Ebay Madness – Sgt. Roxx, W.A.S.P., JC, Pretty Wicked

It’s been awhile sonce I did a proper Ebay Madness post. Since I bought the house in late October, I haven’t had much time to do any searching on Ebay. It’s not just the money, it’s the time. At my old apartment, the computer was in the family room. At the house, it’s in the master bedroom. With two kids and a dog on the first floor, it’s hard to hide away scouring Ebay for bargains and rarities.

I’ve had a few emails asking if I was still doing Ebay Madness and I noticed Metal Mark mentioned it in a comments section. So here it is…..back by popular demand…..Ebay Madness!

WASP CDs go for $480

W.A.S.P. collection (12 CDs) ends at $480.
This is just a crazy auction. There were 45 bids ! I honestly could walk into my usual store and round these up for $8-$15 each right now. The first five are the newly reissued CDs with bonus tracks, they are fairly common. The last six are newer releases and are fairly common. The hardest one to find is STILL NOT BLACK ENOUGH and I can buy at least three copies in one trip out. If I knew I could make that kind of money, I would put a lot up a week for a month. Now that Ebay has anonymous bidding, I can’t see the IDs of the bidders. The suspicious thing is that Bidder 6 really up the ante and didn’t win. Something’s fishy!

JC - Desire for $455

JC – Desire (1990) ends at $455.
I know nothing about JC. From the auction description, and the information at Heavy Harmonies, this is a rare AOR album. This is another of those independent releases that gets much hype in collector’s circles. With 16 bids, obviously some people know about this guy.

Sgt. Roxx - Push and Squeeze ends at $415.01

Sgt. Roxx – Push and Squeeze (1990) ends at $415.01.
Another band I’ve heard of but never heard the music. Sgt. Roxx is another rarity that collector’s drool over but it’s only a 6 song CD. That barely gets by E.P. status! Another independent release that gets it’s hype from it’s limited production run. For over $400, I hope the music is top notch. More info on Sgt. Roxx can be found at Heavy Harmonies.

Edane - Jabrik (1994) for $402

Edane – Jabrik (1994) goes to the winner at $4o2.
If you like your Hard Rock from Indonesia, then you might want to check out Edane. the band is still together and releasing albums but JABRIK is out of print. I would rather take my chances emailing the band for a copy than paying $402 but some people have cash to burn. I did notice that the seller and winner are both top flight collectors so I know it was a legit auction. More info on Edane can be found at their official website or Heavy Harmonies.

Pretty Wicked sells for $199.99.

Pretty Wicked – s/t (1992) sells for $199.99.
Another independent rarity i know nothing about. Someone out there knows the band because this CD ended with “BUY IT NOW” for $199.99. More info at Heavy Harmonies.

Nasty Nasty - Get Some!!!

Nasty Nasty – Get Some!!! (1990) ends at $188.35.
Ever wonder where all these bands came from? Another band that didn’t make it releases a CD in the early ’90s and a seller in the new millenium makes a killing. If I saw this in a used bin, I’d grab it but I’d expect to pay less than five bucks. $188.35 is a little steep but very affordable compared to the W.A.S.P. auction! Head over to Heavy Harmonies again for more info.