My CD collection is organized! Sort of…..

I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided that I would sit down and organize my CD collection. It took a few hours to take everything out of the banana boxes from the move in October but I got it done.

Please check out the latest pictures of my collection at my Flickr! page.

When I file my CDs I follow the strictest of rules:

  1. KISS CDs come first. They are my favorite band so they have top billing. Then…..
  2. Alphabetical by artist/band
  3. Chronological by album within the artist/band
  4. Reissues/re-releases are filed by the year they were re-done, not the original release year

If you looked at the pictures, you saw 1950 CDs. These are all my regular CDs except for my KISS CDs which are still in a box by themselves. My box sets, soundtracks, compilations, and live bootlegs are all still in boxes as well.

When I total everything I do not include the bootlegs so I still guess-timate my collection at around 2500. That includes all the CDs pictured, the KISS CDs in a box, the soundtracks and compilations, the box sets and the pile on my desk that keeps growing.

I’m hoping that my wife and I will get this room painted on my vacation in August and then I can invest in more of the IKEA Benno shelves and hang them. I’m probably going to need about twenty more to get it all up on the walls.