Ebay Madness – Prism, Vera Cruz, King Diamond and more

Prism - Jericho auction

Prism – Jericho (1993) starting bid at $2990.00!
No this didn’t sell, the seller actually ended it before bids were taken. No CD is worth almost $3000 and the seller made a mistake in the listing. I just found this interesting because Ebay would have charged the seller a huge auction price to list this album at $2990 and I’m surprised the seller didn’t catch it. Even by ending it early, he is still on the hook. Interested parties can check out the relisted auction for $29.90…..which is still too high!

Vera Cruz at $353.55

Vera Cruz – Hot Games (1989) sells for $353.55!
I’ve featured this one before and it went for $400. This was the first ever Ebay Madness listing! Started at $9.99 and had 28 bids, seems like a hot commodity. The artwork is decent but this is another case of an over-hyped rarity.

Damzell - Ready To Attack

Damzell – Ready To Attack (1989) sells for $128.50!
Not much background to this release. Debut album by Damzell, a Japanese Metal band. They have another record, 1992’s WAR SONGS, which is as equally hard to find. Bidding started at $100.

Know Illusion - Back On The Streets (1994)

Know Illusion – Back On The Streets (1994) ends at $119.67!
No surprise here as this is a highly sought after disc by many collectors. It’s a mix of AOR and Melodic Hard Rock, I’ve heard a sample of the title track and it sounded real good. There was talk of a reissue about a year ago but I haven’t heard anything since.

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait auction

King Diamond – Fatal Portrait (1986, Japanese pressing) stops at $116.49!
Why bother when you can get the U.S. version for under $10? I realize Japanese pressings have better sound quality but 11 bids from a $9.99 start? My CD sounds great and I got it used for five bucks!

Kid Sin - Sleazy rippin’ (1994)

Kid Sin – Sleazy Rippin’ (1994) is final at $114.05!
Not much on this band either. Described as “sleazy hard rock” and compared to Poison, Skid Row, & GNR. Started at $40 and got up to 10 bids so this seems to be popular and rare for collectors.

Hard Knox - Psychos R Us (1993)

Hard Knox – Psychos R Us (1993) ends using BUY IT NOW for $99.99!
Just so we get this straight…..there are two bands named Hard Knox but this is NOT the band that released 2002’s Combat Alley from Knoxville, TN. This band is from Utah and I have read rave reviews for years on this album. This has gone for big dollars on Ebay, I’ve watched this climb to $200 on a couple of occasions. The cover is cool so I’d like to hear it. I had to feature this CD because the seller is from Rhode Island!