I know they’ll expect me to sound exactly like the voice of Steve Perry, but that will never happen. I know there’s only one Steve Perry in this world”. I can feel that Arnel has a good heart and very humble man so as a Filipino, we should protect his dignity and credibility. To you Arnel, stay as you are and always keep a low profile. We should also express our gratitude to Mr. Neil Schon and the rest of Journey band, who has made Arnel’s dream come true. Mabuhay ka Arnel!!!… Cheers to JOURNEY!!!

  109. sonofgaddadavida says:

    Back home, i’ve seen Journey’s new vocalist played Johnnie Rotten/Sid Viscious type of music during his early years w/ the Zoo and i’ve seen him played classical rock…very dedicated musician, More power and much respect to Journey!

  110. LeTorri says:

    My wife and I definitely agree with Mr:Johnmar lets just calm relax and
    respect proctect Arnels credibility.Lets just enjoy support the Journey
    band.Arnel you are very honest man and I respect that,the whole world
    knows you as well,and it is a wake up call in our country hopefully someday
    our native land will become progressive,like Japan Europe USA.sorry I’m
    talking politics now.Lastly thanks again Journey for giving my fellow Filipi
    an opportunity(Neil Schon)we are looking forward to see ya’ll here in Houston.God bless ya’ll keep rockin,Journey is doing great job!and we’re
    behind you all guys.

  111. Kimera says:

    Wow Arnel is just an amazing vocalist! I’ve been watching his videos and I must say, quite a powerful vocalist!

    Journey is going to ROCK our asses off! WOOT!

  112. SHAANTONU says:

    well journey !! pls make a good record/album. give us some heart touchy ballads, rock solid song. we fans are waiting for a long long time after mr. perry gone. with arnel… I believe this time you really can!!! I have faith in you.

  113. Wow! I had a great time in Las Vegas show!! My guitar player Nilo Deguiera & my drummer Ernie Villarino who both played in olongapo with Brown Sugar & Savage band wants to congratulate you too!! Mabuhay Ka bruddah Arnel!! My wife Jackie Brill was in awe too!! Keep on rockin’ and hope you can jam wiath Steve Perry, Greg Rollie, Ansley Dunbar, and Steve Smith someday when you get inducted into the Rock * Roll Hall of Fame!!! Please do not forget Neal Schon and the rest of Journey!!

    Peace, Light & Love,

    Jose’ Castro Blunt

  114. leo says:

    To Journey’s, thank you for your music, is there a way, A.P sing pain in my heart, in one of journey’s concert without any contradiction.

  115. pete says:

    There are great steve perry imitators out there. But they are lack emotion when singing ballads. Ernel’s voice has emotion, and sounded beautiful!

    I feel that Journey can give us many more albums with great ballads. Its unfortuante that Steve Perry has decided to retired. His voice is just lengendary. Fortunately, there is finally someone in this world that can successfully capture Perry’s voice with the emotion. Arnel’s voice is very similar to Perry. The tone is very similar, but it sounds more pristine and clean! I cant wait to buy the new album.

  116. RockerGirl says:

    There are tour dates, up-to-date news about Journey’s upcoming appearance on “Ellen”, videos, biography, photos, forum, newsletter, and loads more on the Unofficial Fans Site at:

  117. joe says:

    i ve been a long time fan of the journey. i always put on my journey casette whenever i do long drive to the u.s. and canada. and the band was silent for a while and i was surprised when i heard the news that my fellow countrymen arnel pineda is their new vocalist and i kept watching their live concert in chile and vegas i would say arnel may not hundred percent sound like the original steve perry but he s amazing and phenomenal he s got a performer blood in his system. i just hope that he wont get his head big and leave the group hope they can be there for long time and do lots of great music.. long live journey!!! and to you kabayan, mabuhay ka and wag makakalimot sa pinanggalingan dont be like banig if she didnt leave her promoter bfore she would have been more popular than britney and cristina aguilera… pray ko arnel stay humble and may jesus be with you wherever you go or perform with your new group…

  118. epoy says:

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL Journey…thank you for looking at the persons talents and not nationality.. We love you all and continue making music to make this world a better place.

  119. jorge says:

    journey in the philippines–magandang gabi po. ako po si… who would be the best band to front? si neal galing sa santana—a, pinikpikan. since mahilig din siya sa medyo jazzy/mellow stuff, a la ‘yung beyond the thunder album niya—mishka adams band—avenir, asuncion, talan etc.—tugtog sila ng mga progressive stuff…bigat nun. o kaya si cythia alexander and her band—babagay yun huwag lang masyadong acoustic…bermejo etc. exposure ng best talents…

  120. roy banares says:

    4/8/08……..Journey….i watched two concert in youtube; it is impressive their lead singer Arnel has professional voice; very talented person. Their band members were very impressive and fascinating too….long live Journey…….When are you having a concert in Los Angeles? Please let us update when…

    Thank you so much…


  121. wanda16 says:

    young and old enjoy the music that the world can offer…….can’t wait your concert here in australia…longlive… journey :)

  122. Zarah Durusan says:

    I have been a big fan of the journey ever since i was a young kid, and I was so in-love with Steve Perry and Neil Schon… and now Arnel Pineda? oh my gosh… he is the cutest… and Filipino too! I am also Filipino born and raised in Manila. I grew up listening to Journey, I still get butterflies in my stomach when i listen to you guys… All I wish is to see you in concert, cuz I haven’t seen one yet.
    good luck to all the band members specially arnel pineda, more power to you guys, God Bless and MABUHAY FILIPINO…
    Filipina Karamel

  123. leif says:

    there were 7 of us who flew from Cal to Las Vegas on the 8th to watch the concert, and boy’ that was a blast. we were all rockin ourselves to death, we got our monies worth….everyone did a wonderful job and a well deserved applause to the new lead singer, Arnel. Congratulations to the group and more power. can’t wait to see the next concert here up north with the famous Heart. I’ve seen and heard Arnel sang Heart songs 20 yrs ago….i’m pretty sure he can still nail it.

  124. Virgil says:

    That guy from ASIA (philippines?) is awesome!

    Keep it up~

  125. bong signo says:

    i have been a journey fanatic since…until now i still sang one of their hits… FOOLISH HEARTS…now a filipino is their lead vocalist…go arnel make us proud…

  126. bong signo says:

    i’ve been a journey fan ever since…FOOLISH HEART….that’s a very good song…

  127. Buko Juice says:

    Can’t wait to see Journey in San Diego, CA! Lots of fellow Pinoys here to cheer Arnel as he fronts one of the greatest bands in Rock & Roll History! We got our tickets!

  128. Pinay Kikay says:

    You were already an excellent singer at Shakey’s Cubao in the 80′s.
    My coworker and I always go there almost every Friday. I enjoyed your Lionel Richie songs. OMG. I knew you were good. I did not realize you were that good!!! You made all Pinoys proud. More power. Good luck.

  129. Larry41958 says:

    I’ve been a fan of Journey since i hear the songs Faithfuly and Open Arms on the radio, and i started collecting their musics in cassette tapes, CD’s, and MP3′s. Steve Perry is a great lead singer, and anyone who could sing like Steve Perry has a special talent in him. Arnel Pineda has it and he too is great. More power to Journey and to Arnel Pineda. You not only Rock YouTube. You Rock the World man..

  130. joevis says:

    im holding my ticket now for Tucson AZ concert. can’t wait any longer how my countrymen “Arnel” blow the roof of the desert amphitheater.

  131. Jun Soliveres says:

    I never heard of the band “Journey” before until Arnel came into the picture. I thought “Open Arms” is an original by Mariah Carey until this hype with AP. Twas my first time to hear “Faithfully” by The Zoo and I was convinced. Journey making AP their frontman is not an easy decision to do. As expected, die hard fans of SP are crying foul. But to say that SP is Journey and vice versa is not entirely correct. Journey is an institution already and SP is just and will always be a contributor to the institution’s success. Don’t put to much stress on SP (as being the Journey as a whole) as I think he wont like it. The Journey was founded without SP, had its success with him and it will survive, and it is here to stay with AP. I just hope SP will get a chance to record another album so that the DOFs (dirty old fans) would be pleased!!!!!

    “Faithfully” then, “After All These Years” – NOW!

  132. kitte says:

    can you guys let me know or prompt me or email me once you find out of the Journey PH concert ticket availability… its gonna be November as per Arnel’s interview. Just wanna make sure that I’ll get a good seat.. he’ll be in hardrock makati tonight and I feel sad knowing that reservation is full… hay… wanna reserve as early as possible… thank you.

  133. lorna says:

    That picture says a lot. The spiral stairway, the blue sky above, the lake below, the leather outfit, the look, the spacing. Perfect! Someone, anyone, how can I get a poster to add to my collection of Journey?

  134. lorna says:

    P.S. Am I the only one who actually read the title of this blog?

  135. Loren says:

    Congrats AP of Journey Band…

    We’re Proud of You!

    we know na marami nag babatikos sa yo,dont give up Go Ahead…we’re here to support you!
    pakita mo na filipino ka na may kakayahan at talent…MABUHAY ANG MGA PILIPINO!


  136. jerome adrias says:

    tagalugin natin para hindi maintindihan ng mga banyaga. Mabuhay ka arnel, pakita mo sa mga yan na magaling tayo pagdating sa pag-kanta. mahirap talagang i-please ang mga puting yan!

  137. Barby from Canada says:

    “Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow…” and you’re getting there, Kababayan.
    All the best to you and the rest of the JOURNEY!!!

  138. sheral says:


    I go way back with Journey.. Love the group and am excited with the new addition and now they are going to succeed as before.. The new singer Arnel.. you bring to the new energy… god bless you are living a big dream and its your time to shine and very deserving. You have a great band and love the energy the entire band puts out.. the love of music and dedication and now they have found someone with that same energy and love of music to keep Journey alive today… would love to see a fan club to meet the band!!!! The best of luck and see you in ohio… 9/6/2008

  139. emmadudles says:

    hey arnel…im proud of you…sobra!!!!I am proud to be pinoy..keep on rocking!!!!

  140. yna says:


    So good, keep on rockin Arnel with the famous band JOURNEY, ever.
    We are proud of you guy. Galing mo! Fan mo na ako. Keep being humble. God bless you guys.

  141. GMcColl From Dallas TX says:

    Hi, Arnel and Journey Band….we are so thankful first to God for AP and for Neal to find AP and hire him as frontman for Journey which is the best decision to bring back the Journey legendary music that we all love. Lots of Filipino/Americans bought tickets for the Dallas concert and can’t wait to see Arnel and Journey. We love all their new songs so please keep on recording more songs. We can’t wait for the next CD. We are so proud of you Arnel and we hope that we get a chance to meet you someday. Maybe you can meet us after the concert in Dallas. That would be awesome!!!! We just want to let you know that we support you and we will always be #1 Journey Fans. Take care of yourself Arnel and we’ll see you in Dallas on July 27!!! Long Live Journey and God Bless Arnel!!!!! Pinoy Texas AP Fans love you Guys…. Journey rocks!!!!

  142. oschids25 says:

    i know SP did a good job during his years as a member of journey… he left and moved on.. he is an adult and i assumed that he knows what he wants…he left journey years back…he made his choices ..Sp is SP..
    Ap is AP… if it is true that SP was given a chance to join (back) journey, why did he not consider?
    SP is one person. journey band involves 5 person. if the ratio is four is to one , then SP will not win in terms of the need/decisions of the band.. it must be ALL collaborating and communicating for the best of the band. its not one’s wanting this and that. Neil, Jon, & the 2 guys (forgot your name) this is the FUTURE!!! We do not live in the past , past is behind us, it’ over done with. let us move on to the future and embrace the changes as is. Enjoy the Ride!!!
    To ALL journey fans, enjoy the music as it goes, dance with it.. to the New journey band group, treasure the moments and enjoy it.
    to Arnel P. you must be in cloud nine. just do your very best and show them what you can do. I know there will always be comparing notes .. SP vs. AP do not pay attention to this nonsense…
    Good LUCK journey !!!! record sells..

  143. oschids25 says:

    By the way we were waiting for a concert in Los Angeles, and if you do please do it 3-5 days and believe me it will be SOLD OUT!!!!
    THE New Journey band with Arnel P. more power to ALL of you GUYS!!!

  144. Pat says:

    I saw the Journey in concert video this week.. OMG!! I couldn’t believe my ears. I am a big fan of Journey both with and without Steve Perry. This guy is right up their with Steve. It blue me away. Really can’t wait to hear more original releases.


  145. kevin delosreyes says:

    Raymond Osoteo Says:

    January 17, 2008 at 9:01 pm
    When I first heard you in Youtube. I was blown away… No disrespect to “Steve Perry, The Voice.” I could not believe what I’m hearing. I played your video for several times. and still could not believe it. Listen dude good luck with “Journey” We are very proud of you….. Could you post your concert schedule on your website. See you sooooon.
    -Raymond Osoteo

    Hey uncle ray, we discovered that you wrote this comment somewhere in this forum and we would just like to post this again just for the heck of it. Thanks:

    From your cousins in illinois. PS. cant wait to see you in New York

  146. Benny Mukhia says:

    Arnel is fabulous and sounds so much like Steve Perry. Extraordinary voice! All the best to JOURNEY with their new front-man.

  147. Hayle says:

    me and my mom <3 u guys sooo much.yall have great music. my mom and dads song is faithfully. my fav song is dont stop believing.we have every cd. and we will come to yalls concert in august. <3 yall so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  148. melpmma94 says:

    i’m a fan of journey eversince…
    but wow!!! a.p. is really amazing performing those songs of may fav band…
    go ahead journey!!! conquer the whole world!!!
    more power!

  149. karrigankimball says:

    i love journey i have seen them 5 times only with arnel pineda . omg i love arnel pineda so much he is so awesome and down 2 earth i would love 2 meet him if he wasnt dating anyone i would in a heartbeet i wish he would email me i have faith but REMEMBER………………………………… DONT STOP BELEVIAN !!!!!! i love you arnel xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  150. Arnel was the “greatest singer of all time” view all his music at Youtube, he was amazing! A real Rock Star!! What an “AMERICAN DREAM” ARNEL was! He was only a few months at band Journey, they are No.1 at the Billboard Independence Chart here in the USA, and their record Album CDs-revelation was almost SOLD OUT at Wal-Mart Store! Last Vegas concert and European tour concerts was SOLD OUT, too! Now, here in the USA almost Sold Out! I can not beleive that you are 40 yrs. old on top of the stage, unbeleivable…guess you are only 19 to 23 yrs old the way you move! You got too much energy! Guess if somebody else in this world watch your LIVE concert they will be addicted to see you more! You are really Great with the band JOURNEY & Neil, Jon, Ross & Dean looks like younger, too! Keep on Rockin’ guys!!! Waiting your Concert outside USA at Asian nations, waiting for you guys, especially in the Philippines!!!

  151. Eric R says:

    I was one of the lucky many to see this concert in Dallas last weekend. I’m still singing your songs in my head and it took me back! Arnel, you are dynamic and I can’t wait to hear some new stuff! One thing I commented to my friends (who didn’t get to come see your show) was that your last song was even stronger than your first of the night. Your vocal chords must have super powers from the gods! Thanks for an amazing night – everything was perfect!

  152. Evangelina Lara says:

    I am very proud of you Arnel! You deserve this fortune! Stay away from trouble especially drugs. Mag-ipon ka. I love your singing and wish you the best.

  153. Joanne Baisley says:

    I have been a fan of Journey 4-ever. I have to say I LOVE ARNEL. I have the new cd and dvd, can’t stop watching the dvd. Going this month to Bethel, the site of the woodstock concert, aug. 30 th. 7th row. Journey is #1. See ya there guys. Joanne

  154. cristina says:

    Awesome Jouney…I love arnel Pineda..His got an excellent voice..can’t tell the difference..Arnel you’re rockin…good luck and wish all the best. I am very proud of Arnel proud of who you are..Pilipino..can’t wait to see you in concern in NJ and NY area…keep up the good work..Keeep rockin….love cris

  155. BW NISA (Officers and crew) Malaysia says:

    Here, on board BW Nisa, the ultra large crude carrier (the largest storage tanker in asia) located one mile away form the coast of Malaysia and Singapore, with a carrying capacity of 2.5 million barrels of oil, always listen to Journey music since the arrival of A.P. in the band.
    We love you Arnel!!! We love JOURNEY!!! JOURNEY ROCKS!!!

  156. What an awesome JOURNEY for Arnel Pineda and the guys in the band. When I was a Steve Perry fan, I was a Steve Perry fan. Journey was secondary. I couldn’t even remember the names of the other guys after the band kind of disappeared from the limelight. But now, not only am I crazy about Arnel, my kababayan, I am equally crazy about Neal, Ross, Dean, and especially you, Jonathan. I think you’re such a romantic and sensitive person, not to mention SEXY. :-) I can’t get enough of you gentlemen. I’ve seen 3 of your concerts, and can’t wait for Pechanga and Laughlin. I’ll be there — with my friends.

  157. Robert says:

    Your the man,your the one!!! Cant wait to see you guys in Philippines.

  158. DON COLLINS says:

    Hey Mari delRosario. Tagasaan ka ba sa USA? Sa Sacramento ako.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog above. You sound like a very intelligent person. No single spelling or puncutation mistake, which is unusual here. I am a poet, so I notice these things.,

    Arnel Pineda is introducing a lot of Pinoys together via the Internet. I’ve only seen one of his concerts–in L.A., while visiting relatives there recently.

    O sige. Enjoy your next Journey concerts. I wish I could go.


  159. J. HUDSON says:

    I’m from San Bernardino, CA.

    I’ve never been to any of Arnel Pineda’s concerts. My friends and I would love to go. Any tickets for the Pechanga or L.A. concerts? Can’t get any ‘coz their sold out.

    We’ve been checking the Internet, but can’t find any.

  160. Jeff aka Colbi says:

    Hey!!! J. Hudson, don’t worry,man. Starting Sept. 24 they’ll be back to CA till Oct. 1, 2008

    All concert schedules or Journey Tour Infos are stated on Journey’s official website……(when, where, where to buy tickets or reservations).

    Tell me if I’m wrong but these is what I’m hearing when AP sings, APs voice is unmistakably SP with a blend of the singing styles of Bon Jovi and Rush. Old Hits Rerecorded were definitely SP sounding but the new CD it has the blend of these three artists whom Arnel cover always while with The Zoo and then AMO band…..hear “After All These Years” and you’ll hear what I heard.

  161. J. HUDSON says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I checked out their schedule. I’m on it. Thank you very much.

    My girlfriend gave me a 3-cd collection of Journey’s newest album from WalMart. I couldn’t believe it. She said she only paid $11.88 for it. Awesome! I watch the concert often. AP sounds great.

  162. Voribz says:

    Arnel Pineda is a gifted man. He got a voice of an angel. Arnel to be with Journey is a very good decision that you had made.. Steve was gone and the with Arnel the JOURNEY must go on… Rock on Journey and rock Arnel..
    How about a possible concert to Manila.. We are a greatest fun of Journey..

  163. Kent says:

    I personally think that this is stupid because you all are remaking the songs on which Steve Perry sung with the band you guys are not Journey and never will be and You are ruining a legend

  164. David Borden says:

    We saw the new band with Heart in Indy last night and I was extremely impressed. I went thinking after seeing Journey back in the day six times that this would not measure up. Both bands were incredible.

  165. Ashley says:

    Well Arnel you do good but come on guys sorry but theres not a Journey without Steve Perry. Get some since.

  166. Ashley and Eric says:

    Steve Perry is NEVER Gone. Its ruining it I agree with Kent. I would’ve paid any amout of money to watch Steve Perry with you guys but now I walk by every album and laugh because Journey is not Journey without Steve Perry!.

  167. Rene' says:

    When I heard the story of how Arnell was discovered it moved me tears. I’m sure in your wildest dreams this is more than you imagined. What an incredible, wonderful story. And I just have to say that you have an awesome voice. This is tha best dream come true story I’ve ever heard.

  168. Baby Boomer says:

    Hello there, JOURNEY! Seriously, everytime I watch your concert videos, I get captivated. I listen to your music, and before I know it, start to watch everybody’s body movement, facial expressions; it sure is an intoxicating euphoria that is extremely contagious, over and over again. Every Journey is beaming, and gee, I sure am happy for all of you. You all seem like you’re on cloud nine! But you know what, you really are. Thanks for the comeback. It only gets better and better. Arnel is a good choice. “Thank you for the music, the songs you’re singing.”

  169. JSSlord says:

    Steve Perry is junk without Journey, fag tried to go solo and flopped. JS SOTO owns Steve Perry, Hugo sings better.

  170. JING says:

    Anel Pineda is really amazing! I am crazy with with his own version of “FAITHFULLY” & “OPEN ARMS”. I don’t go to bed without listening to him…How I wish I could meet him or them (Journey) here in Boracay Philippines! Luv yah Arnel!

  171. lea21 says:

    arnel just gives me the goosebumps, i gotta hand it to him
    he xur can make you stutter

  172. Seth Rubinstein says:

    This dude is not bad at all considering this is his first tour. He’s very emotional singer and has a style all his own. Definitely will check them out again on their next tour hopefully next year.

  173. Jenelito Jerech says:


  174. Peanuts says:

    I was just listening on the radio this morning and all of a sudden they started playing the song ” after all these years,” WHAT AN AMAZING SONG! I really like the song and all the lyrics.

    More power to the new Journey…… I will definitely buy their new albums.

  175. kris says:

    Glad to see journey are back and touring. Thanks journey for picking our filipino bro Arnel Pineda. I think he will be an asset to your band. Mabuhay, Arnel ! When will you have another concert in the Bay Area?

  176. Chris says:

    Ashley, get over it with Steve Perry. He’s not been a member with Journey for many years now. I’m sure Steve has moved on and so should you. Well, Steve Perry maybe made an impact to Journey, but Arnel Pineda has his own styles and now that he is a new member of Journey, hopefully, Journey will have more concerts and new songs to come. Thanks Journey for bringing Arnel Pineda to your band. I think you made the right decision. Great story about Arnel – sad but happy outcome. What a comeback to your band and more power to you Journey!

  177. kris says:

    Kent grow up! You and Ashley should forget about Steve Perry. I think Steve’s voice has gone down since we’ve never heard from him since.

  178. TJ says:

    Thank you Journey and especially to Neal Schon for picking Arnel Pineda for giving him a brighter future and for letting the world hear his amazing voice. Go Journey you’re the best!

  179. mary j. says:

    Wow! the voice of Arnel Pineda is so much alike to Steve Perry’s. Couldn’t tell the difference. It gives me chills and goosebumps. It’s like Steve’s voice transfered to Arnel’s. Go Arnel, make Journey proud and make filipino proud!

  180. PJ says:

    Way to go Arnel! A talented filipino singer is recognized at last! You made us filipino/american very proud. Keep up the good work! Don’t let intimidations get to you. Show the world that you’re a good singer. Stay focus and committed to your new career, and hope that you will stay with JOURNEY for a long time. Of course, let’s not forget and thank Neal Schon & members of JOURNEY for giving you this opportunity. Now, let’s concentrate on getting those american music awards & grammies, ok?Hope to see more of you and JOURNEY on televison and award shows.

  181. PJ says:

    Hi again JOURNEY! Just wanted to find out if you have any upcoming appearances on TV besides ELLEN show?You guys were awesome on ELLEN show. Would love to see you guys perform on American Music Award, the Grammys or even a presenter at one of those music awards. That would be awesome to see you guys on TV more often and introduce your new singer, Arnel Pineda.

  182. #1fan says:


    I’ve been watching your concerts on Youtube & would love to attend one of your concert someday. Heard great reviews about your concerts and your new singer Arnel Pineda. Wow!!! What a voice! Watched him on Youtube and no wonder he got picked to be in JOURNEY band. Amazing voice! Almost the sounds of Steve Perry, but also almost the sound of Sting, Led Zeppelin & the other artists. Like Neal Schon said, “AP is like a chameleon”. Hats off to you Neal & the rest of JOURNEY band. Any chance you guys appearing on any tv shows or at the American Music Awards, Grammys, etc. Would love to see you guys more on TV. Good luck & more power to you, JOURNEY!

  183. [...] First official band picture of the new Journey with Arnel Pineda – (1/8/08 — 19,768 views) [...]

  184. poi says:

    pare believe kami sa iyo..happy new year and happy birhtday to my twin bro tomorow..hope you perform my bro place in newark new jersey filipino will be proud of you..albay mabuhay! gudluck to your band journey..

  185. Benz says:

    VIVA!! to Journey and Arnel. I watched you Arnel at the Hard Rock Cafe in Makati. I requested songs by
    The Police, Air Supply and Journey but you never played any of them. I was wondering what was going on. Then I repeatedly requested again, but this time it has 100 peso attached on each request. Then you start playing to it…. I hope you remember that moment that was i believe in January of 2007. Good Filipino Brother… Benz in Los Angeles

  186. Darrell says:

    Been a fan of Journey since their first album release when I was living in SF. Knew every song and was a big Steve Perry fan. When Journey came to Maui a few years ago with some other lead singer I choose not to go because it just would be the same without SP.
    A few months ago while getting a ride to the airport, the new Journey CD was playing. I couldn’t belive how go it sounded. Went straight to Walmart to purchase the CD. Arnels voice seems to be clearer and has more of a vocal range. Can’t wait till the concert on monday here on Maui.
    Aloha DB

  187. kona 808 says:

    Cant wait to see Journey Tonight in Waikoloa this is going to be the best show ever on the Big Island. Shout out to Arnel, Neil, Johnathan, Ross and Dean. you gyes Rock. Hope to meet you gyes tonight. My name is James. Im on the Security Crew. I want to get my Best freind dave an autograph. Its his 55 birthday today.

  188. Kona 808 says:

    Thanks Gyes for the Autograph poster for Dave It was a great birthday present. The show was AWSOM. I was the Security gaurd frount stage right in frount of Neil, also thanks Neil I did got 2 of your personalised picks. Hope you had a great time in Hawaii. Hope we see you again next year. ALOHA James !!!!!!!

  189. Molly and Marra says:

    Steve Perry rocks, you will never be him. Dont even try!

  190. anie says:

    omg i love this band it is awsome i did a band report on them::::::::)))))

  191. Julie says:

    I loved Journey until they replaced Steve Perry. No one can replace him. He is the true voice of Journey

  192. Jane Liverato says:

    Great video of a Ferrari and Kuya Arnel’s amazing voice!!

  193. dwightrack says:

    thanks arnel binuhay ko uloit ang journey

  194. Carlos says:

    Arnel go home, you can not replace Steve Perry…never, journey need Steve Perry, no Steve, no Journey, und now to the Journey members… bring Steve back please.

  195. RealityCheck says:

    Its already been 2 years since Journey signed up Arnel, there is still some people who want him out. They never learn. Go find Steve Perry and make him sing if you can. Steve Perry can’t get along with other Journey members. Know the story, loosers. It’s Neal’s decision not yours. Live with it.
    If Steve Perry wanted to be in Journey, he would still be in Journey. That’s why they replaced him.

    Gee, the young ones don’t even know Steve Perry.

  196. Former Sceptic says:

    I saw the dvd live in manilla and bought it for 10 bucks at walmart. I never thought to look to see who the band members were or who was singing as I haven’t kept up on the politics of the group. I saw the lead singer wasn’t S.P. and thought “there goes 10 bucks”. I put on Open Arms just for a laugh, but the laugh was on me! Holy ____!!!I jumped to a couple of other old faves and couldn’t beleive it. I watched the whole thing and found that 10 bucks went a lot further than I originally thought it would. I love the new stuff and will buy it this aft.!!! Great story behind Arnel… Best of luck guys… from a fan from day 1

  197. [...] Lee Roth from Feb 2007 was 2nd, followed by my review of Lita Ford – OUT FOR BLOOD (1983), the first picture of Journey with new singer Arnel Pineda and my review of Legs Diamond – TOWN BAD GIRL (1990). The funny thing about these Top 5 posts [...]

  198. dwightrack says:

    arnel break a leage.God luck na lng idol ko kayo ni steve perry

  199. bei says:

    i love arnel pineda his a brilliant pinoy vocalist… ur fan 4 life goodluck Godbless!!!! hope u!ll be here in zamboanga city…….luv u!

  200. bei says:


  201. peter says:

    got to say sounds amazing,keep it up.

  202. Ate Nene says:

    Hello Arnel,

    My cousin,I hope i can meet you in Dubai for your coming concert..
    Love you always,

    Ate Nene

  203. imelda calugay says:

    addicted to your music,especially your videos at youtube,after work,open agad ang notebook then click agad ang name mo,habang nagpapahinga nag-sound trip naman o di ba?sana this year,2010 concert naman kayo dito sa winnipeg,canada,maraming pinoy dito na nag-aabang sa journey,especially you.please… tnx.

  204. Scott says:

    No other like Steve Perry. He is JOURNEY.

  205. mayumi says:

    I came to know of Journey because of Arnel Pineda. Without him, I would have never known of the band or of Steve Perry.

    If Steve Perry is Journey, I would never listen to his music because if he sings acapella only, I would be bored to death. Journey is a band composed of uniquely talented individuals and not just of one person only.

    More power to Journey!

    *Life is short. Enjoy it while you still can.*

  206. fhar tan says:

    hi! arnel ang galing galing mo talaga, your the best talaga

  207. dods Ombs says:

    I been a long time fans of a rockband The Journey.Both Arnel and Steve P.have the same good quality voice.longlive guys and make more music for a next generation

  208. Carolyn Fondren says:

    I really love to hear Arnel Pineda sing….he is the best singer you have ever had……

  209. elynda says:

    Cave dwellers of stone age cant move out for a change, Keep on journey with arnel love ya all God bless you

  210. Precious Paws, a dog and cat rescue non profit organization is auctioning off a Journey VIP Package for the Hollywood Bowl, October 11, 2011

  211. albert einstein says:

    WOW AMAZING JOURNEY LIVE 2011 ECLIPSE inspirational rock album… rock the Earth…

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