Weekend playlist – KISS edition – 6/2 & 6/3/07

I’ve been in a major KISS mood this weekend. Lately, I listen to KISS shuffled on my Dell DJ but I also took the time to listen to some albums. Here’s the list in order:

Rock And Roll Over (1976) – My favorite KISS album of all-time, also my first at age five (1977). Favorite songs: ‘Mr. Speed’, ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Ladies’ Room’, ‘Love’em And Leave’em’. I get sick of ‘Calling Dr. Love’ so I usually skip it.

Creatures Of The Night (1982) – My second favorite KISS platter. This is one heavy album, a good slice of early ’80s Metal. Favorite tracks: ‘Keep Me Comin’, ‘Creatures Of The Night’, ‘Saint & Sinner’, ‘War Machine’. I have always said that KISS should have recorded this kind of album in ’81 instead of THE ELDER, they might have regained their popularity with the makeup on.

Unmasked (1980) – I know it’s light and Pop/Disco oriented but there are catchy tunes on this record. I like the songs Ace Frehley sings lead the best: ‘Torpedo Girl’, ‘Talk To Me’, ‘Two Sides Of The Coin’. I also dig ‘Shandi’, it’s Pop but it’s good. ‘Naked City’ blows!

Paul Stanley (1978) – In my opinion, the second best solo album (Ace is first) and the most KISS-like. Favorites: ‘Move On’, ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’, ‘Goodbye’, and ‘Love In Chains’. Paul came up with a solid record but it was too safe, it sounded just like a KISS album and took few chances.

Gene Simmons (1978) – I had to listen to this to see if it’s aged better. I listened to it a couple weeks back also and it’s still an OK record. The nice thing is that Gene had balls and took chances, he broke from the KISS mold. Favorites: ‘Radioactive’, ‘See You Tonite’, ‘Burning Up With Fever’. Worst song is ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’…..why?

Peter Criss (1978) – I figured I was on a roll so I might as well keep going with the solos. Peter’s album is different but good. Another member that broke from the KISS mold and took chances, I can respect that. Favorites: ‘You Matter To Me’, ‘Hooked On Rock’n Roll’, ‘Kiss The Girl Goodbye’. I like Peter’s voice a lot, this album ages well if your in the mood for something different.

(I didn’t bother to play the Ace Frehley (1978) solo album because that’s the solo platter I reach for the most.)

Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997) – This is the closest thing to new music we’ve had from the band. I had the bootleg for this way before it was officially released and I was really looking forward to an official release, I’m glad they put it out. Favorite songs: ‘Childhood’s End’, ‘Rain’, ‘Master & Slave’, ‘Jungle’, and ‘Seduction Of The Innocent’.

KISS (1974) – I went to the end with CARNIVAL OF SOULS, so I went to the beginning. I’ve seen every song on this album live except for ‘Love Theme from KISS’, ‘Let Me Know’, and ‘Kissin’ Time’. Favorites: All of them, except ‘Kissin’ Time’.

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4 comments on “Weekend playlist – KISS edition – 6/2 & 6/3/07

  1. Great play list brother. CREATURES OF THE NIGHTS is also one of my fave. THE ELDER was also great, and all all their 80s albums. My fave album of the 70s must be DRESSED TO KILL but i am not sure, they have so many increible records that its hard to just name one. DINASTY is great too.
    PAUL STANLEY solo is my fave of their solo albums and after that ACE. Nearly like you ha ha ha. Take careeeeeeee.

  2. Yeah! RnR Over is my favorite as well, by a landslide… First time I heard KISS too… I was hook after “I Want You”…

    For 2 and 3 I’d go with Creatures (RnR Hell still blows my mind) and Love Gun…

    The first KISS album I ever bought was Alive II. Funny thing: When I opened it, disc #2 was a Donna Summer record (they were both with Casablanca at the time). Had to go back to the store… I don’t recall if the tag on it was KISS or Summer tho… I wonder the price that this record would get on ebay with a Kiss tag on it…

  3. Rene – I like all the KISS records but my least favorite is HOT IN THE SHADE.

    Patrice – I like that Alive II story, sounds like both records came from the same pressing plant.
    My Top 3 are: RNR Over, Creatures, and…..KISS or Hotter Than Hell.

  4. Ohhh, i like HOT IN THE SHADE Steve. Anyway, we are all different and you and me are only a little different and thats okay ha ha ha. Say hail to your family and keep your blok alive always brother.

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