WANTED: Queen – The Game (1980)



Queen The Game (1980)

Queen – The Game (1980, EMI)

I know what you’re thinking: How do you not own THE GAME? Actually, I do own it…..but on vinyl. With no turntable at my disposal, my vinyl copy of THE GAME sits idle.

I’ve replaced every Queen cassette or vinyl I had with the 1991 Hollywood Records re-releases. Over the years, I picked most of them up at an average of $10 each. The local chains I frequent usually put Queen in the sale bins but THE GAME never seems to be in there. A brand new sealed copy has run $16.99 for years at the local shop (They date the price tags so it’s easy to see the markup/markdown) and I just don’t want to pay that much. I’d like to wait for a good coupon but it’s usually only “$2 off”, for some strange reason I find $14.99 too much. I also wouldn’t mind a used copy for much less but those are few and far between.

Aside from price, the other reason I’ve put off buying this disc is that it’s readily available. How many times have you gone to the record store and passed on a disc that you know is always around for another that you think is harder to find? I do it all the time. This album resides at the top of my Want List and I pass it over everytime because it has been sitting in the same rack for at least five years (I’ll check that tag date next time I go in). I’ll drop 20 bucks on another Queensryche greatest hits, like I did last week, but I won’t buy this album. I’m at the point where I realize that the store isn’t going to lower the price and a used copy is only a mirage.

It might be time to drop the $16.99…..


UPDATE – 1/2/08
I finally picked this CD up at an FYE for $18.99, minus a $3 0ff coupon, and I used a gift card I got for Xmas. I got it for nothing, always a good deal! Read it here.