Extra Blog Love for the Hard Rock Hideout

I gave some Blog Love to the Hard Rock Hideout back in February but I wanted to add a little extra.

My main man Rob, from Hard Rock Hideout, asked me to be a guest writer this week while he’s enjoying some time off. I agreed but I unfortunately couldn’t come through. I hurt my right arm at work and it’s in a sling so typing is a long process using one finger on my left hand.

The good news is there are some other Metal writers dropping in the Hideout with guests posts: Bill from Rock Of Ages is in first with a review of the new Sacred Heart album, SHAKE. Metal Mark from the Heavy Metal Time Machine is second with a Lita Ford review.

But I have to give Rob the kudos for his Forum, especially the Hard Rock Trivia section. There are some insane questions being thrown out that even Google can’t answer! Luckily, I’m better at answering trivia than I am making it up for my own site.

So head on over to the site and check it out…..and just try to beat me at the trivia!

— Steve

Weekend playlist

Nothing beats another weekend off from work! Especially when another week’s vacation starts in four days! I got to listen to some great albums, and some disasters, over the last couple of days, here’s the list:

  • Great White – Back to The Rhythm (2007): I’m still enjoying this new album, a review is coming this week.
  • Stryper – The Roxx Regime Demos 1983 (2007): I haven’t given this proper time in the stereo. I’m also comparing it to their debut, THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK (1984). Review is coming.
  • Stryper – The Yellow And Black Attack (1984): Refreshing my memory and comparing to the Roxx Regime Demos.
  • Peter Criss – One For All (2007): Giving this one last listen before it’s filed away. (The review is posted just before this one.)
  • Gene Simmons – Asshole (2004): I listened to this a couple of times when it first came out and I haven’t revisited it yet. I’ve been listening to Peter’s new record, and Paul’s latest still gets regular spins, so I decided now was the time to give Asshole another try. I’ll review this soon.
  • Van Halen – VH III (1998): After reading a post at Bring Back Glam debating this record/lineup, I decided to pull this one out. It wasn’t Gary Cherone’s fault, it was Eddie’s.
  • Rough Cutt – s/t (1985): Thanks to the insane trivia at the Hard Rock Hideout, Rob’s got me busting out some Rough Cutt! Seriously, when has anyone given serious thought to Rough Cutt lately?