Listen to 3 songs from Peter Criss – One For All (2007)

I’ve been getting a lot of email with requests for audio samples of the new Peter Criss album, ONE FOR ALL (2007). Unfortunately, I’m not that technically inclined…..yet. Thanks to YouTube, someone called ToxicVideo created some homemade videos for three songs from the new album. Enjoy!

Peter Criss – ‘One For All’

Peter Criss – ‘Last Night’

Peter Criss – ‘Space Ace’

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Blog Love – The Metal Minute

Rock writer Ray Van Horn Jr. noticed that his blog (Pulses, Verses and Other Flotsam) received more participation from readers when the articles were about Metal. Armed with that info, Ray decided to change the name to The Metal Minute and stay focused on the harder side of Music. Sounds good to me, I was a regular reader anyway but the readers that prefer Metal should check this site out right away. The link is in the sidebar.