Sunday Playlist – 10/14/07

Now because I had to stay for 3rd shift when my assistant called in sick, I didn’t have to go work during the day Sunday. Nice to get the day off!

Joe Lynn Turner – Second Hand Life (2007, Limited Edition): I just can’t get enough of this album! It’s a real solid Hard Rock feast! Look for a review soon…..

Iced Earth – Framing Armageddon (2007): Another album that I can’t stop playing. It’s nice to hear the band return to form.

Icarus Witch – Songs For The Lost (2007): Icarus Witch has released two solid albums to start their career, they should be on everyone’s radar. A great blend of Traditional Metal and NWOBHM. Sounds like classic NWOBHM.

Endeverafter – Kiss Or Kill (2007): Endeverafter is a great Hard Rock band that just hit the scene, I have been enjoying this album all weekend. Thanks to Tim at Razor & Tie Records for the CD. Check out the band at the Endeverafter MySpace page. Watch for an album review coming soon.

Bobaflex – Tales From Dirt Town (2007): Another band that I’ve recently discovered through the kindness of TVT Records. This album will be released on 10/30/07, just in time for Halloween. Look for a review coming soon and check out the Bobaflex MySpace page.

Vains Of Jenna – Lit Up/Let Down (2006): So far…..let down. I know that Vains Of Jenna is getting a ton of press, and they are supposed to be one of the best new Sleaze Glam bands, but I can’t get into this record. Not sure what it is because I’ve wanted to check this band out for a couple of years, I was really looking forward to hearing this record. Maybe it will grow on me. Check the band out at their official website.

Sunday Shuffle – 10/14/07

Tale Of The Tape:
Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
3689 songs (309 full albums)

I work second shift on Saturdays (4pm-12am), it’s one of those unfortunate results of being a boss. When the clock strikes midnight, my assistant takes over for third shift. At 11:55pm, my assistant called in sick, so I had to stay and pull a double shift. These things happen but it’s easier to do an extra eight hours when you have your MP3 player, here are the first twenty songs (band-song-year):

  1. Vinnie Vincent Invasion – ‘Animal’ – 1986
  2. Frehley’s Comet – ‘Rock Soldiers’ – 1987
  3. Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’ – 1984
  4. Dio – ‘Holy Diver’ – 1983
  5. KISS – ‘Jungle’ – 1997
  6. Saxon – ‘Where The Lightning Strikes’ – 1988
  7. Iron Maiden – ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ – 1982
  8. Royal Hunt – ‘Flight’ – 1993
  9. Saxon – ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ – 1980
  10. Scorpions – ‘Mysterious’ – 1999
  11. Alice Cooper – ‘Trash’ – 1989
  12. Def Leppard – ‘Heaven Is’ – 1992
  13. Krokus – ‘Streamer’ – 1980
  14. Iron Maiden – ‘Blood Brothers’ – 2000
  15. Judas Priest – ‘Worth Fighting For’ – 2005
  16. Jag Panzer – ‘Burning Heart’ – 1998
  17. Dio – ‘Pain’ – 1993
  18. Saxon – ‘The Preacher’ – 1997
  19. Alice Cooper – ‘Killer’ – 1971
  20. Autograph – ‘Crazy World’ – 1985

Bonus Track: Ozzy Osbourne – ‘You Said It All’ – 1980