Ebay Madness – Laurence Archer, Excruciate, Guns N’ Roses, Tesla, & Ratt

We’ve got a couple of repeat offenders in this edition of Ebay Madness that just keep going for big money on Ebay. Let’s start this installment with one of my favorite collectibles:

Laurence Archer – LA (1986) ends at $402!

Laurence Archer - LA (1986)

The final price is well under previous highs of $590, $777, and $1376.34 but it is still an expensive CD. I noticed that one of the major players on the collector’s circuit won but a look at the “Bidders List” shows something is not quite right. On the last day, a new Ebay member bid ten times to move the price up to $300. Could it be a shill bidder? Maybe the seller? It’s not an uncommon practice. The warning signs for me were the lack of specific information and the use of a stock photo rather than an actual picture of the item. Despite that I did put in a high bid of $50, I am Bidder 5.

Excruciate – Passage Of Life (1993) commands $167.50!

Excruciate - Passage Of Life (1993)

This slice of Death/Thrash just went for $300.01 a week before so demand is high. I realize that this was a limited pressing on an independent label but there has to be a cheaper alternative

Guns n’ Roses – Live! Like A Suicide E.P. (1986) VINYL ends at $121.08.

GNR E.P. (1986) front cover

GNR E.P. (1986) back cover

Very rare vinyl E.P. and STILL SEALED! Two pictures in this auction, front and back covers.

Four hours later, another VINYL copy goes higher at $127.50!

GNR E.P. (1986) pic 2

Obviously opened but the record itself is in Mint (M) condition, the cover is Near Mint (NM). What I like about this auction is that there were more pictures (four) to assess the quality.

GNR E.P. pic 4

GNR E.P. pic 5

GNR E.P. pic 6

We’ve seen the rarities go for big money but what about some more common CDs? Or at least more available CDs?

Tesla – Real To Reel Vol. 2 (2007) gets 34 bids and ends at $120!

Tesla - Real To Reel Vol.2 (2007)

This is actually a big picture so click the thumbnail for a more detailed look. I understand that you can only get this CD by purchasing a ticket to an upcoming Tesla concert but the going rate on this auction is ridiculous! For this price, you could buy at least two tickets for the band live and get two CDs. This CD has been a high priced item since the tour started but now the market is flooded and you can find sets of both volumes for less than half the price of this auction. What bothers me about this auction is that the seller is using a larger version from another auction that ended five hours earlier for $175. Same seller, different ID? Or coincidence? I’ll bet that Tesla releases this to the public eventually and/or there will be copies to snatch up around $20.

Ratt – Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing is a final at $103.60!

Ratt - Dancing Undercover (1986) Japanese pressing

Bridesofdestruction is a reputable seller from Japan and really knows the collector’s market on Japanese pressings. He/she always has successful auctions. It’s a fact that Japanese pressings are sonically superior but is the average fan really going to notice? Audiophiles with good stereo equipment will notice the difference but what about the average Joe with a shelf system from Circuit City? I can go out right now and pick up two or three copies used of the U.S. release for about six bucks each. Some collector’s will only buy Japanese pressings, and first pressings only. More dollars than sense, IMO.