Video of Ronnie James Dio verbally slamming Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campell

In this video, Ronnie James Dio is signing autographs for fans after the March 30th Heaven & Hell show and he slams former Dio/current Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell when a fan brings Viv’s name up.

Now this is interesting because, over the years, Vivian has slammed Ronnie, and Heavy Metal in general, through the press. I’ve read interviews online and in magazines where Vivian expresses his disgust for RJD and his time within the framework of the Dio band. I’ve also read that Vivian prefers to play more Pop-oriented music and has disowned his heavy Metal past (Sweet Savage, Dio, etc.).

In all airness, I’ve also read tons of interviews with RJD where he has taken the high road when Campbell’s name was mentioned. I’ve never heard him slam the guy as Viv has done to Ronnie. Very interesting…..

What I find funny in this video is the fan that is pushing Ronnie by agreeing with him. His agreement sounds fake and he seems like he is trying to get RJD to let loose.