CD Scavenger Hunt – “Catching Up” Edition

It’s been about a month since the last Hunt but I’ve been very active at the record stores and online.

Let’s start with Ebay. I picked up a couple of good discs recently:

Queensryche – Mindcrime At The Moore (2007) – $8.99: Even though I’m a big Queensryche fan, and I love OPERATION: MINDCRIME, how many live versions do I need? I had no intentions of grabbing this release but the $4.99 price tag was too good to pass up. One of my favorite sellers had multiple copies of this, the catch is the shipping = $4 each CD. You can’t complain getting a 2 CD set for nine bucks.

Overkill – Immortalis (2007) – $8.99: Same seller, same price. The local shop had this for a dollar more the week of release but I passed. I saved $1 but the CD is in the mail, I’ll get it by Tuesday.

I’ve been to the local record shop the last few weeks grabbing some 2007 releases that I missed the first time around and a few that just came out:

Helloween – Gambling With The Devil (2007) – $13: Picked this up the day of release at the sale price. It’s the 2 CD set with the bonus tracks and videos. So far, I’ve enjoyed playing this one a lot.

Motley Crue – Carnival Of Souls Live (2007) – $14: Another 2 CD set for a sale price the day of release. Here’s the thing about this release, it was released already! Different artwork, and a couple of videos from the DVD release, this album was released as a 2 disc set and separately through Wal-Mart. I never picked it up when it came out in 2006 because it just seemed like an odd package with the artwork. The tour was great but I passed until now. I’ll have to get the DVD soon.

Queensryche – Take Cover (2007) – $9.99: Can’t pass up the price! I know I hate cover songs but Queensryche did such a good rendition of ‘Welcome To The Machine’ in concert this summer that I had to check this out. If it’s as good as the Shaw/Blades cover album, I’ll be psyched.

Hammerfall – Steel Meets Steel (10 Years Of Glory) – $9.99: Can’t pass up this price either! I know it’s a greatest hits package but 30 songs on 2 CDs is serious bang for the buck! I’m a big Hammerfall guy so the completist in me had to grab it.

Lizzy Borden – Appointment With Death (2007) – $13.99: I’ve been redoing my want list by adding all the 2007 releases I missed. At the top was of the 2007 wants was Lizzy and Lillian Axe…..I had the new Lillian Axe in my hand and looked for Lizzy but it wasn’t filed under their name. As I was going to the counter to see when it would be in, I noticed a display copy above the ‘B’ section. B is for Borden, whoever filed it didn’t know Lizzy Borden was a band and not a solo artist. Their mistake is my gain.

Kamelot – Ghost Opera (2007, Ltd. Ed. CD/DVD) – $5.99: Yes, it was $5.99! I passed on GHOST OPERA when it came out because I was low on cash. The sale was done after a week and I missed out on saving $3. If I had extra cash, I would have gladly paid the $12.88 sale price. At the record store I frequent, the staff re-prices CDs on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon for stock that doesn’t sell to be lowered in price by a dollar or two, especially if there are multiple copies. The other cool thing is that the date is printed on the price tag so you know when it was re-priced. This one was done the day before and was an obvious mistake because the other three copies were re-priced at $14.99. That’s not my fault. When I brought this up to the register, it scanned $5.99 so it was legit, a major bargain!

Total: $85 for 8 CDs (five were 2 CD or CD/DVD sets)