Press Release: KISSology 3 due 12/18/07, tracklisting, photos and details available


KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 1992-2000 in stores DECEMBER 18th!

KISSology 3 DVD

This is the biggest…the baddest…the most incredible of them all…

The third installment of the multi-platinum, hugely successful KISSOLOGY Series. KISS is back with their biggest statement to date – nearly TEN hours of KISS live on stage.

KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 also features – MTV’s UNPLUGGED performance, including songs that didn’t make it into the broadcast or CD version! Plus, a behind the scenes documentary shot during rehearsals and back stage – Never before seen!

And we teased this on KISSOLOGY VOL. 1 – the much heralded Queens, NY Coventry Show from December, 1973 – the band’s first ever concert filmed in make up in its entirety!

KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 1992-2000 has been super-expanded to four DVD’s – nearly TEN HOURS of KISS live and on stage! Includes over 100 live performances, commentary from Paul, Gene, Bruce Kulick & Tommy Thayer as well as a 20 page full color booklet!

FIVE CONCERTS included : DETROIT – 1992, DETROIT – 1996, LOS ANGELES – 1998, NEW JERSEY – 2000 and QUEENS, NY – 1973.

One version of the release will feature a FIFTH BONUS DISC of KISS’ performance at the KROQ WEENIE ROAST on June 15, 1996. Tracks include: “Deuce”, “Love Gun”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “Firehouse”, “Shock Me”, “100,000 Years”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Black Diamond” and “Rock and Roll All Nite”.

Pictured is the KISSOLOGY VOL. 3 Sales sheet from Fontana Distribution.

KISSology 3 sales sheet

New Tooth Tunes commercial featuring KISS

Can Paul and Gene whore themselves out anymore?

This toothbrush has been out for months as part of the brand’s initial run with versions by Queen, Hilary Duff, The Cheetah Girls, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, etc. I don’t have a problem with the actual toothbrush itself but did Gene & Paul have to put KISSology 2 and themselves in the commercial. I know it’s all about the money but when is it enough. I expected better from Paul.

By the way, I’ve had one for months and I’ve used it too. I almost bought the Queen one too but I didn’t because my oldest daughter had to have the Hilary Duff and Cheetah Girls versions.

DVD Scavenger Hunt: “AC/DC – Plug Me In DVD” Edition – 10/16/07

A small hunt today, AC/DC’s new DVD was really the only thing I wanted.

AC/DC – Plug Me In (3 DVD set) – $35: I went to the local Newbury Comics to pick this set up. It was advertised at $39.99 but I’ve found that the price is sometimes lower than advertised the first day of the sale. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case today. I decided to head to the Best Buy up the road because they had it in the Sunday paper for $34.99. Walked in…..grabbed it…..and then I remembered……

AC/DC – Plug Me In (Bonus CD) – $2: I was researching the prices for the 3 DVD set online early this morning and I noticed that Best Buy has a limited edition CD to promote the upcoming DVD. Basically, you get three audio tracks from the DVD set and an exclusive Best Buy coupon for $3 off the DVD set. The three tunes are: ‘Rock’n’Roll Damnation’ (Bon Scott, 1978), ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ (Brian Johnson, 1983), and ‘Thunderstruck’ (Brian Johnson, 2003). Granted, this is a sampler but this is already going for $15 on Ebay! I bought two… for my collection… to put to auction eventually.

Total – $39